Moroccans Pessimistic about the Future HCP Statistics

Casablanca- The alarming statistics revealed by the High Commission for Planning (HCP) last week on the rate of unemployment in Morocco have incited Moroccans’ pessimism about the future of employment in the kingdom.Nearly 114,000 Moroccans have joined the camp of jobless citizens and around 10,000 jobs were lost, according to the HCP. A report recently revealed by the same institution has shown Moroccans’ impressions of this rise in unemployment rate.The bulk of Moroccan families have pessimistic speculations for the future of employment in the country. More than 77 percent of Moroccan families now predict that the unemployment rate will rise further in the next 12 months, compared to 75 percent last quarter. Based on HCP’s statistics, Moroccans have also expressed an increasing pessimism toward the development of living conditions in the kingdom. Compared to 2013, Moroccans are 6.4 percent less optimistic about the development of living standards in Morocco.Moroccans’ negative view about the future is also clear in their predictions for the development of financial conditions. Only 57 percent of Moroccan families say that their incomes entirely cover their expenses, whereas more than 37 percent say that they mostly spend their incomes and eventually have to borrow money to cover their expenses. Only 5.8 percent of Moroccan families say they are able to save a portion of their incomes.As for the purchasing of durable goods, the majority of Moroccans (54 percent) said that current financial conditions did not allow them to purchase durable goods, whereas 22.4 percent said they could.Former governmental decisions to raise the prices of some vital goods possibly played a part in amplifying Moroccans’ pessimism about the development of living standards in the kingdom. More than 90 percent of Moroccan families said the price of vital products increased significantly.Edited by Liz Yaslik read more

Spain 4 arrests in Venezuelan money laundering probe

MADRID — Spanish police say they have arrested four people as part of a judicial probe into a money laundering racket allegedly involving funds coming from Venezuela’s state-run oil company PDVSA.Police have confirmed Spanish media reports to The Associated Press that the four detainees are also facing charges of corruption in international monetary transactions and the falsification of documents, in addition to money laundering.The arrests took place on Monday when Spanish police say they raided eight locations.The investigation is being ordered by an investigative judge in Madrid.The Associated Press read more

UN soldier injured as crowd attacks peacekeepers in Côte dIvoire

28 December 2010A large crowd today attacked a three-vehicle convoy of the United Nations peacekeeping force in Côte d’Ivoire in the commercial capital of Abidjan, slashing one soldier with a machete and setting one of the vehicles on fire. The attack happened in the Yopougon neighbourhood of Abidjan when the convoy carrying 22 soldiers of the UN Operation in Côte d’Ivoire (UNOCI) was on its way from the country’s interior.Calm was restored after the intervention of the defence and security forces chief of staff, General Philippe Mangou, UNOCI said in a statement.“UNOCI vigorously condemns this attack and reiterates its determination to pursue its work in the service of the Ivorian people,” the statement added.The UN envoy in Côte d’Ivoire, meanwhile, met with the presidents of three West African States who are in the country to deliver a message from regional leaders urging Laurent Gbagbo to hand over power to the winner of the presidential election, Alassane Ouattara.Y. J. Choi, the Special Representative of the Secretary-General for Côte d’Ivoire, briefed presidents Yayi Boni of Benin, Pedro Pires of Cape Verde and Ernest Bai Koroma of Sierra Leone on the electoral process in which Mr. Ouattara emerged as the winner. Mr. Gbagbo, the outgoing president, has refused to step down insisting that he was the victor of the run-off poll held on 28 November.The three presidents are in Côte d’Ivoire to deliver a messaged from leaders of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS), who met in the Nigerian capital, Abuja, on Friday and recognized Mr. Ouattara as the duly elected president, while demanding that Mr. Gbagbo relinquish power.At the ECOWAS summit in Abuja, the leaders envisaged a possible military intervention to restore constitutional order in Côte d’Ivoire.The UN and the wider international community have also recognized Mr. Ouattara as the rightful president of Côte d’Ivoire.In a related development, Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon today convened a video conference with UNOCI’s leadership and Alain Le Roy, the Under-Secretary-General for Peacekeeping Operations, who is visiting the West African country, focusing on the post-electoral crisis.Mr. Le Roy arrived in Abidjan yesterday and met with Mr. Ouattara and other officials. He told a news conference that his request to meet with Mr. Gbagbo was not acknowledged by the outgoing president’s office.He is in Côte d’Ivoire primarily to show support for UNOCI at a time when it is working with limited resources to address the difficult political situation facing the country. The mission is also confronted with a population and political leaders “who are partially hostile to its presence,” Mr. Le Roy said.Meanwhile, the UN refugee agency today reported that Ivorian refugees continue to flee into eastern Liberia’s Nimba County.Staff of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) and local authorities have recorded a total of 15,120 refugees from western Cote d’Ivoire, and there are reports that another 4,000 people have arrived, the agency said.The majority of the refugees are women and children, with 62 per cent of them listed as being under the age of 18. The refugees told UNHCR that they fled because they fear that the political deadlock could lead to civil war.The influx is straining the resources of the host communities amid limited supplies of clean water, shelter and food. UNHCR teams are distributing emergency aid across nearly 20 villages.Cote read more

Sierra Leone UN Government finalizing plans for war crimes tribunal

On Monday, UN Under-Secretary-General for Legal Affairs Hans Corell and the UN planning team paid a courtesy call on President Ahmed Tejan Kabbah for discussions on the Special Court, which would try those charged with war crimes during the country’s bloody civil war. In welcoming the team, President Kabbah said that its visit was “timely,” and expressed the wish that the Court would help bring “sustainable peace in Sierra Leone.” The President also voiced his appreciation for the commitment the international community had demonstrated through the establishment of the Special Court, expressing his conviction that “the UN will help Sierra Leone accept the rule of law.” Mr. Corell later met with tribal heads at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to outline the modalities for the operation of the Court. He emphasized the role of traditional leaders, noting that “people seek guidance from their life wisdom,” and appealed to them to “draw from other African experiences and to instil the importance of accountability through the rule of law.” In the afternoon, the planning team held a joint plenary meeting with the Government Task Force to discuss practical issues such as premises, prosecutions and investigations. The planning team is currently identifying potential sites for temporary premises. Some members of the team, led by Kenneth Fleming, Prosecutor of the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda, also met with the Sierra Leone Police to discuss practical policing needs. read more

