Bouncing signals off ceiling can rev up data centers

first_imgRadio transceivers are placed atop each rack (a) or container (b). Using 2D beamforming (c), transceivers communicate with neighboring racks directly, but forward traffic in multiple hops to non-neighboring racks. Using 3D beamforming (d), the ceiling reflects the signals from each sender to its desired receiver, avoiding multi-hop relays. Image credit: Weile Zhang et al, 3D Beamforming for Wireless Data Centers This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only. ( — Researchers have a startlingly upbeat idea for data center managers coping with packed rooms, Internet traffic bursts, and high costs looming in having to reconfigure data center designs. The researchers find that data centers can use ceilings to bounce off data signals. Doing so enhances data transmission speeds by 30 percent. More information: Explore further via TechnologyReviewcenter_img Disconnect between wireless demand and capacity Citation: Bouncing signals off ceiling can rev up data centers (2011, December 21) retrieved 18 August 2019 from What’s more, compared to the cost and complexity of modifying data center architectures, they say their approach is a much more attractive option that can augment wired links with flexible wireless links in the 60 GHz band.The team of researchers propose an approach in a short-range, rack-to-rack 60GHz wireless network setting. What they show is how bouncing 60 GHz wireless links off reflective ceilings can address link blockage and link interference.Heather Zheng, an associate professor of computer science, worked with colleagues at the University of California, Santa Barbara, along with Lei Yang from Intel Labs in Oregon and Weile Zhang at Jiao Tong University in China.In using a technique of angling the data stream upwards and bouncing it off the ceiling, signals can be transmitted from one area of a densely packed data center to another. Nodes send data to wherever needed regardless of location within a center. What is significant about this approach becomes apparent at peak traffic times, when wireless networks can switch on and provide an overflow for the wired network.One of the key components in this ceiling approach is the use of metal plates, which the researchers say provided suitable reflection in their simulation of a 160-rack data center. Alternatively, the entire ceiling of the data center could be polished metal. In their studies the team mounted microwave reflectors on the ceiling. The reflectors behaved as specular mirrors to reflect the signals.The reflectors can be flat metal plates; simple aluminum plates are sufficient. They placed electromagnetic absorbers on top of the racks to prevent local reflection and scattering around the receiving antenna. They note that such absorbers are widely available and maintenance-free.Overall, they say that the importance of their study is that “We explore the design space, and show how bouncing 60 GHz wireless links off reflective ceilings can address both link blockage and link interference, thus improving link range and number of current transmissions in the data center.”Also, one of the numerous advantages to their approach is what they categorize as easy rack movement and replacement. “Data center managers can upgrade or move racks without any physical constraints, and quickly calibrate the beam configuration based on rack locations.”To further exercise this approach, Zheng and team plan on building a prototype data center. © 2011 PhysOrg.comlast_img read more

Rare supercell thunderstorm in Hawaii produces record size hailstone

first_img Explore further Roofs fail to defend against frequent hailstorms, study reveals ( — A March 9 thunderstorm that struck the island of Oahu produced unusually large hailstones, one of which measured over four inches long, a record for the state which rarely sees hail at all. The hail was the result of a rare supercell thunderstorm forming which produced both hail and one small tornado, another rare event for Hawaii. Supercells are a type of thunderstorm common in the central plains of the United States, but almost unheard of in Hawaii, where the previous hail size record was only around an inch. To produce such large sized hailstones a storm must have a lot of warm moist air rising up into much colder and drier air. And at the same time, the storm must produce winds that change direction a lot at the mid and lower levels, producing a lot of energy which results in strong updrafts. Such conditions cause moisture to be pushed up into the colder air where it freezes and starts to fall due to its increased weight. But because of the strong updraft, it’s pushed upwards once again where more moisture freezes onto its surface, causing the hail to grow bigger in size. This process continues until the hailstones grow large and heavy enough to fall through the strong updraft. Thus, the stronger the updraft, the larger the hailstones will grow.Supercells striking Hawaii are rare because the conditions for creating them aren’t conducive to such storms. While there is generally a lot of warm moist air in the lower atmosphere, there is seldom the kind of air movement that causes updrafts due to prevailing winds pushing storms along, preventing them from stalling, which can lead to the multidirectional wind shifts and then updrafts. And while there is no real evidence to suggest that the large hail in Hawaii is linked to global warming, there will undoubtedly be some who tie such a rare storm to other rare weather events that have been taking place all over the planet in recent years.Records for Hawaiian weather go back only as far as 1950, but since that time, hail of penny or quarter size has been reported just eight times, highlighting just how rare it is for hail to land on the island and how odd it is for hail of such a large size to be seen. © 2012 PhysOrg.comcenter_img More information: via Hawaiinewsnow Citation: Rare supercell thunderstorm in Hawaii produces record size hailstone (2012, March 27) retrieved 18 August 2019 from This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only.last_img read more

