Thought of rural Taobao only sellers Ali wants to transform rural areas

Alibaba transformation of rural Taobao

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Alibaba also made a holiday.

Prior to

, Ali has been Tmall double 11 and double 12, Taobao creation Festival and for the rural special purchases for the Spring Festival Festival four. Now, there is a festival in rural Taobao – rural culture festival. However, compared with the previous commercialization of different festivals, the establishment of the National Cultural Festival seems to be more public interest. Vice president of Alibaba group, general manager of the Taobao division of the village sun will be positioned as: connecting urban civilization and rural culture carrier.

rural Taobao project has been launched in the past two years, after a series of exploration, the model has also completed the transition from 1 to 3. After covering the mainland 29 provinces and 300 counties, the limit on the Alibaba no longer buy goods goods delivery business, but to focus on internal Ali and social resources, including education, medical, financial, cultural and other aspects of rural reconstruction.

from 1 to 3.0

rural Taobao is one of the three strategies to be established in September 2014 after the Alibaba IPO.

October 2014, Alibaba started Taobao thousand million village plan of rural county, in 3-5 years, invested 10 billion yuan to build 1000 county service centers and 100 thousand village service station, which covered over 1/3 of the county and rural areas 1/6.

thousand counties after the village plans to start, the village of Taobao into the era of purchasing 1. Through the establishment of village level service stations, rural Taobao hopes to serve as a terminal village terminal to solve the problem of rural Internet shopping. At the service station of choice, but also to the site for the center, starting from the village canteen, the main job is to help the villagers purchasing, to encourage the owner through the commission.

due primarily to the rural market understanding is not deep enough, the 1 mode is a kind of trial and error, rural Taobao quickly realized the existing problems. "The 1 mode partner, mostly local people business shop, only part-time in rural Taobao, there is not active, passive psychology." Sun Lijun in the memory of the 1 mode of Tan Chen Dao. And in the site for the center will inevitably encounter the problem of radiation range, although the village of rural Taobao business, but a little far from some of the villages will not cover services, relatively passive.

May 2015, Alibaba launched the rural Taobao 2 model – village Amoy partner program. The focus of the work of the rural Taobao also from the site as the center for the selection of the center. Through the recruitment of flexible thinking, familiar with online shopping of the local people, especially the youth to return home, the canteen is rural change part-time Taobao partner specialization, in order to solve the problem of lack of professional degree. This mode as long as there is a site in the village, there is the ability to take the initiative to radiation surrounding areas, so that a wider range of services. In addition to >

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