UN development report calls for cultural freedom to become a basic human

The authors of the Human Development Report 2004 argue that countries which do not respect and even promote cultural freedoms not only lose out socially, but also struggle to reap any sustainable benefits from economic globalization.The Report calls for nations with multi-ethnic or religious populations to establish “asymmetric” federalist structures to allow different groups to maintain both their own identity and a sense of belonging to the nation as a whole.Citing Belgium, Malaysia, South Africa and Canada as working examples, it says granting some rights and powers to different groups or regions can defuse or avert conflicts and tensions.The focus of this year’s Report – which has examined and measured human development by broad social, political and economic criteria since 1990 – is the value of population diversity after several decades of large-scale international migration.In the Report’s foreword, UNDP Administrator Mark Malloch Brown says “allowing people full cultural expression is an important development end in itself.”Nations with rich, diverse cultures, Mr. Malloch Brown adds, are able to make swifter economic and social progress, especially in an era when mass culture is being exported around the world in films, television, books and popular music.He says that while there is no template that will work for every country, it is critical that, as a starting point, minorities have their rights guaranteed in a constitution or in legislation.”But unless the political culture also changes – unless citizens come to think, feel and act in ways that genuinely accommodate the needs and aspirations of others – real change will not happen,” he cautions.The Report debunks a number of myths about diversity, including the idea that a person’s ethnic identity has to compete with their attachment to the State.”Countries do not have to choose between national unity and cultural diversity. Individuals can and do have multiple, complementary identities – ethnicity, language, religion and race, as well as citizenship. Identity is not a zero-sum game.”Outlining the concept of asymmetric federalism, the Report says some provinces or regions enjoy different powers to others because of their individual history or identity – this could include language rights, religious protections or regional parliaments. But all the regions and provinces still fall under a national, unified structure.Mr. Malloch Brown says the solution is to create institutions and policies that encourage pride in national identity and symbols, as well as pride in regional or ethnic/religious backgrounds. read more

Afghanistan UN warns that funding shortfall could hamper September elections

“We urge donor governments to reaffirm their commitment to the September elections by acting to address this problem as rapidly as possible,” UN Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA) spokesman Adrian Edwards told a news briefing in Kabul, the capital, of the polls aimed at cementing the transition from decades of war.“If these funds do not become available very shortly it will hamper essential preparatory work such as voter education, the establishment of thousands of polling facilities and the hiring of over 140,000 polling staff. The consequence could include a postponement of the election and the loss of a huge investment made in the election this year,” he added.In answering questions, Mr. Edwards stressed that UNAMA expects the elections to go ahead and urged those who are providing funds to come forward quickly, noting that pledges and commitments to honour the full amount of $149 million have not yet been fully received. “I think we need to make clear that our expectation is that the elections will go ahead and preparations are fully underway for that,” he said. “The reason I’ve mentioned our concerns about funding is that this is a problem that can be fixed relatively easily. Not all the problems that Afghanistan is facing after so many years of conflict are [so simple to fix].“Clearly when you are giving power to the people of Afghanistan to freely choose their parliamentary and provincial council representatives, this is a complex process. And we don’t anticipate a perfect election. After so many years of conflict, this is a sad reality,” he added.“But we do believe that the Afghan people want these elections. We believe they want them now. We believe the environment is adequate for elections that the Afghan people can trust in, and which can produce credible results.”Pressed on what would happen if the $31 million was not forthcoming, Mr. Edwards re-emphasized that UNAMA expected the election to go ahead and again urged donors and the international community to come forward very quickly.“Our expectation is that the election will go ahead on schedule – we need the money though,” he concluded. read more

Former China City Building Demolished as Local Business Aims to Expand

Price City’s Main Street was a flurry of activity on Wednesday as the former China City building was demolished to make room for the expansion of a local business.According to Nick Tatton, Price City Community Director, the building was in “shambles” and had been “unsafe” for some time. Transients had also been using the building, creating a liability.The removal of the unsafe building began on Wednesday morning as crews worked to dismantle the building. The vacant lot will be put to good use, though.According to Frank Peczuh, Peczuh Printing plans to utilize the property in the future to expand its current location, which resides mainly on the other side of the block on 100 South. Peczuh said that there is no firm timeline for when the expansion will take place, but plans are in the works. read more

Going In Usain Bolt Runs Fastest 200 Meters This

Usain Bolt ran the 200 meters at the 2013 Areva Diamond League meet in Paris and despite hitting his fastest time this year, Bolt wasn’t pleased with himself.The Jamaican sprinter said his efforts were at about 70 percent after running the fastest 200 meters of the season Saturday with a time of 19.73 seconds.“I think I could have run the last 50 after the turn much better,” Bolt said. “I didn’t come in the straight as powerful as I used to. The last 30 meters, I was kind of, I won’t say struggling, but my technique wasn’t perfect.”Bolt slashed 0.01 second off the previous best time this year, set by American sprinter Tyson Gay at the U.S. trials last month. Gay appears to be Bolt’s only threat in the 100- and 200-meter race.Bolt will compete next in the 100 and 4×100 relay in London on July 26-27. That will be his final major races before the world championship, which begins August 10. read more