Cows found to be willing to work hard to gain access to

first_img © 2018 While it may look like cows in a field do nothing but stand around eating or chewing their cud, they also do something else—they rub themselves on virtually any object they can find, such as trees, fence posts and even a tractor if the opportunity arises. They rub themselves as part of grooming—exposure to the elements can cause an itchy hide. Rubbing not only feels good, it helps to remove dirt, feces and insects, and perhaps reduces stress. Unfortunately, dairy cows do not get to wander around in pastures that have places for rubbing—they are kept in the barn most of the time, where they have no way to engage in grooming. Noting that it must be frustrating for the cows, the researchers set up an experiment to determine if a large rotating bristly brush might help.After noting that test cows seemed to enjoy pushing themselves against the brush, the researchers set up an experiment to measure how much they enjoyed it. The experiment consisted of training several dairy cows to push against a gate to open it, allowing them access to one of three options: an empty enclosure, a bucket of feed, or the giant brush. They also rigged the gate to require different amounts of pushing to get through. After testing multiple cows with their gate, the researchers found that they would push just as hard to gain access to the brush as they would for the feed. They also discovered that most of the cows were not willing to work very hard to gain access to the empty enclosure.The researchers conclude by suggesting that the brush appears to be a viable option for allowing dairy cows to groom themselves. More information: Emilie McConnachie et al. Cows are highly motivated to access a grooming substrate, Biology Letters (2018). DOI: 10.1098/rsbl.2018.0303AbstractIn natural environments, cattle use trees and other abrasive surfaces to scratch and groom themselves. Modern indoor dairy cattle housing systems often lack appropriate grooming substrates, restricting the animals’ ability to groom. We assessed the motivation of dairy cows to access an automated mechanical brush, a grooming resource that can be implemented in indoor cattle housing systems. Cows were trained to push a weighted gate to access either fresh feed (positive control), a mechanical brush or the same space without a brush (negative control). Weight on the gate was gradually increased until all cows failed to open it. The weight each cow was willing to push to access each resource was assessed using the Kaplan–Meier survival analysis. Despite differences in methodology used to obtain data on motivation to access feed and the brush, the outcomes were very similar; cows worked as hard for access to fresh feed and the brush (p = 0.94) and less hard for access to the empty space (compared with fresh feed: p < 0.01; brush: p < 0.02). These results indicate that cows are highly motivated to access a mechanical brush and that it is an important resource for cows. Explore further A team of researchers from the University of British Columbia and Warsaw University of Life Sciences has found that dairy cows are willing to expend energy to gain access to a grooming brush. In their paper published in the journal Biology Letters, the group describes experiments they carried out with dairy cows and a large grooming brush and what they found. Dairy farmers should rethink a cow's curfewcenter_img Citation: Cows found to be willing to work hard to gain access to a grooming brush (2018, August 8) retrieved 18 August 2019 from Credit: CC0 Public Domain This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only. Journal information: Biology Letterslast_img read more

Reinterpreting music Sufistically

first_imgHis house resonated with the sound of tabla, immersing him in music during his formative years. Son of the renowned tabla player Pandit Shankar Ghosh, Bickram Ghosh carries on the family tradition with his experimental take on Indian classical and folk music. Adding zing to Sufi music this time around he is geared up  to take the audience through a journey where Sufi meets the new and rhythm-heavy sound. Ghosh and his entourage bring you Sufusion as a part of the 14th Annual Sangeet Mahotsav here in the Capital on 2 June at Kamani Auditorium. Also Read – ‘Playing Jojo was emotionally exhausting’How did a chance encounter with Parvati Kumari lay the foundation for Sufusion ?I met Parvati through the CEO of a music company. She will be one of the lead vocalists for Sufusion. She has this earthy tone to her voice; not  like one of your pop singers, who also wants to delve into Sufi, but a raw and traditional Sufi artist. I have always had a desire to work on this format of music. With Parvati on board, we took a step forward. Is your original brand of music way different from the form that Delhites are going to listen to? Also Read – Leslie doing new comedy special with NetflixWell, let me take you back in early 2000 when we formed our band Rhythmscape. We were striving to reinterpret Indian music through our style and that’s what has given an edgy image to the band. We produce a modern take on Indian classical and folk music. On stage, we like to keep the performance flowing, so we jam instead of playing a regular lineup of music.And should we expect some Sufi-tabla jamming sessions this time around?Now, that’s the tricky part. We wanted to maintain our style here but were caught up with the question of justifying the lyrical Sufi music through jamming? That’s where we have Shankha, our dholak player, coming in. Our finale act is always a jam, no matter what. That’s where dholak, an integral part of Sufi music, will feature in the jamming session. Besides the show, we would like to know about your early days as a tabla player. Making a foray into music was a family tradition or a personal choice?I was always drawn to music, and how couldn’t I be. During my growing up years, our house was always swarming with people from musical background. I studied English literature but was trained into percussion as well. I took up a career in music after college. During the late 90’s, the idea of fusion as an element in music picked up force. I would say, Rahul Sharma, Taufiq Querishi and I were the new face of changing form of music from our generation. What’s the road ahead from here on?I still remember the time when Pt. Ravi Shankar asked me to perform with him in Brussels back in 1993, giving me a day’s notice. It was unbelievable. It kicked off my 11 years long working relationship with the maestro. Now, apart from experimenting with different genres, I am also mainstreaming my music through films. Having worked on the music of bollywood movies, such as Jal and Super Se Upar. In my next venture, I am collaborating with Sonu Nigam for the album ‘Heart and beat’.last_img read more

Over 500 compete in Kolkatas first interorphanage fest

first_imgKolkata: Around 500 underprivileged children participated in multiple activities related to literature, art and culture during an inter-orphanage talent festival held for the first time in Kolkata, the organisers said on Monday. The festival “Nakshatra” brought together the children from various rainbow schools and shelter homes, who had a memorable seven hours of fun and smiles at the Birla Industrial and Technological Museum auditorium on Sunday. Also Read – Heavy rain hits traffic, flightsOrganised by Bhumi, one of India’s largest independent volunteer non-profit organisations, the fest saw the children showcase their talent in quiz, story writing, paper modelling, pot painting, recitation, singing and dance competitions.”I like to paint. So, when I was told about this event, I knew that I had to participate. This is the first time that I am participating in this big an event.” said Nafisa Ali, who competed in the pot painting category. Riya Saha, a standard XI student of Loreto Rainbow Home, could not hide her excitement. “I am very excited about performing in an auditorium. I dance well and have participated in many events organized between the Rainbow schools, but this is my first performance in the auditorium.” One hundred and twenty volunteers oversaw the smooth conduct of the event, which was earlier held in Bengaluru, Chennai, New Delhi, Mumbai and Pune.last_img read more

