Music, as the message alliance invites you to join the webmaster cooperation

1, the advertising alliance is numerous, but the real money most quickly, can make money every day or to do the film SMS union advertising, believe that the webmaster is keenly aware of, a slightly larger flow site, do the film SMS alliance advertising, on the income of up to hundreds of yuan even over thousand dollars.

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Micro-blog operation promotion

as long as it is to do the Internet, we are doing a platform, we all need to have good editing skills. If we have any promotion to find people to do, then it will spend a lot of money. For now, is to ask others to give you a simple copy of the promotion, it will be a few thousand dollars.

so what do we say about the promotion of the operation include


first: usually content promotion copy

in peacetime, when we update the content, we will find many large do the content is good, these are very relevant to their topic, only in this way can the rapid growth of fans, we found that many of the large one month may increase Jiwanshiduowan fans. These fans are come from? It is through our content to catch hair. read more

Ma Yun Alibaba will expand investment and development in the ASEAN region

said Alibaba group board chairman Ma Yun held in Nanning in September 11th thirteenth Chinese ASEAN Expo, business and Investment Summit meeting, ASEAN Regional China is the world’s largest economic union, ASEAN is the world economy the most promising, most dynamic and most have the opportunity to place, the Alibaba will expand investment and the development in the ASEAN region.

Ma Yun said that today the world is facing two major opportunities – opportunities for technological change and further promote and promote the opportunities for inclusive globalization. In the next thirty years in all walks of life would be turned upside down, the data will become the core resources. The new technology will bring unimaginable leap forward development to developing countries, and believe that e-commerce can play a key role in the future in the future. read more

Tencent is a start-up company low-key product help

Review: according to the

IT orange statistics, by the end of 2014, the Tencent enterprise also gave birth to the 146 companies, but many people may not understand: they have what is representative of the venture company? And have what kind of qualities of


China now has many large Internet Co, they not only in some areas among the party, but also has become entrepreneurs in the "Whampoa  military academy". According to incomplete statistics, a total of more than 1000 start-up companies or founder team from the Internet giant. read more

The importance of product level in network marketing

The three

soil teacher to share is not what the problem is on the contrary, dry cargo, it is now a lot of friends engaged in network marketing is ignored, the importance of product level in network marketing. What is the product level, the so-called product level is the product itself has from the inside out, can give consumers a variety of practical interests.

three soil teacher to show you a picture of the product level (no time to draw, so take it down to show you, forgive me lazy):

here, three soil to you to talk about a popular example of it, so that you read this article can really understand why the product level is so important. read more

Update Baidu Scindapsus algorithm, medical marketing way

I do is medical network marketing, Baidu recently frequent moves, hurt me, Scindapsus algorithm, so that our medical station too much to handle, the medical industry more difficult, here I just complain, after all, our medical marketing problems.

medical station, no doubt is the largest Internet waste industry, general medical station optimization is so few steps, news source soft chain link, in this way two years ago is very efficient, but now it seems that the priority among priorities of the Baidu strike. Lead to a large number of medical stations have fallen. This is such a difficult case, where is the way out of our medical marketing. On this issue, I talk about some of my views. read more

Electricity supplier brush drill, WeChat brush powder marketing has prompted serious nternet bubble

can be said to have the Internet to subvert the people’s life, gathered from Taobao, travel to various technology related areas of vertical group model community, websites, from the basic necessities of life to each technology circle, technology stocks, the Internet has penetrated people’s internal and external demand.

in public awareness of the Internet began to wake up, rush to the line of people like the gate of the dam, but water and sludge are often side by side, people might be able to make this majestic "Internet changed the world" the momentum to continue, perhaps can only lead to the Internet bubble more serious. read more

Micro-blog marketing companies do battle is fighting

There are many

network marketing methods, including email marketing, SMS marketing, QQ group information marketing, viral marketing, window advertising marketing and so on, and now, in the network marketing team, the red is micro-blog marketing. The so-called micro-blog marketing, both through a wide range of micro-blog dissemination and timeliness to achieve the purpose of publicity.

can also be said that the use of micro-blog to promote not only to break the limitations of the crowd, but also to allow users to select a group of people you want to target the best publicity. Of course, the initial stage, there is no way to achieve targeted publicity, which requires companies and individuals, to promote their early micro-blog. read more

Wu Feng Baidu know the ultimate tour to promote the sharing of Secrets

Guide language:

recently wrote a tour to promote the "Baidu know Wu Feng – Baidu know the strongest group promotion tips" on, very popular in the 18 and 28 columns for the push push essence, A5, Chinaz recently recommended home page, after groping and settling for a period of time, have more feeling, "I share my happiness today," Wu Feng decided to write a final version, a lot of experience increases in the original article on the basis of related to Baidu know promotion aspects is more perfect and more comprehensive version of the "Wu Feng – Baidu know the strongest group promotion tips" includes it, don’t we went to see. read more

A5 marketing marketing optimization when to call the shots

is now overwhelming articles on the Internet in the appeal: traditional companies want to develop, want to expand the market. We must embrace the Internet, to seek a breakthrough opportunity in the Internet! This sentence is right, but many people write articles are not much to the point, that traditional enterprises want to empty the right to embrace the Internet, or to give marketers and website optimization personnel more autonomy, the absolute right to hold in their hands, rather than the boss’s hand. Many companies in the Internet is a failure, most of the reasons can be attributed to the boss. read more