The basic process of website promotion

1, the enemy: whether that industry will exist in competition, we should not treat them as enemies, should be to promote their success as a friend, because of the competition you will have progress, we should use him, to analysis, distribution analysis of internal pages of website design, hand program and some special directory, logo, keywords, analysis of the construction of their external links to the situation, to its strengths, improve themselves beyond their


2, optimize their own: I do have a lot of a station, in addition to some of the more frequent update website, I put the website keyword density are strictly according to the keyword density values between 2%-8%, some even I put the keyword density value increased to 17%, but stressed that some key words related to the content of the website. Or you’re finished! Keywords in the page in bold, pictures and ALT logo, the big picture I’ll put him into a lot of small pictures, this acceleration speed will be faster!

station to add a site map file can be downloaded to the Internet sitemap production documents; regularly check the site whether the internal links, timely processing; some of the JS files, JavaScript scripts should be re code into a single file, and then use the pages in


3, website promotion: now my computer store registered more than and 300 Links platform, 420 free URL submission web site directory, 50 websites, 40 network favorites, with which I have used, and Baidu are grabbed, together with single import nearly one thousand connection! Quite have the effect of


4, Q & a promotion: now in the inquiry platform to answer the increased audit efforts, need some tips in question and answer, these platforms, Baidu know, ask the question and answer, Sina, Soso Ask, and so on, as I am often like to ask some questions: how about here.


5, boring promotion: Oh, why do you say, for good, I feel very boring, take the forum to promote it, the site added to the individuality signature, signature and web sites, in Post Bar wanton post top posts, stay connected! Post Bar boring! Is the same, the personal blog is slightly better, I guess everyone to raise his own blog, blog weight indeed is really high, frequent updates always bring unexpected surprises for you! I’m boring when I do the work of


6, traces of history: Webmaster Tools website I also have a special document here, every day I will go to some websites to query the site, and then leave the historical traces, access to the connection!

7, friendship connection: friendship connection exchange can not only increase the weight of your site, but also to a certain amount of traffic, access to a certain degree of visibility, the form of a link to connect the text, figure

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