Cheers to the Chinese connection

first_imgTo commemorate the 65th Anniversary of the establishment of Diplomatic Relations between China and India and celebrate Chinese New Year 2015, Embassy of China and India China Economic and Cultural Council (ICEC) organized a cultural evening of acrobatic performances at Sirifort Auditorium on Friday Feb 27.The extravagant show was performed by the Guangzhou Acrobatic Arts Theatre Group from China. The art group is recognized by the government of People’s Republic of China ever since the troupe was founded in 1959. Also Read – ‘Playing Jojo was emotionally exhausting’One of the largest auditoriums in New Delhi saw a heavy crowd excited and full of cheer to see the Acrobatic Show displaying an array of excellent skills such as theChinese Diabolo, Contortion, Duo Balancing,Swinging Hoop, Juggling, etc. Speaking on the occasion was His Excellency Le Yucheng, Chinese Ambassador to India along with Zhang Zhihong, Cultural Counsellor, Embassy of China in Indiaextending warm greetings to everyone on the happy occasion of the Chinese Lunar New Year, the year of Sheep. Also Read – Leslie doing new comedy special with NetflixAdding further to the spirit of the occasion, Mohammed Saqib, Secretary General, India China Economic and Cultural Council thanked one and all present at the show and promised on bringing the two nations closer through culture in the next 5 years.  India China Economic and Cultural Council is an autonomous not-for-profit organization founded in the year 2003 to enhance economic and cultural cooperation between the two countries; India and China. Towards this objective, ICEC conducts policy research on industry and trade aspects between India and China and provides platform for enhanced interaction and cooperation between governments, businesses and civil society of the two countries by organizing trade and investment summits and sector oriented delegation meetings in India and China. ICEC Council has a strong base in both India and China, and has offices in all the major provinces of both countries.last_img read more

City back to normal within hours after mass rally

first_imgKolkata: Robust arrangements made by the Kolkata Police ensured a smooth and hassle-free Martyrs’ Day rally on Saturday that was attended by lakhs of people who came from all across the state.The top brass of the city police had chalked out a detailed plan for crowd management to ensure the security of people and most importantly, regulate the traffic movement when lakhs of people begin to march towards the venue on Saturday.Rajeev Kumar, Commissioner of Police and Supratim Sarkar, Joint Commissioner of Police (Headquarters) accompanied by other senior police officers visited the venue on Friday morning and inspected all arrangements. Sources said stress was given on the security aspect of the VIPs, who were on the stage and also those attending the rally. Also Read – Rain batters Kolkata, cripples normal lifeBesides bringing the entire area under the coverage of surveillance cameras, concerned policemen kept a constant watch over the situation to ensure that no untoward incident takes place during the rally. The police had also taken precautionary steps to avoid any trouble that could have been triggered by rumours and could prove fatal.With the proper execution of the plan, people have not faced any inconvenience in reaching the venue. At the same time, they were provided with the necessary guidance to return home without facing any trouble. Also Read – Speeding Jaguar crashes into Mercedes car in Kolkata, 2 pedestrians killedTrinamool Congress volunteers in yellow T-shirts were found assisting the police to guide people as and when required. There were ambulances at every crucial junction and without facing any restrictions, they operated smoothly at the rally.The police had also maintained a vigil along river Hooghly and necessary steps were taken for the security of the party workers who reached Kolkata by boat. There were many party workers who came by crossing Hooghly on boats, from Howrah and Hooghly districts.The police had to divert several vehicles when lakhs of party workers headed towards Esplanade in processions.But within minutes after the meeting, the police managed to allow plying of vehicles on almost all the major thoroughfares. It helped the party workers as well to return home without facing any inconvenience.last_img read more

Municipal Service Commission Bill passed Will bring transparency in recruitments says Hakim

first_imgKolkata: The West Bengal Municipal Service Commission Bill 2018 was passed at the state Assembly on Wednesday, to empower the Municipal Service Commission for direct recruitment of personnel in all urban local bodies across the state, including municipal corporations, municipalities, notified area authorities, industrial township authorities, development authorities and different organisations that come under the aegis of the state Urban Development and Municipal Affairs department. Also Read – Rain batters Kolkata, cripples normal life”This would usher in professionalism and transparency in the recruitment process and ensure that there will be no allegations of political interference in the recruitment,” state Municipal Affairs minister Firhad Hakim said, while placing the Bill at the state Assembly.An official in the state Municipal Affairs department said recruitment in all the 8 municipal corporations, 115 municipalities, 18 development authorities, three notified areas and three industrial authorities etc. will be done through this commission. Also Read – Speeding Jaguar crashes into Mercedes car in Kolkata, 2 pedestrians killedCurrently, the recruitment of employees of Kolkata Municipal Corporation is done through the commission and sometimes also for the municipal corporations, while the process of recruitment of the 115 municipalities, 18 development authorities and others are conducted by various agencies. According to the Bill, the Municipal Service Commission will be an autonomous body, pulling it out of the aegis of Kolkata Municipal Corporation, so that it may work on its own strength under the administrative control of the department. The commission shall consist of a chairman and not more than three other members. The chairman and the members shall be appointed or nominated by the state government and one of the three members shall be an officer of the state Backward Class Welfare department.There will be yardsticks in educational qualifications, age and other aspects by which the Commission members, including the chairman, will be constituted. “We have witnessed a number of litigations alleging lack of transparency in recruitment. This step will also curb such things,” Hakim said.Left Front MLA Ashok Bhattacharjee, who was also the former Urban Development department minister, suggested a special commission for such recruitment in the hills. Ruling out such suggestion, Hakim said that people from all communities live amicably in Bengal and reiterated that there is no need for any such separate commission.last_img read more

