Xfers provides information on the transfer of the network to get $2 million 500 thousand seed wheel

billion European Network on January 7, 2016 news, the Singapore company Xfers get $2 million 500 thousand seed round of financing, investors include Facebook co-founder Eduardo Saverin, Lazena Investment, Startups, etc..

million European Network on January 7, 2016, Singapore enterprise Xfers won $2 million 500 thousand seed round of financing, investors including Facebook Eduardo Saverin, co-founder of Lazena Investment, 500 Startups, BWB Ventures, Golden Gate Ventures.

was founded in 2014, Xfers is committed to simple online banking transactions, to provide users with a simple and convenient online banking payment, receiving and processing online trading environment. According to the understanding of Xfers million European network, plans to use the financing in the first quarter of 2016 to expand its market in Indonesia, then moved to the rest of the Southeast Asian market. In addition, Xfers will continue to build its own technology platform, there will be a variety of online banking transaction network and payment portal appeared on the platform. read more

Google – PageRank ranking optimization is the pride of the former ()

Martin. Lemiu proposed: admittedly, PageRank has been a topic of authority in the field of marketing around the world renowned men talk about enduring. "A lot of people want to improve ranking, improve website PageRank believe this statement, however, PageRank is website ranking" a ready-made panacea "? A PR6 website is enviable, but PageRank really so important?
Martin. Lemiu first put forward their own understanding of the" these two concepts Page Ranking "and" Search Engine Ranking ". He pointed out: Page Ranking, as its name implies, is an assessment of the Google page. It reflects the evaluation of Google on the importance of web pages. But the success of PageRank does not mean that the site in the search engine success. There are a lot of PR in more than 6 of the site ranking is not as good as some PR only 3 or 4 of the site. So "Page Ranking" and "Search Engine Ranking" should be two completely different concepts. Martin. Lemiu remind you not confused.
back development of Google Google’s "Page Ranking" at the beginning of the launch system, excellent performance, Google have made a great. But we must see: the rapid development of the network, in particular, in accordance with the Internet time projections, PageRank should be a middle-aged". He is old, read more

The basic process of website promotion

1, the enemy: whether that industry will exist in competition, we should not treat them as enemies, should be to promote their success as a friend, because of the competition you will have progress, we should use him, to analysis, distribution analysis of internal pages of website design, hand program and some special directory, logo, keywords, analysis of the construction of their external links to the situation, to its strengths, improve themselves beyond their


2, optimize their own: I do have a lot of a station, in addition to some of the more frequent update website, I put the website keyword density are strictly according to the keyword density values between 2%-8%, some even I put the keyword density value increased to 17%, but stressed that some key words related to the content of the website. Or you’re finished! Keywords in the page in bold, pictures and ALT logo, the big picture I’ll put him into a lot of small pictures, this acceleration speed will be faster! read more

Thought of rural Taobao only sellers Ali wants to transform rural areas

Alibaba transformation of rural Taobao

Sina Technology Zhang Jun

Alibaba also made a holiday.

Prior to

, Ali has been Tmall double 11 and double 12, Taobao creation Festival and for the rural special purchases for the Spring Festival Festival four. Now, there is a festival in rural Taobao – rural culture festival. However, compared with the previous commercialization of different festivals, the establishment of the National Cultural Festival seems to be more public interest. Vice president of Alibaba group, general manager of the Taobao division of the village sun will be positioned as: connecting urban civilization and rural culture carrier. read more

The new standard of Taobao strike price original fiction and false promotion

May 15th, Taobao released the "Taobao released new price standard" announcement, clear business in Taobao (Taobao, Tmall, Juhuasuan and other content platform) release of goods / all price service to fill in, should strictly abide by the law, follow the market rules, to ensure to provide legal basis for any price or available for comparison the source of. Businesses may not be fictitious price, not false promotions. Standard content on May 15, 2015 publicity, will take effect on May 22, 2015. read more

From the climax to the lonely group purchase website itself is the biggest cause of death

There are always some news

recent major news website, group purchase website advertising budget has certain, Moumou group purchase website layoffs, Moumou group purchase website reduce profits, group purchase site between winter to pull. It seems that one night, group purchase website has closed the crisis, that is to say, will face the "winter group purchase website". The development of more than a year of group purchase website so quickly from crazy to lonely, I think, and this group purchase website itself cannot do without the relationship: read more