Analysis of the failure factors of rural whole

despite the rural resources are very much, but the success rate of rural entrepreneurship seems to be not very high, in the end what is it? Back to the rural entrepreneurship, but not much success, entrepreneurship is always a small part of the people, especially in rural areas, so that rural entrepreneurship is more difficult! Entrepreneurial failure is not terrible, terrible is not aware of the reason is still blindly thinking about entrepreneurship. So, what are the reasons for the failure of rural entrepreneurship? Let’s get to know each other.

1. management experience and technical immaturity

what are the factors of rural entrepreneurship failure? Many people think that as long as there is enough capital, ability, experience, you can go home to create a business farm, and they also understand some of the agricultural knowledge, lack of experience can learn! Not two times, not the two time on the three, so, did not plan to start a good job, you do not know how to fall more easily.

2. and

of two minds.

what are the factors of rural entrepreneurship failure? Some entrepreneurs, the project has just started, with a little frustration will choose to give up, doubt their entrepreneurship is not wrong, others see the progress of the project to the end of your thought Everything is going smoothly., projects, and, in such a situation, of two minds, entrepreneurial failure can hardly be avoided!

3. find the problem, correct ineffective

what are the factors of rural entrepreneurship failure? Entrepreneurship and risk peers, regardless of major problems or small problems, we must solve, if the problem is indifferent, or to correct ineffective, this problem is the problem of entrepreneurial failure!

4. rural consumption concept has not changed

what are the factors of rural entrepreneurship failure? Anything, there must be a market demand, while in rural areas, the general consumer is street trading, price and quality are not the same, and we are also keen on this way, the rural commodity circulation, to change the way, is not so easy, the difficulty in the entrepreneurial idea change!

5. follow suit planting

what are the factors of rural entrepreneurship failure? A lot of entrepreneurs, see what others grow, he is followed by planting what, thought that last year the price of a good product price this year, or from someone close, improper heart market, that is not the case, follow the trend of growing is not desirable, must be optimistic about the market, understand and predict the market, otherwise it will end in failure!


entrepreneurship is not a simple way to follow suit, others do make money, I made sure to be able to make money. In fact, do poineering work before recommending

Do catering business must make their own characteristics

any stores have a lot of attention to matters, whether you open a restaurant, North and South and East and West which side which country people have their own local cuisine, catering, don’t do what special food and trouble, can choose according to their own home meals. Can also be based on local characteristics to choose, for many ready to open hotel but do not know where to start with the people, there is a problem, what can I sell? Do catering, how to make a feature? This kind of problem, has been asking myself, and can not find the "North", or a lot of. In fact, the restaurant wants to grow to have their own characteristics, when the bosses are aware that there is no or very little specialty has become a bottleneck in the development of the food and beverage industry, progress, began! Have their own "specialty"".

hard to create a "dish"

"a dish" well, catering also did the same, "the old family Braised pork in brown sauce", and Lao Li home, not the same. Lao Li is also a home, because the selection of materials, cooking, seasoning, etc., or different. Because this is not the same, and eat there next time, next time don’t eat well there will be no next time. And it’s not a good thing to eat. Old Zhang’s braised pork meat stew rotten, Lao Li’s home, taste good?? this is the difference. Like "stew rotten", it is to the old Zhang; like "taste good", to go to the old li.

menu to keep pace with the trend of

and fashion, people’s taste change is regular. Eat more seafood to eat barbecue, dishes to snacks, delicious dumplings can come every day, and eat for coarse grains. Careful observation of these changes, the potential market demand, the development of consumer favorite food, so open a restaurant, is on the right track, a little mean.

open in front of the hotel please memorize the above two points, then you can combine the restaurant business orientation, such as: the main dishes rich or main light? Delicacies or seafood? Dishes or dishes? Southern or northern? You’d better choose one. Your market position is clear, consumers are good judgment, it is easy to choose. Remember: in all of the catering enterprises, who can have for, have not for??? That "specialize in", who can have the characteristics of "". Only in this way, you can go further in the food and beverage business, operating your own specialty restaurants.


boutique projects recommended: odd hot pot to join easily set up shop to make money easily

Eat take food don’t miss his Milo

on what kind of snacks can meet the taste buds to enjoy, and can let you feel it is not economical to take food, snacks sector real brand gold absorption. So take food brand so many which is better? Xiaobian recommended to you at milo.

take food as the land of abundance of special snack, can not only bring people to enjoy the taste buds, also can bring economic prosperity. A dish is not humble, but it has a strong suction gold strength. Take the sorghum soup, many dishes, enough incense, hot enough, enough authentic, good taste to attract numerous consumers, help the franchisee to realize the dream of wealth. Take the variety of investment, the temptation of taste buds earn Hi, popular business projects, take Milo Sichuan taste fun.