Necessary evil

first_imgWith the emergence of a whopping number of schools, especially private/public schools, the demand for private cabs/vans is at an all time high. In the present scenario where school kids, too, aren’t safe, easy accessibility for the students becomes necessary. Parents, nowadays, are opting for private schools to keep up the so-called tradition of “best of best education” for their kids but at the same time, they are haunted with conveyance related issues. This paves way for the not-so-safe private school cabs, which surprisingly are considered to be convenient than the school bus for the parents. They get carried away without considering all the aspects of the cab service and end up preferring that over school bus, which comparatively is a lot safer, if not the best. Seema Singhal, whose son studies in V. V. D. A. V. said, “The school is in our vicinity hence we did not secure the bus service. We however opted for the cab service due to the family’s unavailability to drop and pick up our kid on a regular basis.” When asked about the safety of her child travelling in a cab, she said, “We are quite familiar with the cab service that we are taking as many families in our neighbourhood have acquired the same service, hence I feel that my son is quite safe as there are other kids travelling with him too.”  Also Read – A vintage affair with Shyam SundarNowadays, the most important agenda for a parent is not only to find a good institution for his kid but also to arrange a suitable conveyance for his kid for travelling back and forth from school. Cab service also becomes handy for working parents, who, due to their “busy” schedule, inadvertently become unavailable to drop and pick up their kids. They painstakingly choose a cab service best for their kid as soon as their kid gets enrolled in a school. Sanpreet Kaur, a working mother of two kids studying in KR Mangalam World School said, “Since the school bus wouldn’t drop the children in front of the house that’s why I have a private cab for them.” When asked if she feels safe hiring a cab service, she too echoed the same, “Yes I think it’s safe as other kids too are present in the cab along with my kids and I trust the driver whom I’ve known for the past four years.” Also Read – Melodious Mavericks – Jatin LalitWhile those who have secured bus service, have a completely different perspective on the cabs service. Damini, a college student, who used to go to school by bus said, “I used to travel to school by bus and now my younger sister too goes by bus. Bus is a lot more safer than private cabs as they are authorised by school. The school is responsible in the case of any mishappening and one can complain to the school directly, which is not possible in the case of the private cabs.”Also, many unemployed and unauthorised drivers, who do not have a commercial licence, start cab service. Refuting such rumours, the manager of RS Tour and Travel said, “We provide cabs privately on the request of parents and tag with the schools too. We have to submit all documents in the school and take permit for the service. We have employed professional drivers and even though they have driving licence but still we get their verification done all over again.” There also have been cases of rash driving with the cab drivers as they are in a hurry to drop the kids. At times it is also seen that drivers with eight seater cabs tend to stuff kids with 15 kids travelling in an eight seater, making some sit on the CNG cylinders in order to accommodate them. When asked about the same, then the owner of City School Cabs, a school cabs service provider said, “We have in all total six cabs. If there are kids between the age groups of 6-10 (those in class I-V) then in one cab we accommodate eleven kids but if there are kids in the age group of 11-16 (class VI-XII) then we take seven to eight kids max. But our cabs are never overfilled and we care about the comfort of the kids and believe in providing best of best services to our customers.”Hence, be it cabs or buses but the safety of the kids do matter in both the cases and it should not be the matter of blame game. With the numerous cases that have happened in the past with school kids travelling in the cabs or buses, it becomes necessary for both the parents and schools to be well informed of the services that they acquiring. It is not only the school’s responsibility but parents too have to be careful when they are sending their kids to school in order to avoid the consequences that they might regret in the future out of sheer negligence done in the past.last_img read more

Unemployment reduced by 40 percent in Bengal says Central report

first_imgKolkata: With a series of steps taken by the Mamata Banerjee government, unemployment has reduced by 40 percent in the state, as per a report of the Centre.Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee said in the state Assembly on Thursday: “As per the report of the Central government, unemployment in the state has gone down by around 40 percent.” In the past seven years, a series of steps starting from setting up of ITIs to developing infrastructure for more investment were taken, which helped in generation of job opportunities. Moreover, many have become self-dependent as well. Also Read – Rain batters Kolkata, cripples normal lifeThe Chief Minister said: “Three hundreds ITIs were set up in the state.” It may be mentioned that setting up of the ITIs has ensured skill development training for a large section of job aspirants. The Chief Minister further said: “Utkarsh Bangla has been introduced in a bid to ensure a better skill development programme. A committee was also formed with Amit Mitra, the state Finance minister, as its chairman and every year, around 6 lakh students undertake training.” It may be mentioned that Utkarsh Bangla is a placement-linked skill development initiative. Moreover, an e-governance portal of Utkarsh Bangla, which is a flagship scheme of skill development in the state, was introduced for various purposes, including candidate registration, empanelment of training partners, etc. The portal also assists in maintaining transparency and at the same time, ensures better accessibility in reaching out to the unemployed youth in every part of the state. It will also act as a medium for various companies and organisations to search for skilled youths, as per their requirement. Utkarsh Bangla is making youths “industry-ready” and increasing their opportunities to bag a job. Also Read – Speeding Jaguar crashes into Mercedes car in Kolkata, 2 pedestrians killedWhile replying to a question in the state Assembly, Technical Education and Training and Skill Development minister Purnendu Basu said the process of getting admission in ITIs has been made simpler for the benefit of the youths who are interested in undertaking training. He also informed the House that steps have been taken for better functioning of around 22 ITIs and tenders have been floated for the same. The process will get completed soon and the 22 ITIs will again start functioning properly.last_img read more

