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  • Make a site in an invincible position to win weapons

    , a website optimization long tail.

    site is a tower on the island, so the chain like a tower connected with the land bridge, the bridge more access to the tower more people. Of course, you can also search engine from the vast sea successfully find you. The construction of the chain is a long term project, increase the construction of the chain change radically is not conducive to the website weight. Your weight is not high, the search engine is always on the alert site holding the attitude, then the rank of the website also can not always stable.

    , especially the original content is always search engine and user favorite, keep the content update is very important, imagine a million years do not update the site search engine by what you put in the front row, is in the front row, each time the user to all those articles, people are willing to come.

    two, update the original content.

    four, the website itself.

    Three, the chain increased The stability of the The first step in the construction of the chain of ?

    line on the site, a reasonable set of navigation, title, description, keywords, anchor text and so on, after the website officially launched, continuously updated website content, the content of the title used to optimize the long tail keywords, you can set some special columns, each topic for a long tail, the effect will be very good.

    The stability of

    now, let the site row on the home page is not what is difficult to find a professional Shanghai dragon or sex can easily climb up the Shanghai bid, the difficulty is how to make the site is always ranked in the home. Especially in the search engine algorithm constantly adjust today, how to conquer the search engine, it is very important to occupy the dominant position of perennial. The search engine is to support the legitimate Shanghai Longfeng optimization, according to the regular Shanghai Longfeng process step by step, do website optimization, even if the search engine algorithm to adjust your website ranking, volatility is not too large. So what do the Shanghai dragon optimization, website ranking stable


    Before the

    site itself is a prerequisite to the Shanghai dragon.

    If the ? The contents of

    is to ensure that the construction of the chain continued orderly, make it look for. We can help to increase the chain method is more, forums, blogs, classifieds, bookmarks, quiz and so on, of course the best or writing or news articles.

    believes that many webmaster have such experience, love Shanghai Thursday update or 26 big update, website ranking rise or fall, cause investigation website ranking plummeted, but a few days ago, even a few days can not access the site.

    has some tips in the update article for example, the title of the article can stand in the search perspective, set into question, the part can also insert some interrogative sentences. For example, how the introduction of Shanghai Longfeng? Learn Shanghai dragon to master those tools? How to change Links? And so on, these questions statement is used to do the title, help you find potential users directly.

    Look at the Google search quality decline to talk about search engine user experience

    search engine is tested on a number of key phrases in Google, the surprise is that the 80% page and turned out to be unrelated to the search results. With the key words of "SaaS help desk" as an example, the following is the search results screenshot:

    September 6th

    page, but the search results related to users only 5, which is 11%. The area is only 18.5% to the user, and only 11 is related to the search results.

    Google search engine search has become the world leader in 2000, one of the 3 main reasons of the search results is the correlation degree, the server response speed, simple interface effect. But with the era driven by commercial interests, this point has gradually gone, we analyzed a little bit.

    is a 13 inch screen (part of an old 15 inch screen resolution is 1280*960). The resolution of the MAC test is used in 1920*1200, usually most people will have a number of tasks, not the use of the full screen; and the search results only 535*425. It is said that Google only to 18.5% of the screen to the user, this is obviously before the ads on the customer.

    in 2000 when Google, 8:7 and the proportion of advertising, which is 47% of the results we want. According to the area to calculate, the result is 779*595 pixels, the total size is 1108*790, that is 53% of the area is to show the results, more than half. The change of Google so we can see some basic questions.


    Summary: Here we

    search engine wide >

    science and technology fancier recently in Google (micro-blog) made a very interesting experiment, but found that compared to Google and in 2000 changed. Google is paying more attention to advertising and search results to the area and the degree of correlation is down.


