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  • Have to talk about Baidu included my small station problem

    also have to say Baidu included my station, from the beginning has been looking forward to Baidu included my care network, every day site:www.idmsn.com.cn for several times, not always want information, the heart distressed ah. Why Baidu is not included in my "care network", then from the online search ah, see Baidu seems to be once a month or so, I don’t know if it is true, Baidu is not included, just think he really didn’t update it, ha ha…… (it was really dumb.)

    degrees included my nursing network the first night, until nearly 12 points, that is, when I sleep, also site, nothing. Second days to the unit first thing to open the computer is site, this site I almost didn’t jump, great, a collection of 47 pieces of information, I thought that beauty, like a brother here, hope not hit the pathway, offend, please understanding


    then small updates to a total of about 5 days or so, I have a site 184 message, and exciting (chuckle ^_^).

    now I have encountered new problems, because it is not the station, just a simple interest, earn money, how can yield relatively quickly, we can look at my "care network" http://www.idmsn.com.cn, to put forward some opinions and suggestions, see go in the mother’s advertising is right, anyway, her procedures fee is quite high, but still worthy of trust, because I can get the money, half a month with only 6 dollars, a little? Oh, or I come here to learn to everybody, thank you for help! < / p>

    Facts have proved that Baidu is not difficult to collect

    from last year after the mom introduced, we say that Baidu included very difficult, in fact, Baidu website is not difficult, just put out the time to be a little late, so we could not wait for Baidu to put out has lost patience, the website removed, with a little patience, Baidu will not by too,

    http://www.mcboke.cn 08 years registered in May 5th, the earliest is included in May six, and the website didn’t do what SEO and promotion, only in the Baidu filed, not like other people said, included the influence

    Domain Name: mcboke.cn

    ROID: 20080505s10001s74753207-cn

    Domain Status: ok

    Registrant Organization: ***

    Registrant Name: *

    Administrative Email: zocq@tom.com

    Sponsoring Registrar: Beijing kuancom Network Technology Co. Ltd.

    Name Server:dns23.hichina.com

    Name Server:dns24.hichina.com

    , Registration, Date:, 2008-05-05, 14:04

    , Expiration, Date:, 2009-05-05, 14:04

    , let’s watch it by ourselves, http://www.baidu.com/s, lm=0& si=& rn=10&; ie=gb2312& ct=0& wd=site%3Amcboke%2Ecn& cl=0

    , www.mcboke.cn/u/w36363/archives/2008/4.html, 19K, 2008-5-6 – Baidu snapshot

    , the key is not to wait until Baidu released, then removed the site.

    Experts believe that college students should learn to take advantage of it

    , part of the graduates who choose to start their own business, is about to leave the ivory tower and embark on a difficult road to entrepreneurship. In this regard, experts warned that, in addition to hobbies, start-up funds and a sound sound entrepreneurial ideas, college students still need to learn to leverage.

    Chinese Youth Business International Ningxia office director Li said the tax, to just leave the campus, the lack of social experience and various resources accumulation of students, want to rely solely on personal power, start empty-handed, will inevitably encounter a series of problems. If there is a practical combat experience, grasp the resources of certain industry "guide", will inevitably help young entrepreneurs, less detours.

    , a considerable number of college students have gone into the mistaken belief that the most important thing in entrepreneurship is "business ideas" and "start-up funds". In fact, this is not quite the case." Long term employment, entrepreneurship consulting Mr. Cheng said, "college students and other start-ups are not the same.". On the one hand, they have their own advantages, such as high enthusiasm, creative, strong learning ability; on the other hand, they are lack of experience, usually only know part of the work flow, once encountered, the specific details, often helpless, overwhelmed, resulting in business plans to give up halfway."

    for this, he suggested that graduates, entrepreneurs to be a conscientious person, and strive to find a more reliable guidance for their teachers. In the process of starting business experience can be passed, many public business organizations and successful business people are willing to pragmatic and enterprising, innovative potential of young entrepreneurs to provide policy, mode of operation, management and other issues with the help of the. If your project and entrepreneurial attitude are recognized by them, you may also receive social, financial, or financial resources.