A fruitful summer

first_imgAs the summer season peaks in Delhi, the annual ‘Mango Mela’ of the government of West Bengal is back to provide a delicious, sweet treat to the fruit connoisseurs of the national Capital. This is the fifth edition of Bengal mango festival being held in Delhi, which was formally inaugurated this Saturday, June 17, in the presence of R D Meena, Advisor, Industries and Officer on Special Duty, Government of West Bengal, Shantamanu, Development Commissioner, Handlooms, Government of India, and senior officials of the State Government. Also Read – Add new books to your shelfThe exhibition, which will be on display at the AC Hall at the Second Floor of Handloom Haat, Janpath, Connaught Place, till June 25, is bringing together delectable mango varieties such as Himsagar, Langra, Gopal Bhog and Laxman Bhog, from Malda, Murshidabad and Bankura districts of West Bengal. Not just mangoes, for the true lovers of the fruit, there are products too such as pickles, jams, jellies and the much sought after Aam papad at the Malcos, Malda Mango co-operative society stall too. Also Read – Over 2 hours screen time daily will make your kids impulsiveThe mangoes are being sold at a rate of Rs 80 or Rs 100 per kg, depending on the type of the mango. “This year we have had a bumper production of mangos across the state. In the first lot we are carrying 5500 kg from Bengal, and depending on the demand we will further replenish our stock,” said Krishnendu Nandan, Deputy Director of Horticulture Department, Malda.While from Malda more than 5 tonne mangoes have been brought in, Bankura isn’t far behind with 4 tonne mangos in their baskets. “In Bankura, the Amrapalli variety is the most popularly grown, and here too people enjoy that taste. We have brought both Amrapalli and Mallika from state gardens across the district,” said an enthusiastic Buddhadeb Chatterjee, who stood behind the Bankura Mangos stall. “We have received immense support from the state government, in terms of financial and man-power assistance; else it would be difficult for us to revive all costs. We have been preparing since the last 3 months, but by God and nature’s grace this year we have had massive production across the State,” said Tinku Ghosh, Chairman, of Banga Agro-Producer Company Limited.The Mango Mela, saw enthusiastic visitors, some who came to reminisce their lost time back home in Bengal, and gladly dipped into the other delicacies on display. “Until we taste the Lyangra, or the Amrapalli, we do not feel summer is completely here. This is a great initiative by the government, and we hope to witness many such events in the future,” said Amal Ghosh, a resident of Laxmi Nagar, who has been living in the national capital since the last 15 years. There were also many happy Delhiites who came to taste the sweetness of the famous Bengal mangos. “We came here last year also, this is our second time. We both are devoted to mangos, and the variety here is quite nice. We will be taking back quite a few for our home!” said Reetika and Ankit, a young couple who came from Ashok Vihar. Select handloom and handicrafts from Bengal will also be on display for sale at the venue till June 24. A special cultural soiree was organized at the courtyard of Handloom Haat for the inaugural evening – comprising colourful performances by a Delhi-based Bangla band and a dance troupe. Sahajiya, a well-known folk music group from Kolkata, will stage a program at the same venue on the evening of June 24. The initiative is being supported by the Departments of Food Processing Industries and Horticulture, Industry, Commerce & Enterprises, Tourism and Information & Cultural Affairs, Government of West Bengal, as well as the offices of the respective District Magistrates. The Office of the Resident Commissioner, Government of West Bengal, is coordinating the event.last_img read more

App Hurray to rate tour hotel operators across the state for tourists

first_imgKolkata: The state Tourism department has launched an app called “Hurray” on the basis of which it will be rating tour and hotel operators across the state to facilitate domestic and international tourists when they plan to explore Bengal. The app was launched at the fifth edition of the Bengal Global Business Summit on Friday.”The tour operators, the hotel or restaurant operators, guides and transport operators are asked to register themselves with this app. When a customer pays the bill, there will be a five-category rating on which he/she will be giving the feedback. The rating will be uploaded through the app and when we get a volume of such reviews, the properties or hotels with good reviews will be linked to our website. This will help tourists to have an idea of the good properties and hotels and accordingly plan their tour,” said Atri Bhattacharya, Principal Secretary of state Tourism department. Also Read – Bose & Gandhi: More similar than apart, says Sugata BoseThe rating will be on the basis of amenities, cleanliness, quality of food for restaurants etc. The app may be downloaded easily through google playstore. According to Bhattacharya, this initiative on the part of the state government is the first-of-its-kind in the country. “We will not force anybody to register themselves with this app. But everybody is well aware that when there is a government rating for any property or restaurant, the customer is convinced of the quality of service it offers,” he added. Also Read – Rs 13,000 crore investment to provide 2 lakh jobs: MamataThe state Tourism department has plans to bring on board consulting engineers to bring in properties owned by various departments of the state government under a single template. “The dialogue with various government departments that owns properties across the state has already started,” a senior official of the Tourism department said. The department is also working on formulating standard packages for leisure of high-end tourists. Various tour operators have urged the state government to push for adventure tourism with ropeways being a major component. “Ropeways are very much in our agenda. But in recent times, there has been a number of accidents and even some fatal cases in connection with adventure tourism. We want to ensure foolproof safety of the tourists before pushing for ropeways in the state,” the official said.last_img read more

