H1N1 FLU BREAKING NEWS: Summer camps; nurses’ mask complaint; Australia, Chile top 10K cases; first case in Tonga

first_imgAmerican Lung Association recommends closing affiliated summer campsThe American Lung Association (ALA) has asked about 50 summer camps with which it is affiliated with to close, after four children who attended one of the camps were diagnosed with H1N1 flu, the Associated Press (AP) reported yesterday. An ALA spokeswoman said she wasn’t sure how many ALA camps would follow the advice. Patients who have asthma and other chronic conditions are at greater risk for flu complications. In June the Muscular Dystrophy Association canceled its camps for similar reasons.California nurses detail complaint about masksThe California Nurses Association yesterday detailed the complaints of nurses at a Vallejo hospital about inadequate respiratory protection to care for patients with novel flu. They said the hospital had too few N95 masks, and the masks were not properly fitted. Also, they said they were asked to reuse masks repeatedly and to wear surgical masks over the N95s. A hospital official told the Associated Press that only one employee had confirmed H1N1 flu and that the masks could be safely reused.[Jul 14 California Nurses Association press release]Australia and Chile each exceed 10,000 H1N1 casesAustralia and Chile have both counted more than 10,000 H1N1 flu cases, according to reports today from Agence France-Presse (AFP) and Reuters. In Australia, which has had 22 deaths, patients’ average age is 19, and authorities are worried about a growing number of serious cases in young, otherwise healthy people, according to AFP. Chile has had 33 deaths, and its case count is the highest in South America, according to Reuters.Tonga reports first H1N1 casesThe South Pacific archipelago of Tonga has reported its first two cases of novel H1N1 flu, according to a report today from Radio Australia News. Blood tests conducted in Australia confirmed the illness in two women, one a resident and the other a visitor from Brisbane, Australia, the report said.[Radio Australia report]last_img read more

‘NO HOLIDAY TRUCE’ Army’s 3ID ‘not cool’ to Christmas ceasefire with NPA

first_imgPancito, however, explained that thefinal decision would still depend on the higher command. He said communist guerrillas would takeadvantage of the truce “to regroup, refurbish, and recruit” but governmentforces will not give them that leeway. Army Captain Cenon Pancito III, spokespersonof 3ID, claimed that suspensions of military operations have not worked to thebest interest of the country’s armed forces. “We have in fact fortified our positions to repulseany attacks by the communist NPA, which will celebrateits founding anniversary on this Dec. 26,” he said, adding that communistinsurgents have so far made no threats. makakapagconsolidate, makakapagregroup – ‘yan hindi dapat hayaan,” saidPancito. “Once again, we are calling the rebelsto surrender in order to stop revolutionary armed struggle and accept thegovernment’s program for them,” Pancito added. “We do not want to give them the opportunity to gather and mass up, to joyfully celebrate their 50th anniversary,” says Philippine Army’s 3rd Infantry Division spokesperson Captain Cenon Pancito III. But Cenon said government troops willremain on alert and ready to repulse any attacks. ILOILO City – As ChristmasDay draws near, Philippine Army’s 3rd Infantry Division – whichoperates in the islands of Panay and Negros – is standing pat on itsdecision to reject a holiday truce with the communistinsurgents. “If we continue to put the enemies underpressure and maintain our offensive operations, doon magkakaroon ng demoralization on their part. Dapat walang lull sa operation natin kasi doonsila “Whatever the decision, we will follow,”he said. “We have to obey kung ano anginstruction ng nasa itaas pero dito sa ibaba kung tayo lang masusunod,ayaw natin ng ceasefire.” The 3ID spokesperson also said that themilitary does not want the rebels to use the holiday truce as an opportunity tocelebrate their 50th anniversary. The NPA, founded in 1969, and listed asa terrorist organization by the United States and the European Union, is amongthe oldest Communist guerrilla groups in Asia./PNlast_img read more