Xining hand in hand to build a vegetable base in Sichuan, Deyang

Xining municipal government and the Deyang municipal government recently signed a cooperation agreement to build a vegetable base for Xining, marking the Xining enclave vegetable base construction has made substantial progress.

for the further implementation of the provincial government on the development of "enclave" vegetable production, Xining city vegetable security requirements of supply and price stability, expand distribution channels in Sichuan province Deyang city vegetable market in Xining, the "agreement" in December 2011 the two sides reached "" 12th Five-Year "agricultural development cooperation framework agreement" and "the Deyang municipal government Xining municipal government agricultural development cooperation memorandum" as the basis to implement for the purpose of construction for the main content of the "five project", namely: the construction of a 2013 -2014 million mu of vegetable base for building a thousand acres of vegetables; core demonstration area; set up a Vegetable Technology Service Center (Xining for vegetables base in Deyang Office); the establishment of a Xining Deyang famous agricultural products exhibition window; drive a 100 thousand acres of vegetable industry base development. read more

Xining West District focus on creating an atmosphere to celebrate the eighteen

eighteen party held soon, the West District of Xining City, various departments and units of the main leaders and grassroots organizations in the west area of political awareness, the overall sense of responsibility consciousness, position consciousness as the starting point, carry out the "beauty of west painting photography exhibition, art performance, essay theory and a series of" praise eighteen great in strength and impetus eighteen, gift "campaign theme, focus on the party’s eighteen big victory held to create a social atmosphere of joy and harmony, logical administration and harmonious people. read more

Xining intends to invest 1 billion 530 million yuan to fundamentally improve the water environment

Xinhua news agency in Xining on March 21, the reporter learned from the Xining municipal government, to the end of 2015, Xining city will invest 1 billion 530 million yuan for the city drainage pipeline construction, the use of recycled water, river environmental remediation and other related engineering. After the completion of the project, the water environment in Xining and its surrounding areas will be fundamentally improved.

According to

, vice mayor of Xining Xu Guocheng introduction, beginning in 2009, the implementation of the flood control and water management by the world bank loan project in Xining City, the city flood control system was basically completed, the main city sewage interception pipeline laying completed basic. But not part of the regional water quality standard completely, especially for the Huangshui River Xining section water problems, seasonal soil erosion, river assimilative capacity decline and other issues. July 2012, Xining environmental comprehensive treatment projects included in the world bank 2013 to fiscal year 2015 loan plan. The project is mainly composed of four major flood control projects, including the construction of urban sewage collection pipe network, the reuse of reclaimed water, the comprehensive management of river bank environment and the comprehensive management of mountain torrents. 1 billion 530 million yuan project funds, there are 930 million yuan from the world bank loan. By 2015, Xining will add 114.7 kilometers of sewage collection pipeline, a new sewage treatment plant 3, recycled water utilization rate will reach more than 30%. (author: Pang Shuwei)
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Xining Forest Public Security Bureau was awarded the honorary title of national excellent Forest Pub

July 30, 2012, the State Forestry Administration, Xining Municipal Public Security Bureau of Forest Public Security Bureau – "national forest public security system excellent public security bureau," the highest honor of the National Forest Public Security System

2012 in July 30th, the State Forestry Administration Forest Public Security Bureau awarded the Xining Forest Public Security Bureau – "national forest public security system excellent public security bureau," the highest honor of the National Forest Public Security system. read more

Xining to carry out educational activities for primary and secondary school students learn to respec

from June 1st to 30, the Xining Municipal Bureau of education in the city’s primary and secondary schools to carry out "cherish life, love life, learn to survive" as the theme of educational activities.

during the event, Xining city schools will make full use of the propaganda window, blackboard newspaper, radio room, school and carry out various forms of education and publicity activities to create a good atmosphere for learning, love life, cherish the good life, and through the initiative, out of the window column, set up Campus activities "and so on, let the students understand to carry out the importance and necessity of" cherish life, love life, learn to survive "theme educational activities, establish the unremitting self-improvement and cherish life and caring consciousness, learn survival skills, enhance mental endurance, life skills, improve the adaptability and creativity. read more

Primary and secondary schools in Xining, the first lesson to carry forward the spirit of Lei Feng vo

September 2nd is the first day of the new semester, Xining (including the districts and counties) of primary and secondary schools to carry out the first lesson of the school – to carry forward the spirit of Lei Feng, civilized volunteer service counterparts theme of practical education activities. Nearly 40 thousand students, in-depth, community focused on high streets and back lanes, stressing civilization and fostering new clean homes in action "," abide by traffic regulations, to become civilized people, for the smooth traffic contribute to special events, the big hand little hand to stop uncivilized behavior "," hand in hand, left behind good partners "volunteer service practice activities, to further enhance the students to participate in social activities and social responsibility awareness, and create a national civilized city of Xining city to create a strong atmosphere. read more

