How to use knowledge to operate high weight chain

lead: a few days ago, I published an article "simple" new ways to do outside of the chain in the blog, the characteristic of the method is included in a long period, today to share a collection of fast chain release platform.



now also for favorites rarely do the chain, but the weight is very high.

so, we do a lot of the chain there are two ways to

I often use this site to send the chain.


please indicate the source from the production day ground 贵族宝贝uuyuyu贵族宝贝/.

Click Create favorites


can be seen in second ways the most convenient, of course, two ways to combine the best.


write the title, be sure to choose open, finally click OK to create

first, we used the trumpet to answer the question, because I don’t have any small, I won’t show, in the know is very simple, as long as it is not hot, almost no one to delete.


2, a small release with a link to answer, and then were included to a plurality of favorites, each favorites is a chain.

next, teach you how to use this chain.



so, we put this into our favorites, this is equivalent to do a chain.

such a network favorites is done.

1, with a large number of small release of a large number of links with the answer, then included into the network favorites.

is at the bottom of the sign of the answer, click.


this to my collection

today is to share a new favorites – known

often do the chain of friends on network favorites is not strange, we often use the network favorites is Cape of Good Hope.

then, you choose your small issue, we just find a problem presentation.


simple, violence.

how to create known network favorites.

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