    There are a total of 45 links on the

    from the search results of related problems

    expansion in the Internet information era, the emergence of the search engine can greatly save time and energy for users, so that users can quickly find information and services, greatly reduce the cost of users of information, and information between people more efficient and convenient to find each other, but with the development and evolution of search engine in recent years, the search engine user experience seems not so optimistic. Along with the information expanding, display the page increases, the search time is lengthened, which also led to a significant decrease in user experience. The use of Google search kinwell and we come to talk about issues related to search engine customer experience.


    1, search the problems related to

    How to use knowledge to operate high weight chain

    lead: a few days ago, I published an article "simple" new ways to do outside of the chain in the blog, the characteristic of the method is included in a long period, today to share a collection of fast chain release platform.



    now also for favorites rarely do the chain, but the weight is very high.

    so, we do a lot of the chain there are two ways to

    I often use this site to send the chain.


    please indicate the source from the production day ground 贵族宝贝uuyuyu贵族宝贝/.

    Click Create favorites


    can be seen in second ways the most convenient, of course, two ways to combine the best.


    write the title, be sure to choose open, finally click OK to create

    first, we used the trumpet to answer the question, because I don’t have any small, I won’t show, in the know is very simple, as long as it is not hot, almost no one to delete.


    2, a small release with a link to answer, and then were included to a plurality of favorites, each favorites is a chain.

    next, teach you how to use this chain.



    so, we put this into our favorites, this is equivalent to do a chain.

    such a network favorites is done.

    1, with a large number of small release of a large number of links with the answer, then included into the network favorites.

    is at the bottom of the sign of the answer, click.


    this to my collection

    today is to share a new favorites – known

    often do the chain of friends on network favorites is not strange, we often use the network favorites is Cape of Good Hope.

    then, you choose your small issue, we just find a problem presentation.


    simple, violence.

    how to create known network favorites.

    Love Shanghai chain analysis tool chain


    from the chain data above we can see that the data is too large, it is not a lot of love is not outside the chain of Shanghai approved tool chain? Look at the chain data below the A5 forum, A5 forum is every webmaster every day around the forum to do outside the chain of choice, the author is no exception every day, do data have a dozen were included, see the screenshot.


    Webmaster Tools data


    love Shanghai outside the chain of tools

    love Shanghai tool, believe that many webmaster began with love in Shanghai, where we can find love Shanghai webmaster tools and other webmaster tools are different, the author will to own more than two months problems with everybody exchange analysis.



    The chain query


    provided by 贵族宝贝juchake贵族宝贝 A5, the first poly people reproduced please specify.

    Since the launch of The

    chain is every webmaster will do every day things, how to do the chain, especially the sex recognition of Shanghai chain needs to do, we also need to master common exchanges, promote common development, these problems hoping to express my own opinion, to solve this problem.

    information platform chain query

    outside of the chain to do more than two months, the chain less also included seven hundred or eight hundred, the strange thing is love in Shanghai station outside the chain of tools is a no, don’t A5 BBS signature of the chain is not outside the chain, the forum is not too soft chain? I also have the big question, we hope to explore with you.


    today to love Shanghai chain problems to discuss with you, a few days after the launch of love Shanghai webmaster tools, people in love with poly site outside the chain of tools to Shanghai, and today there are more than two months, many owners will find love in Shanghai outside the chain of tools and other station long out of data far, I use Adsense tools inquires has 7050 chain. With the love of Shanghai outside the chain of tools only 1332 chain, from the figure you can see the data gap.