food and beverage market by the Hot pot, rinse the dishes filled with hot investment is the background for people to join them for more and more low survival rate of head broken and bleeding. And they have the same genes at Milo, soup, dishes, pure and rich, and in accordance with the current city fast rhythm, meal demand, more and more consumers.

at Milo in taste while maintaining the tradition and innovation, at the same time take food choices, meat, vegetables, mushroom, bean products, etc., can be said to be full of the taste of Sichuan, a superb collection of beautiful things, even if it is a native of Chengdu, but also to take full of praise for the taste of sorghum. And in terms of innovation, risk sorghum introduced 14 kinds of soup, dipping 12 tastes different, to meet the needs of different tastes of people all over the country.

take Milo headquarter free timely offer you give gifts, business gifts, raw materials, the hotline 24 hours for your service, market supervision group regular guidance, Everfount new products and new technology, to ensure that the store is small investment, safe operation and sustainable development, sustainable management.

take good ingredients to create a variety of good taste, high nutrition, good taste, meet the people’s taste buds demand, is the most authentic Sichuan take food. Popular business projects, take the Sichuan Milo fun taste, easy to occupy the market. Message consulting, to create their own cause of the new world. More information to join in the Chinese restaurant franchise network, please pay attention.

How to open a business choice thousand Sirui noodle shop all over the

2017 what kind of choice to join the project to make money? How about a thousand Sirui noodle shop? High quality food, always very attractive. For entrepreneurs who want to join the business, is a very good choice.

open a thousand Sirui noodle store?

1, owned factory, cost savings!

1000 Sirui headquarters has their own food production workshop, semi-finished products through distribution saves procurement, processing and other aspects of the cost, to maximize profits.

2, uniform ingredients, no chef!

will Sirui secret recipe through the factory processed into semi-finished products, Sirui fast-food operation of thousands without money to hire a chef, let you worry and effort to save money. Quick meal.

3, intelligent operation, no fumes!

the whole production process to avoid the disadvantages of the traditional cooking fume, the use of intelligent equipment steaming, boiling, frying process, y ensure the nutritional health of food and health of the production process.

4, brightly lit kitchen, ensure health!

transparent kitchen so that the entire production process at a glance, eliminating the customer’s concerns about food hygiene. Diners to eat at ease and happy, naturally enough for you to turn back.

5, the entire store output, easy to copy!

company after many years of operation summed up a set of mature management experience, we will experience and technology to copy without reservation to you, reduce investment mistakes, reduce investment risk.

1000 Sirui noodle is good? For business with a small capital entrepreneurs, no doubt, is a very good choice. An open their own Sirui thousand noodle stores, in fact, is a very happy thing. So, are you ready?

Five thousand venture you dare to create amazing wealth of female college students

a lot of students because of lack of experience, took office has become a big problem, it is difficult to find a suitable job. Most of them are very confused, and some students will choose to fight to start a business, of course, many college students have achieved good results. Today, we tell you a successful case to see how she did it.

"students, this kind of cosmetics is suitable for your skin, a lot of girls use this brand of spring." Yesterday morning, Xihua Normal University School District a small shop, the shop owner is a few girls to sell her merchandise, store goods, cosmetics are a superb collection of beautiful things, some of the students love the decor of ethnic customs. 23 year old Yu Qiulian is the owner of this store of 30 square meters, with a pair of glasses, it is very difficult to think of the quiet she was crying in the sale.

she began scouring the Internet for some cheap things, such as the price of 20 yuan to 60 yuan between beauty and with national style clothing, "university economy is not very strong, but the consumption concept of avant-garde!" Yu Qiulian tried to start a "bedroom marketing" to "roommate to sell products, they usually anyway. Buy, buy my stuff and do a favor." Pay attention to the establishment of a fixed customer relationship, through the success of selling products to her roommate, she looked at the same floor of the girls and their classmates.

"online picture looks very beautiful, things got hands feel little of what." Last year the end of the summer, sent home 5000 yuan tuition, Yu Qiulian hit a time difference, the first put this 5000 yuan, run Chengdu and Kunming purchase, on campus the great flow of people crossing the stall, the dormitory is "warehouse". The first stall some feel shy hat bow, Yu Qiulian et al to buy, sometimes one day can only earn the cost down.

"stall to sell things and not what disgrace, why don’t you sell bold?" at this time, began to encourage her roommate. Four or five days later, Yu Qiulian timidly roar. Because she sells the product is the student likes the clothing and the skin care product one kind of thing, but is not expensive, the business is getting better.

a certain accumulation, Yu Qiulian not only use the money to pay the tuition, also invested 30 thousand yuan in the school district rented a shop, and establish long-term cooperative relations with the two foreign production of national costumes and cosmetics manufacturers. Soon, there are some people follow suit. Yu Qiulian is very anxious, several did not sleep all night, she gave some hardcore "customer" list in the paper, through home visits and other forms of market development, "a big customer can bring 20 customers for you!" the store’s business is getting better and better.

in less than a few months.