    Do not do large or SEO.

    article such as title, since you can not do big web site, we still go down and do website SEO! Don’t waste this space, domain name and rmb. In fact, we have done such a thing, when the first contact of the forum it was in the first company, has the boss with a forum to build and I felt a lot of forum management, the function is complete, it is his own computer imagine yourself doing a network forum should be a lot of people to take care of it.

    then built a forum name is "the boy forum"! We should have guessed that a people who do not know how SEO built a person search site title to site does not flow, we still insist on more than a month of time to take care of this web site management. The fast two months really can not stand this website just entered bankruptcy.

    now mogujie.com, beautiful say fire, their website program wildfire, and this type of site has sprung up a lot. I love a good site procedures and templates, Fangwei community share system really is not good. But most of the sites in these sites are a needle in the vast sea of people. They are doing a waste of time and energy, we come to see a website I checked, similar to mogujie.com beautiful, to tell you the truth, the site template is very beautiful, but unfortunately this template.


    dismal traffic, wasted effort,

    from the diagram is not difficult to see, the webmaster is very hard, this how to say, talk about the chain, everybody knows now the chain is extremely difficult to do, he did 1240 chains. Should be able to see his efforts, because my self built station, now only 40 less than the chain. The chain is difficult to do ah.

    but luckily I’ll be SEO. I know how the website comes to traffic, and that’s the charm of SEO. Although I didn’t he collected many of the chain didn’t he template nor his good-looking but I absolutely flow more than he talked about the template I think of the Amazon this website to tell you the truth I’m not very well at least not only heard of Taobao cooked. Later, I read and understood. Amazon is said to have been out of the shopping mall long before Taobao. To tell you the truth, this site template is ugly, but the traffic is high.

    to get a conclusion, the site is not looking at the template, ugly or beautiful, but look at the flow, of course, the template is good or important, but that traffic is the first. Compared to the above web site, one of my community shared web sites is dominant. Look at the picture


    didn’t say big talk, flow or some, although included very much, the chain less.

    we small stationmaster or sureness sit, SEO is better, do not want to do what big website, have tens of thousands of users, these. Those are companies are paid in operation. What we need is traffic, and what we need is income

    Baidu suddenly found the latest K station reasons

    to write this article I have to say is: I will mention the station, it is only because I stand I to say. My station is www.mp4xia.com, key words have been very stable, but yesterday, in the Olympic Games began to block that day, baidu started K station, I found, as long as not a big Olympic official station, related to the Olympic Games, will be right down, at the same time the rankings are to rely on about 10 pages, with facts as evidence:

    found yesterday is still good, Baidu search MP4 and MP4 download free download my station row on the first page of the third position, today suddenly found two key words MP4 free download, download the row doesn’t know where to go, good depressed

    http://www.baidu.com/s? Wd=mp4%C3%E2%B7%D1%CF%C2%D4%D8


    , http://www.baidu.com/s, ie=gb2312& bs=mp4%C3%E2%B7%D1%CF%C2%D4%D8& sr=& z=&; cl=3& f=8& wd=mp4%CF%C2%D4%D8& ct=0

    kept looking at Baidu, and suddenly found that at about 10 pages, and finally found it, so depressed, so I began to analyze the reasons,

    recently I didn’t do what any operation ah, I suddenly think of it every day, so don’t stop with my labor update site information I didn’t do what Baidu against things ah, why is it so, then I began to think of, these days I don’t have to submit several times I stand on the hao123, about 3,4 times, almost every day, submitted to the hao123 mp4/3gp section, but has not been included, I have no way, just submit a few times, this is what reason, then I went to see a hao123, mp4/3gp found that this classification is missing, is the agent of the palm " the resources on the ", ah, is this reason, so I started looking for the answer, the first thought is Admin5, suddenly I found that during the Olympic Games began to close up, depressed ah, really, so I worry, I stand to the Olympic Column ah, IDC asked me, they said there should be no big problem, as long as there is no violation of resources, and they are installed on the server monitoring software, do not believe who I stand on to the illegal word to see if you can send up, so I rest a bit easier, but is worried that the final proof is my keywords MP4 free download by Baidu to K to the back of a lot of


    depressed, two words, no way, I went into the background operation, see if you can put these sections to shield, do not show, the result does not have such function, ph>