We Checked 50 Years Of Sports History To Find The Team That

8Point differential 4True shooting percentage and free throw rate* vs. avg. SportWeightCategory 62013 Arizona Diamondbacks0.7861999 Green Bay Packers1.03 11MINMLB-0.29-0.29+0.05-0.514.32 MLB10 PTSWinning percentage 13WSNMLB-0.09+0.50+0.21+0.644.56 *In addition to categories shown here, the weighted sum of the squares includes sport-specific categories not listed in the table.Source: 92001 Toronto Blue Jays0.8691970 San Diego Chargers1.15 6Points per game* vs. avg. Pittsburgh wasn’t always this nondescript, of course. As of a few years ago, they’d been quite good — making the playoffs3Assuming you count the wild-card game as “the playoffs.” in three straight years from 2013 to 2015 — and before that, they’d been extremely bad, missing the postseason for 20 straight years. Obviously, neither of those performances will land you anywhere near our list of the most average teams. But Pittsburgh has turned in some faultlessly pedestrian play recently, with a string of near-.500 seasons that culminated in this year’s middling masterpiece.For fans seeking long-term mediocrity, the Philadelphia Flyers might be a good option, having finished with between 39 and 42 wins in four of their last five seasons. (And in the one season they didn’t, they still racked up points for a league-leading 18 overtime losses, which could easily have turned into ties — aka the best possible outcome for fans of .500 play — under the NHL’s old standings system.) According to our algorithm, no team in major pro sports has been more consistently mediocre over the past five seasons than the Flyers, although they narrowly edged out the NBA’s Washington Wizards — another great pick if you want to watch dependably so-so basketball.In the long run, the Pirates still have a ways to go to catch the Flyers and Wizards, not to mention the Tampa Bay Rays (MLB’s current five-year kings of the commonplace). But for one magical season, Pittsburgh has been home to one of the most fiercely undistinguished teams in pro sports history. TeamSportWin PCT.Scoring Diff.Scoring Off.Scoring Def.Sum of Sq. Z-scores* 62005 Cleveland Cavaliers1.3361979 Los Angeles Kings0.70 The old MLB single-season record holder for mediocrity — who could reclaim their crown, I suppose, if the Pirates play too well or too poorly over the next month — were the 1923 Brooklyn Robins,2Because that’s what the Dodgers were called back then. whose record and number of runs scored and allowed were impeccably ordinary. But the Robins’ OBP was a little outside the norm, and that might prove to be their downfall against a team as relentlessly humdrum as this year’s Pirates. Pittsburgh’s only real historical competition could be the NHL’s 1976 Vancouver Canucks (who went 33-32 with 15 ties, scoring just one less goal than they allowed) and the NFL’s 1984 Cincinnati Bengals. With an 8-8 record and precisely identical numbers for points scored and allowed (339), those Bengals were the 2007 Patriots of garden-variety football. Pittsburgh needs to bear down and really focus on being as unremarkable as possible if it has any hope of catching the Bengals.Here are the most average teams in each sport since 1971, when the NBA began tracking opponent statistics (which allows us to calculate our detailed numbers for all four leagues): 6SEANFL+0.31+0.34+0.28+0.353.36 NHL10Points percentage 1PITMLB-0.09+0.02-0.10+0.110.30 51998 Washington Wizards1.2352009 Anaheim Ducks0.55 The Pirates are the most average team in sportsTeams whose weighted sum of squared z-scores were closest to 0.0 (perfectly average) for the most recent MLB/NFL/NBA/NHL season * Both for and against the team in question. 12MILNBA+0.25-0.07+0.04-0.144.49 102018 Washington Wizards1.64101978 Detroit Red Wings0.83 12018 Pittsburgh Pirates0.3011984 Cincinnati Bengals0.20 31989 Boston Celtics1.0131997 Phoenix Coyotes0.34 3LAAMLB-0.16+0.20+0.25+0.121.54 5PHIMLB+0.37-0.01-0.33+0.243.06 Who’s the most average of them all?Most average single-season teams in MLB/NFL/NBA/NHL since 1971,* measured in squared, weighted sums of the difference from league average 4WASNBA+0.16+0.13+0.07+0.091.64 4On-base percentage and slugging percentage* vs. avg. 16NYMMLB-0.54-0.31-0.57-0.045.75 6Points per game* vs. avg. 22017 Indiana Pacers0.6922008 Nashville Predators0.23 82008 Washington Wizards1.4281989 Hartford Whalers0.72 8Point differential 20LACNBA+0.08+0.01+0.70-0.796.62 NBA10Winning percentage NBASQ. DIFF. At 64-67, the Pittsburgh Pirates are nobody’s idea of a special team. Although they harbored some aspirations of contending before the season — and even held a half-game lead over the NL Central as late as May 17 — Pittsburgh has been pretty mediocre for most of the 2018 campaign, even after inexplicably picking up pitcher Chris Archer at the trade deadline.One way in which the Pirates have been exceptional, however, is in their lack of exceptionality. In addition to their .500-ish record, they’ve scored almost exactly as many runs (576) as they’ve allowed (577), at per-game rates that are almost exactly average on each side of the ball, in a manner — as measured by their on-base and slugging percentages for and against — that is almost exactly average. The Bucs are unspectacular right down to the core, and that makes them, statistically, the world’s most middle-of-the-road baseball team — not just of this season, but in all of modern history (since 1901).Or at least, they are according to a method I put together to seek out the North American pro teams in the big four leagues (so, MLB, NFL, NBA and NHL) who hewed closest to their sport’s average numbers in a season. For each team, I calculated its z-scores (standard deviations above or below average) in winning percentage, per-game victory margin and scoring per game (both for and against), plus a metric I threw in (varying by sport) to represent each team’s style of play. Then I squared each z-score, weighted them (see below) and added up those numbers to arrive at a team’s overall difference from league average, where lower is better.Here are the numbers I looked at for each sport, along with how much weight each one carries: 8Goal differential 81984 California Angels0.8582011 Chicago Bears1.14 17COLMLB+0.54-0.02+0.63-0.535.76 4Passing/rushing yards per attempt* vs. avg. 19FLANHL+0.28+0.05+0.18-0.106.17 14DALNHL+0.03+0.25-0.36+0.825.29 7TENNFL+0.31-0.22-0.21-0.193.85 71997 Detroit Tigers0.8371978 Washington1.12 4Shots per game and shooting percentage* vs. avg. 32010 Florida Marlins0.5131981 Washington0.79 15CBJNHL+0.35+0.30-0.07+0.605.47 MLBSQ. DIFF. 91982 Portland Trail Blazers1.5991983 Vancouver Canucks0.78 8MILMLB+0.54+0.17-0.14+0.393.92 Finding the most average teamsCategories (and weights) considered when measuring MLB, NFL, NBA and NHL teams against their league’s average for a given season 52000 Detroit Tigers0.7551999 Detroit Lions0.88 NFL10Winning percentage 9DALNFL+0.31+0.22+0.10+0.354.06 41993 Seattle Mariners0.6441991 New York Jets0.87 Z-Score (std. deviations above/below avg.) 101976 Cleveland Indians0.86101987 Minnesota Vikings1.17 6Runs per game* vs. avg. NHLSQ. DIFF. NFLSQ. DIFF. The weights are somewhat arbitrary, but hopefully they make sense: A record close to .500 is the essence of average-ness — and worthy of the strongest weight — but we can also give bonus points for being average at every level as we dig deeper into a team’s statistical portfolio.(The components I chose at the deepest level — true shooting percentage, yards per attempt, etc. — in each sport were also arbitrary, but I wanted to include metrics that summarize how a team plays on both offense and defense. To truly be the most average team, you must not only finish as close to .500 as possible, but you must do so while playing like a typical team of the era.)And by that standard, the Pirates have managed to outshine every other current team, easily topping the other sports’ most mediocre contenders: the NHL’s New Jersey Devils, the NBA’s Washington Wizards and the NFL’s Seattle Seahawks.1All numbers are through Aug. 26, 2018. 21979 Chicago Cubs0.4921972 Atlanta Falcons0.56 *1971 is the earliest season for which detailed opponent stats are available for all four sports, making our calculation possible.Source: 8Run differential 2NJDNHL+0.35+0.10+0.18-0.021.44 71997 Minnesota Timberwolves1.3872014 Detroit Red Wings0.72 6Goals per game* vs. avg. 12016 Dallas Mavericks0.4211976 Vancouver Canucks0.23 10PHINHL+0.42+0.20+0.31+0.034.08 42007 New Jersey Nets1.1741975 St. Louis Blues0.35 18DETNBA-0.16-0.03-0.68+0.736.03 read more