5000 yuan can join the project to make money

with the now people’s living standard in the continuous improvement and innovation, many entrepreneurs are very puzzled for pre funding, business people all have not enough capital, some people may be only a few thousand dollars, but can be successful. So, five thousand yuan can open a snack bar? Xiao Bian can tell you that you can!

if you have to choose the operating snack type, to join the project, and the study to open the market environment. There are many joined the project investment cost is not high, as long as pay a few thousand dollars to learn a good technology can open the snack bar, for example, only need to invest 3560 yuan to 4560 yuan fee you can open a small a road barbecue shop.

if it is their own are not familiar with the industry, if they do not have the knowledge and ability, or suggest that you do not do. Because you do not like those big companies, as long as there is capital investment will be able to hire professionals in various fields for their own use.

have 5000 yuan of money to entrepreneurship is no ground for blame but you have to, what they want to do what, want to open a special snack shop, to the all aspects of the industry to understand, but not east west a hammer stick, what are not prepared without considering any business, after all is not imaginary.

to use 5000 yuan to open a snack bar, it must suit the characteristics of the local market, to meet the needs of local consumers, must meet its own knowledge, ability and advantage, so as to give full play to be successful!

5000 yuan can do a lot of business, but what business can fire, the problem you do not ask others, you should ask yourself, no matter what your business, do not pay will not have the harvest, how to pay, how to achieve the final profit by what way, this is the key.

the same, five thousand yuan for a snack bar is not a problem, the key is to find a good project, do what you can do, should do, which will be open to make money, and the business is hot.


Antifreeze ten brands list – the whole

cold weather, a lot of vehicles prone to failure, especially the engine cylinder and so on, in fact, if some antifreeze, the effect will be much better. The name of antifreeze should be called antifreeze coolant, which means antifreeze function of cooling fluid. The anti freezing liquid can prevent the cooling liquid from freezing in the cold winter, and the radiator and the cylinder body or the cover of the engine are frozen. So, antifreeze which brand is good? Let Xiaobian to show you the antifreeze ten brands list.

antifreeze ten brands list NO.01, the Great Wall lubricating oil SINOPEC:

company to "high technology, high quality, internationalization" as the brand development goals, the territory of the promotion of "the Great Wall" brand, overseas promotion "SINOPEC" brand. The Great Wall lubricating oil for many years to maintain the first brand position in the domestic oil industry, the brand value of the leading position in the industry.

antifreeze ten brands list NO.02, Shell Shell:


Shell upstream business development is focused on the exploration of new oil and gas resources, the development of large projects, technology and experience to bring value to resource owners.

antifreeze ten brands list NO.03, Mobil Mobil:

Exxon Mobil is the world’s second largest oil company, the world’s largest non government oil and gas producers, large multinational companies.

antifreeze ten brands list NO.04, LAN-STAR BLUESTAR:

Chinese LAN-STAR is a chemical enterprise with new chemical materials and animal nutrition led, since its inception, LAN-STAR rely on constant innovation and merger has made rapid development, has become one of the most successful China chemical enterprises.

antifreeze ten brands list NO.05, Castrol Castrol:


mainly for household, commercial and industrial equipment lubricants. Automotive lubricants products include a variety of manual and automatic transmission oil, chain lubricants and waxes, coolant, suspension, brake fluid, grease, cleaning and maintenance products, etc..

antifreeze ten brands list NO.06, Kunlun KunLun:

is the first production of Chinese lubricating oil enterprises, with strong supply capacity, subordinate factory production processing means complete, advanced detection means, has the world first-class blending technology and perfect detection means, China has the most complete and most advanced facilities run.

The carpet stores how to do promotional activities – the whole

people have money, at home is higher requirements, also let the demand for related industries increased, is a very good business, home decoration carpet has become many families will choose products, in recent years, carpet market prospects, some entrepreneurs see this phenomenon, choose to open his own carpet the franchise, so entrepreneurs how to do the store promotion?

in fact, the impact of many factors affecting the sales promotion of the carpet shop, which is the most critical. If the promotion is only empty talk, it will result in 1915, even The whole army was wiped out. When the carpet shop planning promotional programs, according to the carpet cloth market, especially with the carpet marketing executive communication, develop feasible solutions, so that the enterprise is easy to monitor, so that customers can easily participate.

in the carpet stores before carrying out promotional activities, call related personnel in-depth communication program of activities to understand the essence of the programme of activities, to y understand the activities, time, promotional products, personnel division, target groups, cost and area of the implementation details, to ensure the promotion plan can be y implemented.

finally, the carpet shop in the promotion activities to clear the sales staff responsibilities, business assessment standards, business tracking and supervision. Promotion performance appraisal should be regularly carried out to evaluate the effect, and constantly sum up the achievements and shortcomings of the promotion schedule, according to the market changes and adjust accordingly. The above content from the global to provide you with small series, I hope to give you help and reference.

enterprise can choose the industry are many, like this industry is very promising and worth in the business when considering start carpet stores, business promotion is the key to success, therefore, entrepreneurs should have executive power, to achieve a targeted marketing store staff to do their job, is the foundation to ensure the sales promotion!

