How to use love to accelerate the optimization of Haiyun website



then go to the next step, the configuration sub domain name; the default here has a MX record, there is a need to check the A records; here is the point that you are IP IP address space, then add a record to the @ A, so whether it is with three W or top the domain name will point to the same page address, convenient search engine unified understanding

secondly, configure service providers. Here you need to go to the space management side, the DNS address of the original change, to love the Shanghai and; the two indispensable. Here I will demonstrate the new method to modify the network login, new network management side, modify the domain name DNS address, and then determine the change successful. Modified after the return to love just the Haiyun page, modify inspection will be accomplished, is not very easy? Specific can look at the following chart;

setup can also see the website data, see what node ah, like these. Connection >

into the site, and then add the site. There are two kinds of access methods: NS/CNAME, I use NS to verify the way, because it feels this convenient, can use DNS high intelligent service love Shanghai and each room nodes, access is also love Shanghai recommended.


there are two kinds of login, which is a love Shanghai account; another is the use of love Shanghai account, I am here to use the account to log on the promotion of Shanghai love.

and then I thought to use love to accelerate a Haiyun website to open the corresponding speed, because in the group to see someone mentioned this thing, that is can improve website loading speed. And not only these benefits! Here I will take your practical steps to give you see, a website how to join with Haiyun acceleration.

2. into my website related settings







today in Shanghai after landing love promotion background, find optimization suggestions there is a prompt, website open speed slow, up to 7 seconds. Think about how many users are willing to wait for 7 seconds, no patience are directly off your website. The turnover rate is not small ah. I love Shanghai’s website speed diagnostic tool, according to the prompt test, Netcom and telecom showed a score of 56:

1. need to log in to your

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