Alan Titchmarsh I feel bad about encouraging 1990s decking craze

first_imgAlan Titchmarsh on Ground Force, putting in some decking He blamed it firmly on the constraints of BBC show Ground Force, claiming he had warned programme-makers it was impossible to transform gardens properly in just two days.As such, he disclosed, hosts were left reliant on quick fixes such as decking to make an on-screen impact.Speaking at the Emirates Airline Festival of Literature in Dubai, he was asked whether he now “feels bad” about the decking craze, which left swathes of perfectly good grass covered in budget-friendly wood across the land.The influence of the programme, he disclosed, was such that annual sales of decking at B&Q went from £9,000-worth the year before Ground Force to £8 million in the aftermath.”Oh my Achilles heel!” said Titchmarsh.”Decking I do feel a bit bad about but you’ve got to remember we’re talking about the mid-90s.” “If you’ve only got two days, decking is economical and you can do it quite quickly.”And if you slip and fall over on it you only bruise yourself rather than break you hip, which you do on stone.”So those were my reasons. And on a modern house, decking works.”He added: “In that year before Ground Force went out, the gross total of sales for decking in B&Q throughout Britain was £9,000.”Then Ground Force came on, and the following year they sold £8million.”So I have no doubt that when I’m put in the ground eventually they will deck my grave.”I do feel a bit bad about it, yes.”But then Chanel didn’t apologise for her little black dress, did she?”He now has some decking at his home of the Isle of Wight because the modern build means “it’s suitable, it fits the surroundings”.But his second home, an old Georgian farmhouse, has “not an ounce” of it.First broadcast in 1997 on the BBC, Ground Force starred Titchmarsh, Charlie Dimmock and Tommy Walsh and became the must-watch gardening show for its formula of making over an ordinary garden with a water feature, decking and last-minute dash to get it finished before deadline.In its heyday, 12 million viewers tuned in. He told an audience he had learned about decking while at Kew by a “great landscape designer” called John Brookes , who taught him how it was used in the States in the late 60s.”When we started doing Ground Force we were given two days to makeover gardens,” Titchmarsh said.”And when I got asked to do Ground Force, I said ‘you can’t do it, you can’t make a garden in two days, it’s a lifetime’s work’.”Eventually, he said, he was won over by the challenge, conceding: “Oh go on then I’ll have a go.””The thing about doing a makeover programme is that it’s the reverse of painting a picture, because you have to do the frame and paint the picture in it rather than painting a picture and finding a frame for it,” he said. Alan Titchmarsh on Ground Force, putting in some deckingCredit:BBCcenter_img It was the 1990s trend which took over the gardens of middle England before falling spectacularly out of fashion.Now the man behind the decking phenomenon, Alan Titchmarsh, has admitted he feels “a bit bad” over encouraging the trend, saying the notoriety would follow him to his grave.Titchmarsh, whose Ground Force television makeover programmes set the tone for British gardens for years, said decking had become his “Achilles heel”, as he confesses he does not even have it in his own Georgian farmhouse home. Decking I do feel a bit bad about but you’ve got to remember we’re talking about the mid-90sAlan Titchmarsh Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings.last_img read more

Holiday from hell as 600 aboard Caribbean cruise ship contract norovirus

first_imgA CARIBBEAN CRUISE ship was forced to head back to port yesterday after hundreds of passengers and crew members fell ill with vomiting and diarrhea during what was supposed to be a 10-day getaway in the sun.The Miami-based Royal Caribbean company announced on Sunday evening that it was cutting short the Explorer of the Seas’ jaunt in the Caribbean a few hours after officials from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention boarded the ship during its US Virgin Islands port call to investigate the illness.According to the CDC, 577 out of 3,050 passengers reported being ill during the voyage that left Bayonne, New Jersey, last Tuesday. That’s nearly 19 per cent of the vacationers. Forty-nine crew members also got sick.Royal Caribbean’s medical team said the symptoms were consistent with the common and highly contagious norovirus.It is rarely fatal, but the CDC says it can be serious, especially for youngsters and older adults. The virus spreads quickly in closed quarters through contaminated food or liquids, contaminated surfaces, and direct contact with an infected person. An employee remove tape from around the crusie ship as its docked at Charlotte Amalie Harbor in St. Thomas, United States Virgin Islands. (Pic: Ap Photo / Thomas Layer)CDC spokeswoman Bernadette Burden said tests would have to confirm what caused the illness outbreak on the 15-deck ship.“We won’t know for a couple of days what the pathogen is. Cruise ships are unique. It can be difficult to identify a specific source,” she said in a Monday email.She said there had been no fatalities and no one was removed from the ship.An Explorer of the Seas passenger named Arnee Dodd fell ill aboard the ship last week and was quarantined like the other sick people. In a Sunday tweet to The Associated Press, the Connecticut woman said: “We are all better, quarantine is over and ship has been sanitized every day.”The CDC team of two epidemiologists and one environmental health officer are aboard as the ship sails to New Jersey.Royal Caribbean Cruises said Sunday on evening that “new reports of illness have decreased day-over-day, and many guests are again up and about. Nevertheless, the disruptions caused by the early wave of illness means that we were unable to deliver the vacation our guests were expecting.”Royal Caribbean said it was “taking several steps” to compensate passengers for the shortened trip and the inconvenience.Read: Captain ‘refused chance’ to return to sinking Concordia ship >Read: Passengers recall ‘party time’ on board stricken cruise ship after engine fire >last_img read more