KMC holds meeting to take stock of desiltation work

first_imgKolkata: Kolkata Municipal Corporation (KMC) held a meeting with the state Irrigation & Waterways department on Monday, to take stock of desiltation work in the canals to ensure that water drains out through these canals properly during the monsoon and there is no accumulation of water. There are around 16 canals under the KMC area that come under the aegis of the state Irrigation department.”I had sought a report from the Irrigation department on March 13, on the progress in desiltation work of the clogged canals within a month. They have submitted a list of the canals and the projected time in which they will complete the work. They have also mentioned the time when they will take up such work again,” said Member, Mayor-in-Council (Drainage) Tarak Singh. Also Read – Rs 13,000 crore investment to provide 2 lakh jobs: MamataSingh has directed his departmental DG Amit Roy to fix a date so that he can take stock of the desiltation work himself. “We have to ensure that during heavy rainfall, the water is able to pass through the gully pits into the underground drainage system, so that we can use our drainage pumping station to pump the water into the river through these canals,” said a senior official of the Drainage department who attended the meeting. The Kolkata Environment Improvement Investment Programme (KEIIP), with the help of the Asian Development Bank (ADB), has integrated a few pumping stations while several pipelines have been cleansed during the dry weather. Pump capacities have also been increased. The meeting in KMC headquarters on Monday was chaired by Singh. State Irrigation minister Saumen Kumar Mahapatra could not attend the meeting because of his preoccupation but senior officials of his department attended the meeting along with officials of KMC’s Drainage department.last_img read more

Get your beach vacation wardrobe ready

first_imgPlanning a beach vacation? Make sure your wardrobe is perfect for the setting and for your body. Experts dole out some tips on how to be beach ready.-This swimwear season, the biggest trends are Hawaiian inspired colourways, mix and match separates and sexy silhouettes. With accessories, you can never go wrong with tassels for the beach vibrant look. Pair this elegant dreamcatcher tassel neckpiece with a plain t-shirt and shorts for a quirky and vibrant look. Also Read – Add new books to your shelf-If you have a body that is small on top and bigger on the bottom, it means your body is pear shaped. The stringini bikini shorts Set or tankini set is what you need. The plunge top will minimise the attention to your hips while the shorts will help create a lean silhouette. Blue is the colour of the seawater, so what better jewellery for a relaxing day near the sea than a metallic gold rectangular plate earrings with the blue tassel.-A Flounce Swimsuit or strappy swimsuit is ideal for round figures with full bust, hip and thighs. The off shoulder of this piece will highlight your curves and give you all the support in the right places. If you instead like to flaunt your bust, then go for a strappy. You can also accessorise your look with coral bead studded wrap around bracelet or pastel pink crystal wrap around bracelet.-A simple beach dress or a casual look helps highlight the personality when clubbed with bright accessories. For those of you with evenly proportionate shoulders, hips and waist, a halter neck bikini or stringini bikini is your best choice. The plunging top will give you the illusion of curves while the string bikini bottoms will offer an ‘ultra-cheeky’ fit.last_img read more

JMB terrorist accused in Bodh Gaya blast arrested in Burdwan

first_imgKolkata: Special Task Force (STF) of Kolkata Police has nabbed a member of Jamaat-ul-Mujahideen Bangladesh (JMB) a terrorist organisation, from Katwa in east Burdwan on Monday evening.According to STF officials, the terrorist identified as Abdul Rahim of Dhuliyan at Shamshergunje in Murshidabad is one of the prime accused of Bodh Gaya blast which took place during January 2018. According to STF sleuths, Rahim is a member of (JMB) and was associated with JMB leaders like Abdul Wahab and Moulana Yousuf who were arrested earlier. Also Read – Rs 13,000 crore investment to provide 2 lakh jobs: MamataHe was an active member of JMB’s Dhulian module in Bengal. During 2018 Bodh Gaya blast, members from Dhulian module took effective part and responsible. Rahim used to recruit members in the module and provided logistics support. Since the blast, he was absconding since January 2018. On Monday, STF got hold of an information that Rahim was seen in Katwa. Immediately a team went to Katwa’s Bajepratappur Charkhumbha as per the information provided by the source. Also Read – Lightning kills 8, injures 16 in stateAround 7:20 pm, sleuths saw Rahim at the Bajepratappur Charkhumbha bus stoppage and surrounded him. Later, he was arrested and brought to Kolkata. Earlier on June 23, the National Investigation Agency (NIA) has brought Jamaat-ul-Mujahideen Bangladesh (JMB) terrorist Habibur Rehman Shaikh alias Habibur Shaikh to Kolkata, who is an accused in Khagragarh blast case in Burdwan. He was arrested from Dodabalpur in Bangalore in Karnataka. According to NIA, a chargesheet was submitted before the NIA court accusing Habibur for his involvement in the Khagragarh blast in 2015. It is alleged that Habibur was involved in an conspiracy by Jamaat-ul-Mujahideen Bangladesh to wage war between India and Bangladesh. Habibur used to be a close associate of senior Jamaat-ulMujahideen leader Jahidul Islam alias Kausar. He was also associated with JMB leaders Rahamatullah Shaikh alias Sajid and Moulana Yusuf. Habibur was also an active member of JMB, Bolpur Module in Bengal. He had attended a number of training camps conducted by senior Jamaat-ul-Mujahideen Bangladesh leaders.last_img read more