    How to use love to accelerate the optimization of Haiyun website



    then go to the next step, the configuration sub domain name; the default here has a MX record, there is a need to check the A records; here is the point that you are IP IP address space, then add a record to the @ A, so whether it is with three W or top the domain name will point to the same page address, convenient search engine unified understanding

    secondly, configure service providers. Here you need to go to the space management side, the DNS address of the original change, to love the Shanghai ns1.bddns.cn and ns2.bddns.cn; the two indispensable. Here I will demonstrate the new method to modify the network login, new network management side, modify the domain name DNS address, and then determine the change successful. Modified after the return to love just the Haiyun page, modify inspection will be accomplished, is not very easy? Specific can look at the following chart;

    setup can also see the website data, see what node ah, like these. Connection >

    into the site, and then add the site. There are two kinds of access methods: NS/CNAME, I use NS to verify the way, because it feels this convenient, can use DNS high intelligent service love Shanghai and each room nodes, access is also love Shanghai recommended.


    there are two kinds of login, which is a love Shanghai account; another is the use of love Shanghai account, I am here to use the account to log on the promotion of Shanghai love.

    and then I thought to use love to accelerate a Haiyun website to open the corresponding speed, because in the group to see someone mentioned this thing, that is can improve website loading speed. And not only these benefits! Here I will take your practical steps to give you see, a website how to join with Haiyun acceleration.

    2. into my website related settings







    today in Shanghai after landing love promotion background, find optimization suggestions there is a prompt, website open speed slow, up to 7 seconds. Think about how many users are willing to wait for 7 seconds, no patience are directly off your website. The turnover rate is not small ah. I love Shanghai’s website speed diagnostic tool, according to the prompt test, Netcom and telecom showed a score of 56:

    1. need to log in to your

    Love Shanghai URL search results change analysis and influence of speculation

    2, for the 360 search adjustment, we all know that 360 search a fall in love with Haydn when the body guard. From the start of the Shanghai love know their products for users to remind, back to jump directly to the home page, behind the development of the "3B" to raise a Babel of criticism of the "3SB" war, war, this time the adjustment we might also bold speculation may be for an adjustment of 360 love Shanghai love Shanghai integration algorithm results.

    above is an encrypted URL, URL has three characteristics: 1, long; 2, numbers and letters of a section of code; 3, randomly generated, in addition to a specific character unchanged (guess keywords). If you are interested, you can clearly see the strings behind the URL is very long, and every time the search results show the code is different, the visible love Shanghai for search results are encrypted, here is again search results:

    love Shanghai search results show a URL change recently, this is a renewal of the algorithm, before we love Shanghai search keywords when it links are website URL, recently to show love Shanghai URL for a change, the main strategy is to use the jump URL love Shanghai own, for the encryption processing for search results, the direct search in Shanghai love www.***.org results show:

    The URL

    1, Shanghai ranked for love clicks, this is encrypted, and the unique identification, love Shanghai ranked clicks get ranked click will be nowhere to hide, and then to the back of the supervision and punishment becomes much easier.


    fell in love with the seaThe

    for adjustment

    love the sea URL two

    then compare these two pieces of code, a simple analysis can be found at the end of a section of code is the same, should represent a particular word or phrase: ebac5573358cc3c0659257bfcf546427d385fdfb7a71a50a4d645ed027, personal guess this code should belong to our search keywords, and in front of the code should be a ciphertext code is randomly generated. The code should have three parts: 1, the search term time; 2, search keywords; the unique identification code, randomly generated 3.



    this love Shanghai for the search results of URL algorithm update, there is obviously an adjustment for the effects of changes in the much remains to be seen. According to speculation, there are two main directions:

    for the love Shanghai update to the front between many sites suddenly, all without a good ranking.

    How to catch up with the pace of the new PR update

    last, is the site of the original news. For the old station weight high, the original is not the original importance is not great, it basically will be included in the search engine, but for a new station in terms of words that we, the original is very important, a good example, our web page in the news we are using the acquisition if we put the tools to collect articles directly copy and paste it, the probability of either Google or love Shanghai included will be very low, but if we had the depth of the pseudo original.

    if Google announced in accordance with the PR update time, the update time should be about in mid April. I thought PR no longer updated, but the updated January 20th website will undoubtedly give us a blow, because the site has been steadily rising in the collection, is updated snapshot every day, but PR did not rise, let us engage in website optimization company staff is very upset. In the update, we got the promotion of PR website learning experience, hoping to catch up with the pace of the PR updates.