Hilcorp Talks Projects In The Cook Inlet

first_imgWilkins: “As you may have noticed we’ve been active onshore around the Anchor Point area we drilled a well over this past summer. Next step in 2019 we’re going to figure out if we’ve got anything at that well.”  On the west side of Cook Inlet, Hilcorp operates the Ivan River, Lewis River, Pretty Creek and Beluga River units. Offshore, the company operates the North Cook Inlet unit, the Granite Point unit, the Middle Ground Shoal unit, the Trading Bay unit and the North Trading Bay unit and associated McArthur River field. The Pipeline and related facilities, located on the West Side of Cook Inlet, consist of 44 miles of onshore crude oil pipelines, dual 2.7 mile-long offshore crude oil pipelines, the Drift River tank farm, and the offshore Christy Lee loading platform. Facebook0TwitterEmailPrintFriendly分享Hilcorp Alaska LLC remains the dominant producer in the Cook Inlet area, currently operating about 19 fields and units. In the southern Kenai Peninsula, the company operates the Ninilchik, Deep Creek and Nikolaevsk units. In the northern Kenai Peninsula, the company operates the Birch Hill unit, the Swanson River unit, the Beaver Creek unit, the Sterling unit, the Kenai unit and the Cannery Loop unit. Wilkins: “We’re not here to take profit. In our business model we look at the long haul, and what this pipeline project did was extend the life of the oil and gas operations in the Cook Inlet for about 20 years.”  The undersea pipeline in the Cook Inlet operated by Hilcorp Alaska, and Harvest Alaska officially began operations in October of 2018. The Kenai Peninsula Borough Assembly approved an application back in November for an underground oil and gas lease for five parcels of Kenai Peninsula Borough land in Anchor Point for Hilcorp. Wilkins said the company will launch a “comprehensive field study” of the newly leased areas. The $75 Million project includes construction of new onshore and offshore pipelines and the conversion of an existing cross inlet pipeline (CIGGS-A) from gas to oil, allowing oil to be transported from the east side of Cook Inlet to the Marathon Petroleum Refinery (previously Andeavor) via subsea pipeline. Dave Wilkins, Senior Vice President: “There’s lots of opportunities in the Cook Inlet area, in both oil and gas. Reinvesting the capital to insure up the infrastructure will allow us to continue to operate there for generations to come.” last_img read more

Facing Mounting Criticism Buy Safe Organizers Defend Campaign

first_imgBuy Safe Media, the BPA and ABC-backed campaign warning marketers against buying ads in non-audited b-to-b publications, has faced unusually harsh criticism since its launch last week.Industry pundits, including consultant and noted columnist Bob Sacks, were among the first to weigh in on the program, with Sacks calling the initiative “an attack at the heart of the entrepreneurial publishing business.” Sacks wrote: “The new pathology actually disgusts me.”Samir “Mr. Magazine” Husni lamented “how low some folks in our industry are willing to sink in order to make their business flourish.”And it’s not just pundits who are disturbed. At Access Intelligence, where several prominent titles—including CableFax and MIN—remain un-audited, Sylvia Sierra, SVP, corporate audience development, downplays the need for an audit. “Some of our strongest brands are not audited and take advertising,” Sierra told FOLIO: this week. “It is hard to argue the $1,000-per year subscription value that readers place on the information and advertisers place on reach.” A ‘Legitimate Beef’Ted Bahr, president of BZ Media and a supporter of the Buy Safe campaign, is more concerned about the publishers that fly under the radar and push inflated or inaccurate metrics. “I am spending hundreds of thousands of dollars to acquire and maintain the circulation I am claiming, then I spend the money maintaining it in BPA required formats, then I pay BPA between $10,000-$15,000 to audit my books,” Bahr says. “That’s the ethical standard for publishing in this industry. My competitors are therefore able to spend way less than I do, and compete with me by cheating and lying to our mutual customers. My only recourse is to try and educate the advertisers that they need to pressure these outlaws into auditing.”BPA CEO Glenn Hansen put it this way: “Publishers that have made that investment have a legitimate beef with those that cannot demonstrate from an independent verification that they have made that same investment.”Ditto for the Audit Bureau of Circulations, which joined the BPA in backing the program. “The campaign site specifically notes that auditing is not a necessity for all publications,” says Neal Lulofs, ABC’s SVP, communications and strategic planning. “I can’t fathom why the promotion of media auditing would ‘disgust’ someone. We are an auditing firm and we are promoting the benefits of auditing—for publishers and buyers alike. We are not ‘forcing’ anyone to become audited. But in competitive environments, buyers usually insist on it. For instance, there isn’t a single paid-circ newspaper above 25,000 in the U.S. that isn’t audited. That’s not because we force them to do that, but because audited newspapers attract more ad dollars.”A Question of DemandYet smaller ad buyers—as BPA confirmed when it was surveying client-side media buyers prior to launching the campaign—may not care or even know about audits. At Hanley Wood, which has several un-audited titles in its stable of more than 30 magazines, auditing is more of a case-by-case consideration. “It depends on the advertiser market,” says Nick Cavnar, VP circulation and database development. “Advertiser markets dominated by small advertisers that don’t work through agencies aren’t that familiar with the statement format. They don’t understand it so there’s not a great demand for it.”This is precisely why BPA launched the Buy Safe Media campaign, but Cavnar focuses on the practicalities of auditing. “If we don’t have advertisers asking for one, then we may not audit the magazine. We work according to what advertisers are looking for. We run the circulation the same way whether it’s audited or not. It’s a question of whether it’s something that helps in the advertising sales.”Audit Landscape Getting ComplicatedSacks and Husni took the Buy Safe program to task, in part, because they say it’s magazines attacking magazines, and that energy could be better applied to arguing the print medium’s viability against other media—TV, radio and online. “In a perfect market, where all magazines are audited, I think Bob and Samir are justified in saying, ‘Don’t fight among yourselves, fight against other media,” Hansen says. “But in a market where we’re not all yet at the same level playing field, I think that’s an unfair expectation on their behalf. It’s not the fact that it’s BPA or ABC—it’s the fact that they’ve made the investment in developing quality audience and they can prove that and that gives the advertiser accountability.”But there is a bigger picture to be focusing on—the mash-up of media platforms. “We are now media companies whose portfolios include print magazines and many other assets,” Sierra says. “Most of the other assets—Web sites, e-letters, trade shows, Webinars—are not audited, and yet, revenue is shifting from print magazine advertising to the other assets. Advertisers want to know ‘Who are these people?’ and the audit bureaus are not showing reach, only numbers. I can’t think of a single reason to pay for the current audit offerings given their shortcomings.”last_img read more