    Two or three line city local decoration website operation strategy and promotion method

    operation Changde decoration network for nearly 2 years, want to write a little sentiment, and you have to communicate with the webmaster. We can learn from the good places, and ask people to make more comments.

    one, about strategic positioning,

    with the development of real estate industry, decoration industry is also very prosperous, where I take the example of Changde, Changde is a typical three line city, industrial and commercial registration decoration company reached more than 100, there are hundreds of guerrillas. The competition is fierce. The demand for decoration orders is very strong. In the decoration industry chain downstream of the building materials industry competition is fierce, full street advertising. In addition, the decoration company to network promotion also gradually pay attention to, and competition began to do Baidu promotion, competitive ranking, such as search Changde decoration company, you will find the top ten are bidding decoration company. Network marketing has gradually become an important source of orders for decoration companies. However, the local decoration industry network marketing platform is not much, a lot of city or even blank, as a local station, we can seize this opportunity, on the basis of analysis and practical, we can put the platform positioning in service decoration company as the core, the integration of decoration industry chain gradually.

    two, about profit model

    first popularize a concept, profit model is not equal to charging model, my profit model has a purpose: want to make decoration company money, first let decoration company make money. Based on this model, I set the profit model for membership decoration bidding, first let all decoration companies free to enter the platform to bid, decoration company tasted the sweetness of nature will upgrade VIP services. Decoration company profits generally around 20%-30%, home alone, the general price of at least 5-10 million, tooling profit is high, that is as long as the decoration company through a single platform to fix at least can earn more than 10 thousand. You can look at the landing, the station a month average bid amount is 15-20, according to the success rate of 50% to count, a year can be successful 100 orders, can decorate a company to bring direct profits of more than 1 million, which does not include the indirect profit of other customers by customer. Net decoration need only mention 10% as membership fee, a year can earn more than one hundred thousand, the profit of the website is not what, but for a small local station can do this income, has been much stronger than work.

    three, about online promotion

    to someone to the platform for bidding, first of all to promote, online promotion is the most basic and the most important part. One is to improve the site weight, I do not say this, many online teach you provide the weight method, I want to emphasize here is that the key to the promotion of culture, is to cultivate the local people online bidding decoration habits, we can write more decoration tender benefits, find acquaintances decoration defects so, gradually guide the local netizens online bidding. Two is to do more online activities, such as successful bidding at this station, send environmental protection test, send

    Talking about the local portal website of medium-sized city

    now many small and medium-sized city has its own small local comprehensive portal website, although this kind of website traffic and visibility is not high, but because of its local features (mainly the local unique local culture and other information), make this kind of website is especially strong vitality, not all have large website advantage (population highly centralized) web site, online and offline communication is very convenient, so that this kind of website profit is not very difficult. Now I’ll talk about the development of several portals of my hometown Jiangxi and.

    my hometown is the old revolutionary base area, belongs to the prefecture level city, the network in 2000 after slowly to enter the local, I’ll tell you about from 2000 to the present 3 comprehensive small portal website.