Mamata set to address states biggest ever peoples rally

first_imgKolkata: Trinamool Congress supremo Mamata Banerjee will reiterate her demand for the reintroduction of ballot papers replacing the Electronic Voting Machines (EVM) from the stage of the Martyrs’ Day rally on Sunday. The police had gunned down 13 Youth Congress supporters who took part in the march to the Writers’ Buildings demanding “no ID card no vote” on July 21, 1993 under the leadership of Mamata Banerjee who was the then Youth Congress president. The day is observed as the Martyrs’ Day by the Trinamool since the inception of the party on January 1, 1998. Also Read – Rs 13,000 crore investment to provide 2 lakh jobs: MamataWhile on her visit to the venue on Saturday evening, she said she has been rooting for the electoral reforms since 1995 and added: “For preventing black money (in polls), restoring democracy, ensuring transparency on the part of political parties, the reforms are must. It should include state funding. Why should a party collect funds? Why should black money be there?”. Maintaining that the EVMs have been discarded by many countries, including England, France and Germany, the Chief Minister said: “Those who introduced EVMs are not using it. When there are so many complaints, ballot papers should be revived. We are saying no to EVM, and asking for the return of ballot papers.” Also Read – Lightning kills 8, injures 16 in stateBanerjee visited the venue in front of the CESC House on Chittaranjan Avenue to see the last-minute arrangements on Saturday afternoon. She was accompanied by Mayor Firhad Hakim and Trinamool state president Subrata Bakshi. She inspected the main podium and the arenas where the party leaders and functionaries will sit on Sunday. It may be recalled that during her election speeches, Banerjee had spoken over and again about the manipulation of the EVMs. After the result of the general elections was declared, all the Opposition parties had echoed her thoughts. But till date, none has launched any concrete movement on the issue. Banerjee proposes to launch an all-India movement on the issue and is expected to highlight the same during the mega rally. Large sections of Trinamool supporters are suffering from fear psychosis because of the BJP’s unprecedented result in the Lok Sabha elections. From two Lok Sabha seats in 2014, the party has bagged 18 seats in 2019. Ironically, Jangalmahal and North Bengal are two areas where the TMC failed to get a single seat despite massive development taking place in the region in the past eight years. In the meetings with the presidents and other functionaries of the districts, the party supremo has told them not to get worried as the party’s vote percentage has gone up by 4 percent. She has also assured them that TMC will be back to power in 2021. Meanwhile, many Trinamool leaders who had joined the saffron party have come back to the party fold. It is to be seen how Banerjee can cheer up the party’s rank and file and inspire them to carry out the party’s ongoing programmes successfully.last_img read more

Ice Cream was an Invaluable Part of the American Arsenal

first_imgFor many, ice cream is a popular treat to enjoy, especially during the summer. However, what many might not realize is that this sweet treat may have helped the United States through some of its most turbulent times in history, such as the first few decades of the 20th century. During the early 20th century, times in America were tough due to the first world war, Prohibition, and the Great Depression. When Herbert Hoover was president during the Depression, he passed economic policies that either removed or rationed sugar, wheat, meat, and fat from food to help save money. Because of Prohibition, alcohol was also banned. Due to this, one of the main treats many enjoyed during this time was ice cream.Strawberry ice cream cone. Photo by TheCulinaryGeek CC BY 2.0As ice cream’s popularity grew, there were some problems that started to arise. The first was that refrigeration was still not widespread, which meant ice cream needed to be eaten immediately after it was made, otherwise it would melt. Domestic sugar production was also low and this prevented ice cream from being sweetened sometimes.AdChoices广告inRead invented by TeadsDespite these setbacks, this simple dessert quickly became a cultural phenomenon, even during the rough war years. As such the Navy decided to invest $1 million in 1945 to restore an old concrete barge from the Army Transportation Corps into a floating ice cream factory.Sean Connery feigns shoving a vanilla ice cream cone in retired Lt. Col. Charles Russhon’s face during the production of “Thunderball”This factory, officially known as BRL (Barge, Refrigerated, Large), would develop 2,000 gallons of ice cream every seven minutes which would then be delivered to soldiers to help boost their spirits and make them feel as if they had a taste of home while they served in the Pacific Theater.When the BRL wasn’t available to certain soldiers due to their remote locations, pilots would work to make their own ice cream by attaching large buckets on their rear gunner compartment as they flew on their mission.View of an ice cream standThe buckets would eventually freeze due to the high altitude and churn themselves thanks to the turbulence. Once the mission was complete, the crew would then remove the buckets and scoop the fresh ice cream out. Even those who didn’t have access to planes or the barge would make their own ice cream by mixing snow and melted chocolate together.Ice cream became so popular with men fighting in the Pacific that many started to insist that it be sent to American soldiers around the world. In fact, a 1918 editorial in The Ice Cream Review, a magazine dedicated to the ice cream trade, lamented: “In this country every medical hospital uses ice cream as a food and doctors would not know how to do without it. But what of our wounded and sick boys in France?”Children in Chicago surround an ice cream vendor in 1909“Are they to lie in bed wishing for a dish of good old American ice cream? They are up to the present, for ice cream and ices are taboo in France. It clearly is the duty of the Surgeon General or some other officer to demand that a supply be forthcoming.”The National Dairy Products Corporation also tried to win over support in the U.S. for sending ice cream to soldiers by creating an advertisement that stated “Can you imagine a greater tonic to body and spirit than real ice cream served in steaming jungles or on hard-won beachheads?”President Kennedy enjoys an ice cream, 1963While the barge helped to produce these treats for soldiers, it wasn’t the most practical solution. For instance, it had no way of moving through the water due to there being no motor installed in it, making the boat a prime target for possible attackers. It also cost a bit of money to keep production running.Read another story from us: The Vicious Battle Between the Vatican and CatsEventually, as hostilities came to a close, so did the ice cream barge’s mission. It’s not fully known where the barge was transferred to afterwards, but it’s believed to have been sunk somewhere in the ocean. Despite this interesting piece of history being lost, it still remains a small token that shows America’s everlasting love for ice cream.last_img read more