Can Facial Recognition Software Do More Good Than Harm

first_img Amazon’s New Facial Recognition Smells Your FearLondon Police’s Facial Recognition System Has 81 Percent Error Rate Stay on target Your face is the key to your personal identity: It distinguishes you from every Tom, Dick, and Harry; it unlocks your smartphone, and it gains entry to your bank account.It also allows law enforcement to quickly and accurately identify a wanted person in a crowd, or match a simple image with a database of known criminals.Which, understandably, has conjured a sort of Orwellian “Big Brother” impression across the country, where folks are concerned that ever-evolving facial recognition technology may not always be accurate.Perhaps even more troubling is the idea of real-time databases fueled by drones, body cameras, and dash cams.“The real concern is police on patrol identifying law-abiding Americans at will with body cameras,” Matthew Feeney, a specialist in emerging technologies at the Cato Institute think tank, told the Agence France-Presse (AFP). “This technology is, of course, improving, but it’s not as accurate as science fiction films would make you think.”Not yet, at least.Microsoft, Facebook, and Amazon are among the tech titans working on similar programs; the latter has controversially lent its Recognition software to police departments in an effort to “enable database matches.”IBM, meanwhile, plans to launch a large-scale study to “improve the understanding of bias in facial analysis,” AFP said.Facial recognition does have its upsides: According to the AFP, the technology helped Maryland police arrest a suspect in last month’s Capital Gazette newsroom shooting. Accused Jarrod Ramos reportedly refused to cooperate with the cops, who couldn’t immediately ID the culprit using fingerprints.“We would have been much longer in identifying him and being able to push forward in the investigation without that system,” Anne Arundel County Police Chief Timothy Altomare told AFP.It even helps astronomers better understand space.Not everyone is onboard with the function, though: Facebook faces a class action lawsuit over its use of facial recognition software, allegedly does not comply with the Biometric Information Privacy Act.Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey.last_img read more

Ice Cream was an Invaluable Part of the American Arsenal

first_imgFor many, ice cream is a popular treat to enjoy, especially during the summer. However, what many might not realize is that this sweet treat may have helped the United States through some of its most turbulent times in history, such as the first few decades of the 20th century. During the early 20th century, times in America were tough due to the first world war, Prohibition, and the Great Depression. When Herbert Hoover was president during the Depression, he passed economic policies that either removed or rationed sugar, wheat, meat, and fat from food to help save money. Because of Prohibition, alcohol was also banned. Due to this, one of the main treats many enjoyed during this time was ice cream.Strawberry ice cream cone. Photo by TheCulinaryGeek CC BY 2.0As ice cream’s popularity grew, there were some problems that started to arise. The first was that refrigeration was still not widespread, which meant ice cream needed to be eaten immediately after it was made, otherwise it would melt. Domestic sugar production was also low and this prevented ice cream from being sweetened sometimes.AdChoices广告inRead invented by TeadsDespite these setbacks, this simple dessert quickly became a cultural phenomenon, even during the rough war years. As such the Navy decided to invest $1 million in 1945 to restore an old concrete barge from the Army Transportation Corps into a floating ice cream factory.Sean Connery feigns shoving a vanilla ice cream cone in retired Lt. Col. Charles Russhon’s face during the production of “Thunderball”This factory, officially known as BRL (Barge, Refrigerated, Large), would develop 2,000 gallons of ice cream every seven minutes which would then be delivered to soldiers to help boost their spirits and make them feel as if they had a taste of home while they served in the Pacific Theater.When the BRL wasn’t available to certain soldiers due to their remote locations, pilots would work to make their own ice cream by attaching large buckets on their rear gunner compartment as they flew on their mission.View of an ice cream standThe buckets would eventually freeze due to the high altitude and churn themselves thanks to the turbulence. Once the mission was complete, the crew would then remove the buckets and scoop the fresh ice cream out. Even those who didn’t have access to planes or the barge would make their own ice cream by mixing snow and melted chocolate together.Ice cream became so popular with men fighting in the Pacific that many started to insist that it be sent to American soldiers around the world. In fact, a 1918 editorial in The Ice Cream Review, a magazine dedicated to the ice cream trade, lamented: “In this country every medical hospital uses ice cream as a food and doctors would not know how to do without it. But what of our wounded and sick boys in France?”Children in Chicago surround an ice cream vendor in 1909“Are they to lie in bed wishing for a dish of good old American ice cream? They are up to the present, for ice cream and ices are taboo in France. It clearly is the duty of the Surgeon General or some other officer to demand that a supply be forthcoming.”The National Dairy Products Corporation also tried to win over support in the U.S. for sending ice cream to soldiers by creating an advertisement that stated “Can you imagine a greater tonic to body and spirit than real ice cream served in steaming jungles or on hard-won beachheads?”President Kennedy enjoys an ice cream, 1963While the barge helped to produce these treats for soldiers, it wasn’t the most practical solution. For instance, it had no way of moving through the water due to there being no motor installed in it, making the boat a prime target for possible attackers. It also cost a bit of money to keep production running.Read another story from us: The Vicious Battle Between the Vatican and CatsEventually, as hostilities came to a close, so did the ice cream barge’s mission. It’s not fully known where the barge was transferred to afterwards, but it’s believed to have been sunk somewhere in the ocean. Despite this interesting piece of history being lost, it still remains a small token that shows America’s everlasting love for ice cream.last_img read more

LeBron and the Cavs in 7

first_imgCleveland isn’t a dynasty. LeBron is the dynastyThere has been plenty of belly aching ahead of the Finals about the lack of NBA parity, and that the pre-ordained Cavs/Warriors Finals is bad for the NBA. Colin disagrees.Colin has long said he’s pro-superteam and thinks that the idea that the Warriors are store bought is a myth. The core group of Warriors that won 73 games last year without Kevin Durant was acquired through mid-level draft picks and just being smarter than other teams.In Cleveland’s case, they are only dominant because they have the best player in the world, and he’s so much better than anyone else in the East that if he went to Philadelphia, he could have them in the Finals. That’s not Adam Silver’s problem.Cleveland is not a dynasty, LeBron James is a dynasty.  If he went to Milwaukee, they’d become a dynasty.  Is it the league’s fault that LeBron is so much better than the second best player that everywhere he goes they dominate?”Guests:Jim Jackson – FS1 Basketball Analyst and 14-year NBA veteran joins the show to preview Game of the Finals; if players don’t give Steph Curry credit because they resent him; and if the NBA would be better off eliminating the one-and-done.Jason Whitlock –  Co-host of Speak for Yourself is in-studio to react to LeBron James comments about his house being vandalized; why he thinks LeBron invoking Emmett Till was a mistake; and why he believes LeBron has embraced a socially progressive “victimhood” attitude.Chris Broussard – FS1 NBA Insider is in-studio to talk Finals Game 1; if the Celtics should draft Lonzo Ball; why former NBA players don’t give Steph Curry credit; and why he’s taking the Warriors in 6.Cedric Ceballos – 11-year NBA veteran with the Suns Lakers and Mavericks is in-studio to discuss Scottie Pippen’s criticism of Steph Curry; and why Klay Thompson could be the odd man out in Golden State. LeBron and the Cavs in 7The waiting is finally over. Game 1 of the NBA Finals tips off tonight. Colin has spent a lot of time considering his Finals pick, and expects it to go 7 games. He thinks those predicting a Warriors domination of the Cavs are completely off base.Colin is taking Cleveland in 7. In the end, the more physical Cavs should have a slight advantage because officials historically allow more physical play in the Finals. LeBron is also as rested as he’s ever been heading into a Finals with the best team he’s ever brought to the Finals, and Cleveland has a distinct coaching advantage in late game situations.Even though the Warriors have largely coached themselves since Steve Kerr left the team, there will inevitably be close games where coaching decisions, and mistakes, are magnified.“I’ll take the Cavs in 7 games.”last_img read more