    1., in 2000 there are a few people registered a small company to start the first local comprehensive website at that time can not be called a portal, because the early thinking is not clear, probably know to have a website for local users can see, at that time did not have any promotion plan also, did not do any promotion, but they do have a best local forum, forum actually do not do, but with the Internet more and more people as the only forum to promote the popularity of not very good (place is so big, word-of-mouth publicity is very fast, especially in the field of many) the Internet in particular, it mainly depends on the forum to promote its website from 2000 to 2002 3 years time the web site in the first half of 2002 before the small number of the company’s growth as there are about 20 people The team, the main profit, to the local enterprises to do web site. (do not underestimate the local enterprise website, in which the government’s Web site on the N more, at that time local basically no site, and the site was very expensive). At this time, the site’s net profit of more than 1 million. This is the website best, because the company’s leadership mode of thinking innovation does not know the danger, only a few months time, the company website suddenly become a quick collapse of the situation, the thing is, in July 2002 there are a number of Internet users in the forum released a number of provincial leadership posts at impact is very big, the second battalion moved directly to Skynet monitoring server, after the company due to measures not, during which the company employees go competitors to dig dug, suddenly going bankrupt, although it still insist, but the wind light has not, the site is still.

    2 in 2002 as a local university graduated a computer of my brother and my classmates a few computer with a small portal, it was purely young people’s entrepreneurial passion in support, not to mention the development, finally one day my brother’s father had a network in the city at that time, the person in charge of the local telecommunications through his father knows he has a local website, found him and put forward the cooperation between the two sides to operate the site, then can be a godsend ah, of course he promised, relying on the support of Telecommunication (Telecom for promotion, to provide real machine and so on), my brother registered "

    Share the experience of website promotion in entity industry plus network marketing

    at this time, individuals, companies as long as a little creativity and ideas, immediately register domain name, buy space. One or two weeks is enough to build a website. Needless to say, when I was doing so, but not too long, these sites have been closed. Why? Because we can’t find a pragmatic profit point. All burn money to do the website. In this regard, the family also a lot of criticism.

    after several years of fear, roll, playing, and gradually have a clear understanding of the site. If you want to make an e-commerce website from free to achieve profitability, replication is not possible, individual combat is not possible, without funds, continuous support is not good, there is no good operation is not good. Finally come to a conclusion: if individuals want to do B2B and B2C e-commerce sites, the success rate is not very low, and it is low. Manpower, material and financial resources should be taken in.

    to the point: for a person to do what kind of website to get rid of the retreat, real money into the


    take my experience now, after careful market demand research and analysis, I chose the entity industry plus network marketing. I Lp a few years ago, is to study abroad, and later has been studying in the United States business, basically become a consultant in this area, every year out of her hands, there are more than 20 students. I have developed websites, navigation websites, stock navigation websites, websites for selling software products, air governance websites, B2B e-commerce websites abroad and so on. But not much fire, and later summed up and found that they are still not familiar with these industries, studying abroad is my LP most familiar with the industry, why not two people are good at each other together, the outbreak of the greatest power?.

    share my website promotion experience below:

    1, selected website domain name: American high school network and wisdom lamp education

    The domain name

    is very easy to remember, the domain name high school network is five words Pinyin initials, the domain name is the spelling lamp of wisdom.

    content: every morning update website news, price quotes issued abroad abroad quiz, topic inquiry, hot spots, and view the Alexa ranking is improved, see flow statistics 51yes whether there are new changes.

    2, released the content of the website information: must to well-known Web site blog, forum, news comment reply, at the same time to the classification on the website to help our customers to release information, such as 58 city, people network, Ganji and so on, the effect of this is, because other sites in order to update the content will turn we release the information to their own website, virtually to help us make some free publicity, will also increase the reverse link site, help to enhance the site PR value.

    3, spend money advertising: we also spent money to do promotion, that is, the so-called burn, first on the Google do, see >!

    Millet how to play social media micro-blog promotion QQ space, gather fans do their best

    millet, in fact, is a vertical brand of its own electricity supplier company. Micro-blog and QQ space, the forum is millet ring powder cash cow, WeChat is millet ring powder star products. Vertical providers should be able to find their own tools from the social tools used by millet, put their fans together, in the fan economy will not be eliminated.

    now we are talking about fan economy, in fragmentation, to the center of the mobile Internet era, there is no fan brand, basically facing the situation being eliminated.

    millet can be said to be fans of the economy on behalf of brands, there are a lot of articles on the network analysis of millet brand, products, fans, micro innovation, hunger marketing and so on.