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Entrepreneurship must know a few tips

business is definitely not a simple investment, but a very complex process, the need to invest in a better way of doing business, you know? The real success of the venture, not reckless, but the need to master certain skills on the implementation of the strategy, so the success rate will be higher, pay the corresponding reward will be higher. So, entrepreneurship to know what tips? Here Xiaobian introduce specific content.

first, entrepreneurial projects to "new" winning. Now on the market too much repetition of the project, the operators are very large number, in this context, if the operation of the project without a sense of innovation, its competitiveness is very small, the success rate of nature will be greatly reduced.

two, a large enterprise. A lot of startups because has been living in the shadow of the giant, and to obtain the considerable development, even because each crash and suicidal. Only by winning, relying on their own advantages, learn from each other, rely on the growth of large enterprises, make full use of the resources of large enterprises to develop their own.

three, a big fish in a small pond. Small businesses do not think of a small fish in a big pond must be a big fish in a small pond, because some big enterprises look down on the small pond, do not want to compete with you, and it can become a huge space for you to get a "good" entrepreneurial success.

four, learn to do the second". Is not to do the first, do not do third, but just followed closely behind the first place in the second place, the first opportunity to sprint again.

five, a small business to make a big harvest miracles. "FengShenYanYi" written with Wen Zhong jiangshang war Qishan, because of the Shang Dynasty get a bunch of friends of Shen Gong Bao road to the Western Zhou Dynasty gradually not supported. Critical moment, get a jiangshang lamp to work miracles, turn the tide. This concept is now many enterprises. But in many small businesses in the way of thinking, miracles need money piled up, so often can’t reach.

if you want to start, it must accept all the difficulties faced in the entrepreneurial process, so as to better go, also hope the above content can help to you, all the risks will be more natural, natural entrepreneurial road will be more difficult, in this context, if skills more, for the cause of the success of the natural effect will be greater. Therefore, grasp the above 5 entrepreneurial tips, I believe your career will be more likely to achieve greater success.

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Chinese medicine health care needs to do what to do

at this stage, with the increasing pressure of work, people want to venture on the road nuggets are more and more, however, the market is a good project, after all, only so much? Which is the best choice? Health is the current focus of attention of many people, with the development and expansion of the industry, the market good health brand also really many, this is for entrepreneurs to bring the good choice, but the opening of a traditional Chinese Medicine Museum, what do I need to do? Want to know, then come to know about it!

first shop location problem

medicine health museum shop location is a priority project, shop location decision of all this, we must first have a good start. As the saying goes: "one can’t make bricks without straw", to find the store, to be able to open our beautiful voyage. Don’t need to store bought enough funds for investors on time difficult thing, lease is a choice. Only in this way can we do the follow-up work of our

chosen according to the brand shop and store size

franchise brand is the key

survival or destruction in a nidea, how Chinese health hall will be the next job, first find a good franchise brand. Now the rapid development of the Internet, most of the information in the network to walk, the show in front of people, no matter good or bad. This is the inevitable prudent investors, in choosing to join the brand, need consider joining the brand is formal, professional, reputation, experience, help the blind choice will only add 1 of their troubles. So these are the solid medicine health museum of their own, for the better way for Chinese health hall

staff is the core figure of Chinese medicine health museum

is now the health market gradually, health division is also very popular, the traditional Chinese medicine health museum needs talent, in fact, managers do not need to choose, choose the right is good, sometimes the heart is not fixed, the possibility is very big. So in order to stabilize the staff, is always a heart. To choose suitable for Chinese medicine health museum. Employees in place is not enough, but also in the training of the staff above efforts. From the employee’s work attitude to work ability, feel the team consciousness from the responsibility, 1 round training

think we should do, ready to do a good job, it is the opening ceremony. A Chinese medicine health museum fame started the battle, the battle between the Chinese health hall next to the first opening of profit. TCM Museum Planning, achieve the effect of publicity activities. Not a purpose, the purpose is to propaganda. So in order to the customer will reinforce the foundation of these is the hard truth.

so, successfully opened a Chinese Medicine >