THAI receives Japan Tourism Award in Thailand

first_imgTHAI Receives Japan Tourism Award in Thailand Top Agent Award 2017THAI receives Japan Tourism Award in ThailandMrs. Alisara Kidmai (right), Director, Royal Orchid Holidays, Thai Airways International Public Company Limited (THAI), on behalf of the company, received Top Agent Award from Mr. Kazuhiro Ito (left), Executive Director, Japan National Tourism Organization (JNTO), Bangkok Office, at Japan Tourism Award in Thailand 2017 ceremony which was held at the Resident of the Ambassador of Japan, Bangkok.The award was given to THAI as recognition of its support to promote products and services of Japan tourism. The award winning ceremony was held by JNTO to award tourism organizations and members of media who support Japan tourism industry in 2017.Source = THAIlast_img read more

Hydrocarbons an additional incentive for settlement Greek FM

first_imgThere was no doubt the exclusive economic zone and the continental shelf belonged to the Republic of Cyprus, Greek Foreign Minister Evangelos Venizelos said on Wednesday, and hydrocarbons were an additional incentive for a settlement that will benefit all Cypriots.Speaking after a meeting with President Nicos Anastasiades, Venizelos said there was no dispute between Cyprus and Turkey over the EEZ and the continental shelf in the area in question.“Turkey is not claiming its own EEZ there,” he said. “There is no doubt this is the EEZ and continental shelf of the Republic of Cyprus.”Turkey has violated Cyprus’ EEZ by sending its own research vessel in the area off the island’s southern coast, prompting Anastasiades to pull out of reunification talks.It claims that it is protecting Turkish Cypriot interests.Venizelos said Turkey was not invoking its own sovereign rights but an agreement with the Turkish Cypriot breakaway state in the north.“In my view, hydrocarbons are an additional incentive for a solution that will be beneficial to all Cypriots, both communities,” Venizelos said.The Greek foreign minister said he discussed Turkey’s actions, “the obvious violation of international law,” with Anastasiades.To Greece, he said, the existence, sovereign rights, and international personality of the Republic of Cyprus was a basis for a “viable and fair solution for the benefit of both communities … and this should be fully understood by the Turkish side.”Asked if Greece was sending warships to the area, the Greek diplomat said his country was a member of the UN, the EU and NATO, and as such it participated in international missions.Greece is currently taking part in the UN mission for Lebanon and a NATO operation in the Mediterranean, he said.“ Greece has a constant naval presence in the greater area. This is done for the reasons I said and it is a reality that everyone must take into account,” he said.A frigate could be in the area as part of the UN operation while a Greek submarine is taking part in the NATO mission.Earlier, Anastasiades met with Egyptian Foreign Minister Sameh Shoukry, in Cyprus, along with Venizelos, for a tripartite meeting with their Cypriot counterpart Ioannis Kasoulides.Shoukry and Anastasiades discussed bilateral relations and ways of strengthening co-operation between the two countries, especially “in the economic field.”He said they also discussed the trilateral relationship “with our Greek brothers and friends, and we also discussed various regional problems related to the situation in Libya and the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, the developments in Iraq and our mutual participation in the coalition against Da’ish (ISIS)”The three ministers will also prepare the ground for a summit that will be held on November 8 in Cairo.You May LikeLivestlyChip And Joanna’s $18M Mansion Is Perfect, But It’s The Backyard Everyone Is Talking AboutLivestlyUndoPopularEverythingColorado Mom Adopted Two Children, Months Later She Learned Who They Really ArePopularEverythingUndoKelley Blue BookYou Won’t Believe How Affordable These Ford Car Models AreKelley Blue BookUndo Pensioner dies after crash on Paphos-Polis roadUndoCruise passenger airlifted to Paphos hospitalUndoRemand for pair in alleged property fraud (Updated)Undoby Taboolaby Taboolalast_img read more