LeBron and the Cavs in 7

first_imgCleveland isn’t a dynasty. LeBron is the dynastyThere has been plenty of belly aching ahead of the Finals about the lack of NBA parity, and that the pre-ordained Cavs/Warriors Finals is bad for the NBA. Colin disagrees.Colin has long said he’s pro-superteam and thinks that the idea that the Warriors are store bought is a myth. The core group of Warriors that won 73 games last year without Kevin Durant was acquired through mid-level draft picks and just being smarter than other teams.In Cleveland’s case, they are only dominant because they have the best player in the world, and he’s so much better than anyone else in the East that if he went to Philadelphia, he could have them in the Finals. That’s not Adam Silver’s problem.Cleveland is not a dynasty, LeBron James is a dynasty.  If he went to Milwaukee, they’d become a dynasty.  Is it the league’s fault that LeBron is so much better than the second best player that everywhere he goes they dominate?”Guests:Jim Jackson – FS1 Basketball Analyst and 14-year NBA veteran joins the show to preview Game of the Finals; if players don’t give Steph Curry credit because they resent him; and if the NBA would be better off eliminating the one-and-done.Jason Whitlock –  Co-host of Speak for Yourself is in-studio to react to LeBron James comments about his house being vandalized; why he thinks LeBron invoking Emmett Till was a mistake; and why he believes LeBron has embraced a socially progressive “victimhood” attitude.Chris Broussard – FS1 NBA Insider is in-studio to talk Finals Game 1; if the Celtics should draft Lonzo Ball; why former NBA players don’t give Steph Curry credit; and why he’s taking the Warriors in 6.Cedric Ceballos – 11-year NBA veteran with the Suns Lakers and Mavericks is in-studio to discuss Scottie Pippen’s criticism of Steph Curry; and why Klay Thompson could be the odd man out in Golden State. LeBron and the Cavs in 7The waiting is finally over. Game 1 of the NBA Finals tips off tonight. Colin has spent a lot of time considering his Finals pick, and expects it to go 7 games. He thinks those predicting a Warriors domination of the Cavs are completely off base.Colin is taking Cleveland in 7. In the end, the more physical Cavs should have a slight advantage because officials historically allow more physical play in the Finals. LeBron is also as rested as he’s ever been heading into a Finals with the best team he’s ever brought to the Finals, and Cleveland has a distinct coaching advantage in late game situations.Even though the Warriors have largely coached themselves since Steve Kerr left the team, there will inevitably be close games where coaching decisions, and mistakes, are magnified.“I’ll take the Cavs in 7 games.”last_img read more

Colin Belichick outsmarted himself by benching Malcolm Butler Video

first_imgPatriots nation is looking for answers after New England’s Super Bowl loss to Philly, and many have zeroed in on Bill Belichick’s surprise decision to bench starting cornerback Malcolm Butler as a  key factor in the loss.Today, Colin joined those questioning Belichick’s decision to bench a corner who started 17 games this season.In a game where the Patriots seemed incapable of shutting down the Philly passing game, and weren’t able to generate a pass rush, it’s hard to imagine that Butler wouldn’t have been more effective than his reserve replacement Eric Rowe.Belichick may be the greatest football coach of all-time, but he outsmarted himself by benching Butler.“Don’t be the genius who believes everything he reads about being a genius.”.@ColinCowherd questions Bill Belichick’s decision to bench Malcolm Butler— Herd w/Colin Cowherd (@TheHerd) February 5, 2018last_img read more

Jalen Ramseys QB comments arent shocking for an NFL corner

first_imgAlso:– Drew Stanton has a better backup skill set than Baker MayfieldGuests:Eric Dickerson – FS1 NFL Analyst and Hall of Famer is in-studio discussing Jalen Ramsey’s recent QB comments, andEric Mangini – Former Browns and Jets Head Coach weighs in on Jalen Ramsey’s QB comments, and if sitting Baker Mayfield is the right move for the Browns.Bruce Feldman – Fox Sports College Football Insider is in-studio discussing the latest on the Maryland and Ohio State football scandals, and when the OSU investigation could wrap up. MJ still well ahead of LeBron in the G.O.A.T raceIn a recent interview Rockets GM Daryl Morey said LeBron James is already better than Michael Jordan, mostly citing that LeBron is on pace to blow MJ out of the water in almost every key statistical category, but Doug disagrees.Doug doesn’t think comparing LeBron and MJ’s stats is fair because LeBron came straight out of high school to the NBA, and the NBA has seen an offensive explosion in the last 10+ years. Doug still thinks LeBron could pass MJ if he can win titles with the Lakers, but MJ is still ahead of LeBron in the G.O.A.T. race at this point. Gottlieb in for Colin:Jalen Ramsey’s QB comments aren’t shocking for an NFL cornerJacksonville cornerback Jalen Ramsey made headlines when he gave his – often scathing – opinions about every NFL starting quarterbacks, but Doug doesn’t think it’s anything to be shocked about.NFL corners have long been prolific trash talkers, dating back to Deion Sanders, because the position requires an almost delusional confidence in their own abilities. Some people are taken a back by the comments because it’s not how someone with a normal job would talk, but NFL corner isn’t a normal job. It’s just part of Ramsey’s DNA, and he’s really good at his job.last_img read more