    , in fact, no matter what you say, millet, millet is actually a proprietary brand of vertical electricity supplier company, but millet, both in the product hardware and software, brand and promotion of fans are very innovative.

    today I give you an analysis, Lei Jun have used what social tools to promote millet, millet fans to circle.

    1, micro-blog: Lei Jun millet promotion main battlefield

    now mostly from the media are mouthing micro-blog, it seems that no one has been using micro-blog, and micro-blog is pouring down.

    in fact, from the ALEXA ranking point of view, micro-blog’s ranking is still on the rise, indicating that the number of users is still increasing.


    is just the time users spend on micro-blog, and the number of pages they see is decreasing by


    because there are many users spend time on WeChat above, these users are in micro-blog to see a friend of the dynamic, and now moved to the WeChat circle of friends.

    Now everyone in the micro-blog

    mainly depends on V, see the bigwigs are in what to say, because only micro-blog can be the most direct access to these people, other social tools almost no alternative to this requirement.

    When there is the focus of

    events, the first time we will be on micro-blog, so micro-blog actually become the bigwigs, ordinary users see social media, become a hot social media news reports.

    well, let us look at millet Lei Jun and some data on micro-blog.


    Lei Jun, micro-blog, about 8000000 fans, I remember this data in February last year, or about 4000000, 1 years doubled. Every day he will send at least a micro-blog, content 90% are around the millet, the model worker is model workers.


    Li Wanqiang, another founder of millet, micro-blog has nearly 5 million fans, micro-blog sent a little more

    The development model of classified information websites from word-of-mouth network

    often heard some people say, "Baidu", as if Baidu, a lot of problems can be solved, and it is true, from clothing, eating, entertainment, travel, almost all inseparable from the network. The Internet has not only enriched our lives, but also changed our lives. The world has become smaller and smaller, and now it has become a global village. This is a change brought about by the internet. Unconsciously, we have become accustomed to and dependent on this change, and it is difficult for us to leave the network.

    network is an open, sharing community, with vast amounts of information, but we do not have enough time to choose what we need in the vast ocean of information. At this time, the classified information network came into being. Classified information network provides detailed information about catering, accommodation, recruitment, tourism and so on, which is convenient for Internet users to inquire and use, and greatly saves the Internet time of Internet users. The emergence of classified information network is the inevitable result of market demand and network development.

    believes that we are no strangers to word of mouth www.koubei.com, which is one of the largest localized "eating, living and playing" communities in our country, dedicated to serving the people and guiding the lives of the people. Two channels of its subsidiary, catering and leisure real estate transactions, but also topped the list in the same site, there is a bellwether of word-of-mouth network of similar sites, by the user’s support and love, word of mouth. Today, we will use word-of-mouth network as an example to discuss the operating characteristics of classified information websites.

    first of all, the classification information should be rich, detailed and realistic.

    will visit classified information network, generally are highly targeted potential customers, there is a real demand, and hope to find relevant information online. The purpose is very strong, there is demand for search. Therefore, the content of the classified information network must be rich enough for the user to find the information of the requirements on the website, and to be detailed and true. If the user finds the satisfied information on the website for the first time, the website will collect naturally, increase user stickiness.

    word of mouth network — Taking Xuzhou region as an example. Site classification includes food and beverage, leisure, rental housing, home services, tourism, and so on, each large category includes many small categories. There are many categories, but they are easy to find. The information is detailed, concrete and authentic. For example, Home Dishes catering delicacy category options, there are a lot of Xuzhou local delicacy, including address, telephone, bus lines and consumption levels, after the user has an intuitive understanding, also reached the purpose of searching information. Food and beverage food consumption level introduction is very good, users see the restaurant food information, also want to have a general understanding of the level of consumption, to decide whether to consume. User experience is very good, very thoughtful.

    secondly, website content should pay attention to classification, must be convenient to read.

    users go to the classified information network for information. They come with their purpose. If they spend too much time but cannot find the information they need, they will be disappointed and it is difficult to visit the website second times. Web design should focus on easy users’ reading angle >