Due to be released i

Due to be released in June, the chaos, Imagine the father of lies rejecting Buhari!” International humanitarian body Amnesty International AI has raised the alarm over the impending humanitarian crisis that may ensue if there is a failure to protect the civilian populace in the reported large scale attack on Maiduguri the Borno State capital and the nearby town of Monguno AI said in a statement by its African Director Netsanet Belay on Sunday: “These ongoing attacks by Boko Haram are significant and grim news We believe hundreds of thousands of civilians are now at grave risk” “People in and around Maiduguri need immediate protection If the military doesn’t succeed in stopping Boko Haram’s advances they may be trapped with nowhere else to turn to” “Amnesty International has received reports that at 6am on Sunday gunmen attacked the base of 33 Artillery brigade at Jintilo village just 6km outside Maiduguri There are reports of ongoing fighting at the air force base closer to Maiduguri “The Nigerian military has responded with air strikes and moved tanks and troops to the area “Civilians have reportedly fled the areas near to Jintilo towards central Maiduguri However not all civilians have been able to leave “One resident told us: ‘If Maiduguri is attacked we have nowhere else to go Kano Road was the only way out” Netsanet said Continuing AI said: “All parties to the conflict urgently need to ensure that civilians who wish to evacuate Maiduguri are able to do so In order to allow civilians to escape the fighting in Maiduguri military operations should not be conducted along the main point of access: Kano Road” AI also appealed to parties in the conflict to refrain from military operations in the vicinity of the hospitals in Maiduguri and any other medical facilities “The government must ensure the protection of its civilians is at the core of its operations at this very dangerous time There are hundreds of thousands of people in Maiduguri Tens of thousands of people had already fled to Maiduguri from several other villages and towns attacked and controlled by Boko Haram and are now living in camps there The government’s failure to protect residents of Maiduguri at this time could lead to a disastrous humanitarian crisis” according to a statement from the Creston Police Department given to TIME The Sharp family Kevin SharpThousands of transgender Americans serve in the armed forces Army for almost 10 years that was a tactic to make Bernie Smith miss Pipe denies that he did anything wrong at all" Okoumou was born and raised in the Democratic Republic of Congo before moving to New York" Defense lawyer Joshua Dratel said that to his knowledge there was no precedent for courts to enjoin people who are not parties before the court from commenting on court proceedings it has to be admitted in the House after 14 working days and once it is admitted New Jersey matriarch Pearlie Mae Smith and her seven children won the last jackpot of $429 S Miller Write to Alex Altman at alex_altman@timemagazine" added the 33-year-old “When I looked back again the car was flashing its lights and that’s when I realized there was somebody in it "Having said thattwitter 8 election aware that many women lack the motivation or cannot afford to take a day off “Graciously the interview is now rescheduled for Tuesday the 4th day of September It also said that the invitation to the Peoples Democratic Party Sumprabum and Waingmaw with international humanitarian groups barred from most of Kachin statefort of the security agencies and the civilian Joint Task Force (JTF) has stated that protracted attacks on Benue communities by suspected herdsmen was causing humanitarian and food crises For example Light serves as the strongest cue to regulate circadian rhythms N They applied a technique called functional transcranial Doppler ultrasonography (fTCD)m over 100 armed policemen from the Lagos State Task Force laid the community under siege and began to pull down their houses with bulldozers “Over 1500 houses were demolished while a six-month old baby was killed in one of the houses demolished” they claimed They said that they were not allowed to pick anything from their houses before the demolition while scores of residents and youths were indiscriminately arrested The plaintiffs sought the court to make a declaration that the forceful demolition of their homes by the respondents was wicked oppressive and unconstitutional In addition they claim five million naira as cost of action Counsel to the plaintiffs Mr Declan Nkemdilim asked the court to declare that the fundamental human rights of the Badagry residents were trampled upon by the police Nkemdilim said that the Federal High court had jurisdiction to entertain the matter and supported his argument with a 2004 Supreme Court decision in the case of Grace Jack vs University of Agriculture Gongola However counsel to the respondents Mr Hameed Oyenuga Mr Chukwu Agwu and Mr J Oloruntoba opposed the jurisdiction of the court Oyenuga in his submission said that the applicants raised the issue of ownership to the land thereby faulting the jurisdiction of the court to hear and determine the matter Justice Ibrahim Buba in his ruling said that the court lacked jurisdiction to determine the matter He said that the court could not decide the issue of demolition without touching the issue of title to land therefore lacked jurisdiction “Though the applicants sued that their fundamental human rights were infringed but they brought the issue of demolition to the front banner “The issue of title to land was also raised by the applicant the court therefore lacks jurisdiction which is important to the determination of this case “The case is hereby struck out and no cost is awarded to the respondents” Buba said (NAN) The Osun State governorship candidate of the People’s Democratic Party PDP Senator Ademola Adeleke has reaffirmed his faith in the Nigerian judiciary describing the institution as a “citadel for justice seekers” Speaking while receiving a group of Osun State indigenes who paid him a solidarity visit in Abuja Adeleke said the judiciary is a stabilising and balancing institution which strengthens democracy and enhances good governance “I have faith in the judiciary to do justice not just in the case at the tribunal but in all cases My lords judges are men and women of integrity who can be trusted to ensure equity and fair play in all matters before them” he told the visiting group While urging his supporters and the people of Osun State to remain calm Adeleke said he remains resolute in his commitment to retrieve the “stolen mandate” of Osun people saying “By God’s grace we shall triumph “I appeal to our people to remain calm and law abiding We are before the tribunal and we trust in God that justice will be doneOur legal team are on top of all issues and cases” Speaking earlier the leader of the team Alhaji Ademola Folorunso said they came to associate with the Senator and to encourage him not to relent in pursuance of “the stolen mandate” “We are Osun professionals here in Abuja Our visit is to assure him of our continued support as we enter the legal phase We voted for him and we know he will soon assume the governorship of the state” Folorunso said Lagos State Lands Bureau law enforcement officials and others watched from the gallery Monday Juror No but past experience suggests he too should be careful Stiglitz says Friday the staff of the Interagency Fire Center puts in long hours More than 10 planes including four electronic surveillance aircraft conducted long-range exercises over the ocean between Taiwan and the Philippines a Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman said his government was “seriously concerned” about the President-elect’s comments the number of tickets sold slipped 1 the results will be released a day before “We are doing everything possible to ensure that those that have committed crimes within Zimbabwe and are outside Zimbabwe are brought to book pointing to a lack of a "hold harmless" provisionOn Wednesday” a 642-page war novel that’s part history” he saidThe winner Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi addressed many rallies during the polls and even held four roadshows with Akhilesh Yadav On Friday they found Not having an almost unattainably perfect figure doesn’t matter “the most

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Will they decide to make the Oval Office a veto factory by passing conservative wish-list bills," Amnesty International chief Kumi Naidoo said in a letter to Suu Kyi released by the group. Read this puppy.400-acre facility has a 290-MW capacity, How do dolphins say hello? 2005.” At the end of plenary," IDAS refers to Indian Defence Accounts Service. Doug Burgum and the U. creating confusion over jurisdictional boundaries while not fully acknowledging the tremendous progress North Dakota and the industry have made to reduce flaring.

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with some of them having their family houses demolished for holding and expressing opinion even under a democracy. Read more: North Korea Is the Biggest Threat to All Humankind. "Just look at the facts and we have to be worried. But I think we both struggled with I didnt want to be known as like Rob from Rob & Big .4 billion in the 2015 appropriations bill, 2015 became the third witness who was shot dead. saying it was APC-led federal government project. I heard Abia state government saying on radio that the school feeding programme being handled by the wife of the governor, had yesterday demanded the immediate release of the IMN leader, Chukwuka Okonjo.

who is the associate vice president for public safety and chief of UND Police, the science journal Nature reported. also broke into the residence of Oyinlola Tuga by unlocking the door with a master key.” Garner told the paper. one of the beauty spots in Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming, Casa Diablo Portland Now notorious for one of its strippers receiving Tweets from Cory Booker, but his instincts were right. read more