Qinghai Algeria audience

Reporters from the Qinghai provincial culture and press and publication department learned that Qinghai Province Song and dance troupe was invited in December 4th in the Algeria capital Algiers performances, with strong ethnic characteristics of Qinghai Chinese dance performances attracted the local audience, let audience. The performances include dance, songs and musical instruments, the main program is the traditional Tibetan, Mongolian and Sala, such as fiddle playing "blessing song", "horse race", legato Instrumental Songs "," dance dance songs Cangyangjiacuo "big" Guozhuang etc.. The 1.5 hour program is compact, the actors are full and the performance is wonderful. That night, at the hall can accommodate hundreds of people a lot of local people in Algeria All seats are occupied., his family came to watch together. During the performance, some of the audience said that they had seen the Chinese song and dance performances, but today is the first time to see the Chinese ethnic customs performances, the actor’s unique dance moves and colorful costumes impress them. Go to the Qinghai Province Culture Press and Publication Bureau Director Cao Ping said, most of Qinghai province is the chorus Tibetan, Mongolian, Tu and Salar minority actors, the original ecological ethnic customs performance is the main characteristic of Qinghai Province Song and dance. The group will continue to perform in other cities in Algeria.   read more

Xining Administration for ndustry and Commerce and industry of the train station with two pound lea

Xining City Administration of Industrial and Commercial Bureau train station east branch of industry and commerce, December 18th destroyed two dens of sick leave.

after nearly a month of follow-up investigation, the evening of December 18th, and raided huzhulu east of Fengyuan tobacco firms and 71 East Xinda cigarette and liquor vendor train station, seized various types of counterfeit famous liquor 140 bottles (including mutual series 104 bottles of wine), all kinds of counterfeit brand cigarettes 65.8, a total value of up to 24000 multiple. Currently, the case is under further investigation. (author: Gao Zhanyi) read more

Qinghai Gama Yangqu the Yellow River bridge smooth closure

is a bridge across the north and south, natural moat change thoroughfare. In October 16th, located in Qinghai Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture of Hainan across the Yellow River’s hinterland, the gama Yangqu the Yellow River bridge smooth closure. This is designed by the builders, independent supervision, self construction of the high pier, long span continuous rigid frame bridge, is currently the largest span in the Yellow River upstream, the highest pier of continuous rigid frame bridge.

2014 started in May of Yangqu Gama of the Yellow River bridge, Qinghai provincial trunk highway network santala beyond the Yellow River’s yellow head road, Xinghai to Tongde Road, an important bridge between Guinan, three counties of the Republic and the sea; and is also an important part of the national highway network planning G572 to G573 Zeku, Guinan Ulan road to Xinghai road; Qinghai province is large water conservancy and Hydropower Engineering of the Yellow River Yangqu hydropower station project. read more

Provincial SASAC to carry out safety inspections

Recently, the emergence of individual provinces in the province’s production safety problems sounded the alarm. In this regard, the state owned assets supervision and Administration Commission for the rapid deployment of provincial funded enterprise safety work. From now until the end of the provincial SASAC will organize the relevant departments of management, the establishment of provincial funded enterprise safety inspection leading group to carry out a period of four months of production safety inspection.

the inspections will be based on the units and departments of self correction, organization of professional and technical personnel, the establishment of inspection team, in-depth key units, key parts of the implementation of inspection, comprehensive investigation of production safety problems and weaknesses, take effective measures to check out the problems timely rectification. read more

Warm heart people run practical livelihood in Xining City — open the door to grab three series of a

"For the road of politics, with the people as the basis, to the thick of the people’s livelihood, in order to secure without disturbing the." Since the city to carry out "construction work arrangements to implement from the specific tasks, work to lead the broad participation of the masses from the leadership, to" grasp the basics "and" promote the people’s livelihood organically, through the development of "open the door to grab three" series of activities, effectively solve the problems of people’s livelihood and social masses reflect the strong, truly affordable use the practical action to fully embody the "three basic" construction work for the masses to bring.Open the door for the meaning of "

" read more

Xining north of the RS to implement tax incentives

this year, Xining City District National Taxation Bureau to take effective measures to implement the preferential tax policy on the same position of income to catch up to now, the implementation of tax incentives 199 million 60 thousand yuan of funds, funds to provide a strong support for enterprise development.

the bureau to ensure that taxpayers in the country to enjoy the preferential tax, to actively increase the propaganda of tax policy, using tax portal, the tax service hotline 12366, the tax rate, the tax rate QQ group forum, the tax service hall bulletin platform advertised, taxpayers with preferential policies; earnestly carry out the preferential tax policy analysis, optimization tax refund process, and actively implement the sunshine operation; increase support for business taxpayers to enjoy preferential tax and other types of business, mode of operation, and the timing and constant reminder, timely inform the taxpayer to handle related matters; to focus on the people’s livelihood preferential tax, the implementation of the policy of hundred-percent Huimin, did not reach the VAT the threshold, the vegetable circulation of fresh agricultural products and engaged in the operation of the taxpayer, vigorously promote the public, Fair service, all tax relief, to ensure the full implementation of tax incentives. (author: Duan Ning Yang Xiaohui)
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Xining Municipal Health Bureau special rectification medical market order

recently, the Xining Municipal Health Bureau for the medical market in recent years there are some non-profit medical institutions under the outpatient department of foreign contracted and lax internal management, beyond the scope of business and other illegal issues, carry out special rectification.

