Traditional industries do electricity providers 4 strokes teach you to do hunger marketing

for the traditional electricity supplier website, want to profit its marketing is very important, a good way to get the electricity supplier website quickly get the target flow and get orders. However, with the rapid development of Internet, the two years of marketing also changed, especially the recent very fire of hunger marketing, millet hunger marketing science and technology of the killer, is also a very successful marketing case, millet company only in a period of time through every round of hunger marketing millet mobile phone sold out, from this also indicates that hunger marketing is very reliable means of marketing, but also very suitable for traditional business website. read more

Marketing treasure website promotion ten basic skills

in the "marketing treasure: how to quickly establish contacts" in an article said, how to establish contacts, but the network is only a qualified marketing personnel. Today we talk about the success of the marketing staff should practice those basic skills. Note: mainly refers to the website promotion.

should be said that the promotion of the market is a very low threshold of work, such as the primary exchange links, exchange advertising, almost a little understanding of the Internet can do; but to do a good job, there is a certain degree of difficulty. There is no shortcut to success, there is no accident, all successful, must have some necessary conditions. That as a marketing staff, who have to do the work better and more successful? The author is a marketing community in the newcomer, constantly think about this problem, we will share some experience as follows, mainly in practice based on the experience and his predecessors. To summarize, inappropriate, also please you to forgive me. read more

How to quickly create a high flow of plastic surgery industry network

is more and more aware of the value of female webmaster website, therefore, the women’s website blossom everywhere, but there is real flow less feminine website. How to quickly improve the female website traffic, the following examples to share with you.

share some of my ideas below:

(1). Domain name must be simple, easy to remember, recommend the use of Pinyin or English alphabet. After all, women’s rational thinking is poor, in general, the simpler the domain name, the better, they are easier to remember, easy to accumulate two visits to users. read more

July 8th Suzhou Summit Forum successfully concluded

this is held in Suzhou so far the largest webmaster and IT gathering, the meeting is jointly organized by the Chinese Association of e-commerce network marketing Specialized Committee, Suzhou CCCEM certification training center, Suzhou Electronic Commerce Association and China outac. And has been in the East China IT sector has considerable influence of Mr. Wang Chenyun’s strong support.

Chen Yun

guests speak passionate scene read more

How to run a local job site

this year’s employment market pressure is quite large, let three job a dish with higher bo. However, in the local market, we must be able to beat the top three job seekers network, a mountain king. Xiao Shenyang borrowed a word: why? I for the three major advantages and disadvantages of the job portal is as follows.


1: a long history, a brand effect, strong credibility, high integrity.

2: rich in human resources, can provide talents throughout the country.

3: registered companies are rich in resources, job seekers can find all kinds of companies throughout the country. read more

want to settle down, consumer fraud charge high limit customers to transfer the domain name renewa

these days, for the new network of hegemony, the webmaster network to the majority of the webmaster gave strong support, which let me see a little hope. Because I was also treated with similar injustice. Now in the webmaster nets, hoping to get help, the most important thing is not to expose the kind of IDC business, let everyone be careful.

briefly said, "I want to settle down in my" domain name registration company, because of dissatisfaction with their charge high cost and 80 yuan, want to move to a new network interconnection, however, "I want to settle down and out of domain name: provisions need to pay 80 yuan as renewals. In fact, the domain name should be transferred in the new domain name renewals, instead of the previous. "I want to settle down, it is the practice of overlord behavior. read more