    again outside the chain, the quality of the chain is very important, we adopt the method of the chain is at the beginning of the first study in home key competitors where the release of the platform, record of the site, and then the same release site information. We also chose some available high weight forum signature, of course in this post also pay attention to skills. In the post, I will give priority to the original article published in the A5 forum, the audited, and then reproduced in other forums, there are some websites will collect the webmaster forum articles, this site outside of the chain will gradually come up, of course, the original article must persist in writing can. In reply, we must learn to choose, grab the words in 600 words or more excellent article on the sofa, so the search engine included in time, will be included in your signature.

    on the one hand, because our site itself PR is low, so in exchange for high PR link is not easy, despite efforts to exchange to some very good website, but the efficiency is very low. So we reduced our site requirements, no longer simply look at each other web site the PR value, more attention is paid to the relevance of the website and snapshot collected. Because a website PR even if high, a few months for a trip, we even do the link, the search engine is also very difficult to crawl, let alone give us the weight. On the other hand, we will choose to buy links in the A5 platform to purchase the appropriate link, when we first consider the purchase link is the site of the PR value, we choose between PR3-6 and our website relatively high correlation, the snapshot is best in two days, the number of the best friends of the chain 50 within this search engine will be included in a short time, the equivalent of the industry within the scope of a good web site for you cast an important vote, the weight will naturally come up.

    The new thinking of Shanghai Longfeng teach you how to take advantage of the hot events in optimizat

    , whether companies or individuals, the ultimate goal is to make money. This direction we have to discuss, as Shanghai Longfeng personnel must be clear is how to quantify and stage their own process of Shanghai dragon. What separates you to clear the stage, Shanghai Longfeng what you do at a particular stage of the need to achieve what effect, or what purpose.

    , last year in an interview I mentioned, what can the development of Shanghai dragon long, is not an issue worthy of discussion, as the Shanghai dragon staff really have to ask ourselves is, you have no change in thinking of Shanghai dragon. If you are still thinking of Shanghai dragon only this top ranking in the optimization of keywords, then Shanghai Longfeng road for you may not long. Xiao Chai I repeatedly stressed that a concept, the highest state of Shanghai dragon is not technically, but in thinking.

    , a Shanghai Longfeng clear intention, rational use of hot events to

    clear Shanghai dragon intention

    of Shanghai Longfeng for so many years, technology constantly refurbished, constantly in failure. Remember the first half of the year, I intend to engage in a "Chinese Shanghai Dragon good article" essay contest, just one chance in the yuan home, dinner joke also said: "Shanghai dragon articles were written novice". I want to do this, Shanghai Longfeng students have experienced estimation which is why Lu Songsong blog reduce one reason about technology. The frequency of release. Said a thousand flowers kind, finally the same technology, a superficial reform, resulting in a large Shanghai Longfeng garbage article throughout the network, and to delay buddies is a homogenization of the question – what can the development of Shanghai dragon how long

    for example, we classify the stage with the purpose of making money in Shanghai dragon. Roughly about brand – Brand PR – keyword ranking – transformation. The division of brand promotion stage, as a new product or new website, to brand publicity out, very difficult, but also a lot of methods. Of course, today not a example of various methods, choose a method with Shanghai dragon most relevant to explain this point.

    this example to create from my Shanghai Longfeng Research Association Network mentioned, in 2013 July registered a domain name, website in October 2013. After the line on the website, encountered a lot of problems, one problem is the brand publicity, Shanghai Longfeng site has been flooded, so many Shanghai dragon website >

    Many Shanghai Longfeng people do

    today, from the title of the article we can see, the main keyword is Shanghai dragon thinking, auxiliary word is event marketing. Said above Tucao so much, and how to enter the theme of today, the idea for a long time, finally I think or take a few examples for more solid points. The following into this theme:

    ?According to

    Liu Huanbin after 54 days of Shanghai dragon home

    today the Red Army is a key to introduce Robin the Shanghai dragon experimental station, marched to Shanghai love home location in 54 days time, specific methods and strategies analysis application, worthy of reference.

    home page: Shanghai Dragon


    This station is

    also after all their resources are limited, we can clearly see the baidu guide

    less than 2 months time, get a lot of high correlation, the chain weight high support, also happened to see a Robin blog, screenshots for everyone to look at:

    but by 2009, with the Shanghai Dragon Development in China, and they had the visibility of the rapid rise of stone, no update, no site updates, no matter how brilliant you before will be beyond the others, people slowly out of the stone of vision, attention to the first ranked Shanghai dragon why.


    The content of


    forum, the forum is indeed a large number of original reservoirs, more important is to have a large number of people to help you to update the content of sex, Shanghai is a very important factor, but the difficulty lies in the promotion and maintenance of the forum. At present the station love Shanghai included 1650 article, update quantity is very large, it can also be seen early enough to prepare.

    this is a test site weight he initiated activities, plus the baidu guide Shanghai dragon in the title, in the inside pages to add any chain under the condition of natural search results ranking on the website home page also confirmed that the higher the weight, the activities of the purpose of what is it Shenyang Shanghai dragon? Before the introduction of the Red Army in the website "

    link Robin makes full use of the available resources of celebrity and his website, on-line only within a week to get nearly 200 high quality of the chain support picture:

    The main content of the article is the source of

    Liu Huanbin is the Shanghai dragon industry has been relatively well-known expert level people in the wheat bags as Shanghai dragon network push director, created by the original stone interaction in 2006 has been the webmaster familiar stone when occupied members love Shanghai home more than 5 positions, is really brilliant.

    in 2011 June 23rd, is the last love into the Shanghai home, love Shanghai Thursday update day, specific observation for an hour or so, the station also checked the data, get the results is not accidental, the station’s success with the resources and the main factors in the strategy. Then the following specific to analyze.


    On the net and take Amoy shoes shoes in different network directory in the Shanghai love weight from

    directory structureFigure

    love Shanghai flow difference is so much, let me a lot of pressure, again surprised the two the weight of the website, in the end love Shanghai optimization, what is different, in the next observation, the author found that the long tail key word making shoes in the directory of the ranking in all footwear ranking it is the best, here is not a screenshot, the need to observe the self love of Shanghai, want to say here is that of making shoes compared to the directory directory Amoy shoes network, what is different in structure, and what is worth learning place.

    clear navigation


    beat shoes online



    today is August 10th, in fact, from the beginning of the morning has been watching Amoy net and shoes making shoes website, because I think this website is similar, but there are many places to learn, this article, simply introduce some own observation of the two sites in the directory is different from a the directory to be described, that is the "/nike/" directory to explain

    second: directory of products, products of different

    Figure Figure net shoes


    prospects: first we love Shanghai "shoes", found love Amoy shoes Network ranked first in Shanghai, making shoes ranked tenth, here is a screenshot, originally I think love Shanghai Amoy shoes network flow will be compared to making shoes in Shanghai will be more in love, but when love Shanghai query tool do not flow, surprised, screenshots for



    Amoy shoes online


    in the figure above, are Amoy shoes network and making shoes on nike shoes breadcrumbs, Amoy shoes network products set directory, link anchor text is the general category of footwear, in making shoes, the link is nik>


    are making shoes and shoes Amoy network Nike directory arrangement, Amoy shoes network has 11 Nike directory, while making shoes with 15 Nike directory, 5 main directory, from this point, in the Nike directory, making shoes pay more attention to the differentiation of each product catalog the. The following screenshot

    The first point:


    the Amoy shoes network

    in each product catalog, as far as possible to subdivide the website directory can bring more brand of long tail keywords flow for this directory, this point in the brand agent oriented website is very important.