The president what search mobile search pay more attention to the scene experience

in fact, with the search engine technology is relatively mature, different vendors offer the commonness is very strong, Liang Jie believes the final difference reflected in the data. "Only if you master these data to revise the product performance, because it is a completely data-driven."

on the other hand, intelligent hardware in voice search has become the new development opportunities. Liang Jie said it has begun an internal technical reserves corresponding. Previously, what search respectively with the sound of clouds and Ali cloud in voice search reached a strategic cooperation, and launched its own voice search products. read more

The website optimization process as to create brand is the core

from the user experienceThe

search engine is important, but the final result is for our service, if Taobao out of love Shanghai, still live a colorful, if love Shanghai into the Taobao drainage areas, so more can let Taobao moisturizing the traffic will be more, which shows an important fact that is, we do website operation, do not be able to hang in a tree fell in love with the sea, but to love Shanghai as a service to our website, under the guidance of this idea, you can find the original method in website operation garbage chain, certainly not engage in spam, search engine, user don’t buy it. read more

App Store China region search algorithm resume search by name

anxiously waiting for nearly a week after it is on this Tuesday (August 21st), "callback" apple Chinese App Store search algorithm, application search by name back to normal.

In August 24th

search algorithm App Store Chinese apple on Thursday suddenly appeared very big change, part of the application by name search failure, not accurate matching results. Because Apple has not given an official explanation, developers in a variety of speculation and concerns: developers think apple is the search algorithm in testing App Store, there are more developers prefer to believe that apple App Store BUG. Of course, some developers and development team of business personnel, also write mail to Apple feedback and consulting what situation. read more

Four strokes to practical operation to restore the site weight

reflects the search engine for the quality of a website in the numerous website comparison embodied, and determinants of website quality considerably from website content quality. This can be from the working principle of search engine can be seen that the search engine is for Internet users to provide high quality information, help users solve their needs for information, so it has high quality website search engine to be more natural "pet", obtain higher weights. After having high quality content is the number of owners also need to do is keep to update the contents, not three days fishing nets two days of drying the bad habits do stand, or update the irregular habits most likely to lead to the search engine, if other negative effects meet again it is easy to cause the site to drop right. read more

How will the hot water right to be reduced by K site rescue ashore

1, Links home has been K phenomenon immediately remove this link chain by K that your site is in danger, if not handled or not handled in a timely manner can affect the development of your own website.

, this kind of website is either right down, or in the state of K, many webmaster every day back and forth to save their own web sites, the effect is not very good, save the reason or not to, but hard to. Want to be rescued from the abyss of site K in the situation is not only to rely on, more is to look at the methods and techniques, the following specific talk about how to save the fire site. read more

Method 301 redirect

4. binding / local DNS

if you have to modify the permissions of the local DNS record, just add a record that can solve this problem. Without this permission, you can web hosting service providers for D>

^ RewriteRule (. *) $贵族宝贝$1 [R=301, L]

3. server software system administrator to configure complete 301 redirect

In the

2. is suitable for the use of Unix network server user

page permanently removed (301 redirect) is a very important "automatic steering technology. read more

Chrome browser add search bar right-click menu search enhancement

is currently integrated search:

add, delete, sort, custom search engine, as shown below:

(HK), noble baby love Shanghai, Bing, Taobao, Amazon, Jingdong, Newegg, Dangdang, pat, Verycd, thunder dog, Youku video, potatoes video, Thunder KanKan, soso, Sogou, Youdao, YAHOO, Google, Kingsoft translation, sea words, Wikipedia, watercress, Google music, Google real time search, love Shanghai pictures, love Shanghai, love Shanghai, love Post Bar MP3 Shanghai know, love Shanghai love Shanghai encyclopedia, video search and so on; read more

Common reference see

industry celebrities Lu Songsong (hereinafter referred to as "Lu") on the blog issued a "common" reference "will replace the" anchor text "" one article, these days are filled with various forums related articles. Originally the day of 25 in read the works of Lu, the first time I published his views on my own website, so this is not going to discuss this topic, but saw a netizen on Chinaz (hereinafter referred to as the "netizen") is recommended to the first page of the article "say" the common reference ", it is bursting to say something. read more

From the search engine home about minimalism


, simple. A box, a button, a few links, only this. We believe that the search engine was supposed to look like, and forget to ask: why is the search engine page.

explained: the explanation is that the Google era, due to the lag of construction of network bandwidth, in order to ensure the web page loading speed, "minimalist design can ensure a sufficiently small web page source code. In addition, the use of the search engine, the user will be a large number of search requests, a small enough home page source code, for a single page request, can save a large amount of bandwidth cost. From the point of view of the limited bandwidth resources, design the search engine page must be minimalist. This interpretation occupy the mainstream market. read more

His opponent as your customers will let your ranking rise a realm

for the company’s products, a typical enterprise, before these products are all pictures add a watermark, by observing the statistics I love Shanghai company that colleagues are click jumped out, which makes me sad. So I made a little test, LOGO and web site Xugong truck cranes, Dongfeng truck cranes, 8 ton truck crane, 10 ton truck crane, truck crane and Dongfeng Tianlong this product picture in a month removed, by contrast found that peer click No LOGO these products are much larger than LOGO, of course, because the website user groups of the company is not strong enough, one day will come a traffic, unable to provide the love Shanghai heat map click on specific effect. But it is certain that. read more