Understanding community operations first untangle these common points of disagreement


community is not the same as BBS, nor is it equivalent to a particular product form. Communities are social relationships between users.

although the operation skills of different products are interlinked, but community operations are somewhat special". For example, community operations require higher levels of user community operation and need to be more user-friendly". So I have always felt that people who do community operations, thinking more open, abandon meaningless control desire, moderately hide self-awareness, service users awareness more strongly……

remember, when I first went into community service, the interview went through a personality test. Later, in the process of doing community operations, deeply felt the impact of different personality operations on the community is very large. In particular, the initial stage of operations, as the first core, will always attract similar people and create a corresponding community atmosphere. I always feel that not all people are suitable for community operations, from personality to ability, community operations have too many "special" requirements.

, a few days ago, had a row with several people about certain aspects of community operations". Several people’s professional background and personality vary greatly, there are marketing, editing, product, operation, when deep into the chat, they can not control their emotions.

this article on the communication process involves several community operations debate point out, including how active users, how to get traffic, how to cooperate with KOL. It may be more intuitive to feel "what is community operations?"". (PS: of course, these are just my personal understanding. I’ll leave a message with different ideas.)

community operations need time to accumulate, the growth of the catalytic community, and the demise of the community. Many people do community, just think of the group as soon as possible, anxious to let the user active, and finally found that it is not so easy, the user did not interact after joining the left.

operations need to be more user contact, whether it is to do a survey or chat, to see what the user really want, why join, you can also sneak into the same circle of interaction. Be a community, communicate with users, understand and tap user needs, and build relationships…… These are both important and necessary.

one, industry veteran users will use community products?

many people have the habit of using their own state to understand the user, will direct that those senior industry users (work experience, industry head users etc.) are very busy, no time on what the community, or join the community what.


was thinking about this question, I didn’t rush to make a final decision. Instead, I thought, "what exactly is a senior user? What are their needs?"

no matter what the user (in addition to independent users will have the very minority outside) to build relationships with external needs, whether it is access to information.

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