In ten days, tourist and sanitary inspectors performed 142 inspections. No major irregularities were reported

first_imgThe great news is that no major irregularities have been reported. “We can proudly say that Croatia is currently the leader not only in European but also in world tourism. Our caterers, as shown by the results of previous inspections, are ready to welcome domestic and foreign tourists.Said Mikulic. Out of the total number of monitored facilities, most inspections were performed in hotels, 81 of them, while 41 inspections were performed in camps. In 142 coordinated inspections, 44 violations of regulations were recorded, and in as many as 36 cases, inspectors were guided by the principle of opportunity and ordered the correction of irregularities that were mostly eliminated at the time of supervision. The most common injuries were related to minor non-compliance with the minimum requirements and minor deficiencies in non-compliance with sanitary and hygienic conditions in these facilities. At the end of July, a total of 142 coordinated inspections were carried out by sanitary and tourism inspectors of the state inspectorate, in an action to monitor the operations of hotels, camps and nautical tourism ports “marina”, as well as catering facilities and tourism service providers operating within these facilities. “We must be satisfied that the number of violations is significantly lower than last year. This is a clear indication that the new way of working of the State Inspectorate is well accepted in the field”Said Mikulic and added that the goal is not to punish but to encourage business in accordance with legal regulations. Tourist inspectors primarily monitor the legality and fulfillment of legal obligations prescribed by the conditions for the type and category of facility, while sanitary inspectors monitor the fulfillment of legal obligations in the field of food safety, water, protection from infectious diseases and compliance with anti-epidemiological measures and social distancing measures. instructions of the Croatian Institute of Public Health, in order to avoid the risk of infection with COVID-19 disease caused by SARS-CoV-2 virus.  Elements of control in supervision For the first time, supervised entities can find the document “Elements of control in supervision“Which states that inspectors monitor everything. Therefore, it is not surprising that most of the supervised entities did not record any violations of regulations, and finally entrepreneurs know exactly what the rules are, what exactly must be met by law and what inspectors will control.   Coordinated inspections of tourism and sanitary inspectors continue during August.last_img

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