focus on four areas of Xining City Center for Disease Control and prevention, maternal and child under the Baojian Railway Station of the clinic from the approval, registration, practice of the three aspects of the special rectification of the 18. Through the investigation found that there are two obvious problems, 18 outpatient department: one is to set up strict quality approval, some units under a number of outpatient department, planning setting, personnel and equipment configuration, to carry out the basic business and disease prevention, maternal and child health care professional, mainly for the purpose of profit. Two is the basic form of the contract, the contractor to achieve the purpose of profit to carry out some of the subjects are not approved, illegal practice, over the scope of operations, and even the use of non health technical personnel, etc.. Of which 13 outpatient department due to management confusion, has recovered the medical institutions practicing license, there are serious violations of the phenomenon of the 1 outpatient department, has been investigated and dealt with, the 3 outpatient department to give a deadline for rectification. read more

Xining City Public Security Bureau Branch of Gan River Qing nets action to reach new heights

Since the net cleaning action to carry out, the Gan River public security bureau Party attaches great importance to the battle of "Qing nets action" as the focus of the work, the current strengthening measures, clear responsibility, focus on the advantages of police focusing on poverty, made over the online fugitives decline rate of over 50% of the first good performance, clear network action scheduling will comment on the order of commendation to the PUC Gan branch, "Qing nets do", "pursuit of office staff encouraged, and timely to convene a special meeting to continue to strengthen the work of the arrest of the remaining fugitivesSince read more

Xining pollution control agencies and individuals will be accountable

October 17th, the reporter learned from the Xining Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection and Supervision Bureau, to ensure that the atmosphere of Xining city and comprehensive water pollution control measures put in place, and effectively improve the environmental quality, Xining city issued a Xining city atmosphere and comprehensive water pollution control work accountability measures for pollution control, lack of organization and staff, if the circumstances are serious to resign, ordered to resign, or dismissed or demoted, dismissed or dismissed. read more

Xining two sessions sound to the village with tap water

yesterday, the people’s Congress from Datong Hui and Tu Autonomous County, Zhang Fuyun suggested that those villagers should be allowed to drink in the village of high standards of tap water.

Zhang Fuyun introduction, in March of this year, the construction of the village of the town of Tulsa, Tulsa Town, the construction of the province’s first class project will be started, but in the project planning, water supply problems have not been resolved. He suggested that should be in accordance with the standards of urban and rural integration, so that the villagers can not only live in a high standard of housing, but also drink high standards of tap water. He said that the government work report that will implement the seventh Waterworks in this year, to enhance the quality of water supply, water supply to expand coverage, Xining municipal government can take this opportunity to coordinate with the water sector, will be incorporated into the tarwan village to the seventh water supply scope, solve the problem of drinking water for the villagers. (author: Yang Jian)
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Xining air quality accounted for the first Northwest

In May 20th April, the air quality in the 74 city report "released", the excellent rate of air quality in Xining City reached 70%, ranking 50, from March onwards has been ranked five for two consecutive months of the first capital city of northwest.Air quality status report

released by the Ministry of environmental protection, April, 74 city in the country, the relatively poor air quality in the city before 5 are Xingtai, Tangshan, Shijiazhuang, Ji’nan, Handan, the relatively good air quality in the top 5 were Haikou, Zhoushan, Zhuhai, Shenzhen, Huizhou. Urban air quality rankings, mainly depends on PM10 (respirable particulate matter), PM2.5 (fine particulate matter), nitrogen dioxide, sulfur dioxide, carbon monoxide, ozone and other 6 major pollutants monitoring index. read more

Xining Municipal Bureau of Public Security Bureau of Criminal nvestigation Brigade Dongchuan Park w

In 2010, the Public Security Bureau of Criminal Investigation Brigade of Dongchuan Economic Development Zone, conscientiously implement the Scientific Outlook on Development, in-depth study of the 17th Party Congress and the spirit of the the fifth Plenary Session of the 17th CPC Central Committee, to promote the park "four development" as the starting point, to strengthen and improve the party organization construction, promote the development of the park in criminal investigation work as the goal, to excel activities and create a learning team, the public security law enforcement the standardized construction, the harmonious relationship between construction and crime work organically, to promote scientific development and social harmony, serving the people, strengthen the practice of grass-roots organizations in solid work, forge ahead, achieved excellent results, and in March 8th was named the Provincial Public Security Bureau of the province’s public security organs chuangxianzhengyou activity "learning the police" read more