Buy a network of tourism products refund difficult 9 does not support unconditional refund

tourism group purchase, really for


refund difficult problem of golden week 44 group purchase website rehuoshangshen outbreak

travel through the holiday season to focus on product abuse outbreak. Reporters found that only buy navigation site group 800 received a complaint data show that the tourism product complaints from 105, involving the purchase of the site of the group of 58, many of them, such as group buying industry heavyweights. "No refunds, unconditional refund, group purchase industry standard of service in all aspects of tourism products and tourism service failure, the inherent ills, is by virtue of group purchase during the festival completely broke. read more

The software system into enterprise management model

The change of management concept, the change of working mode, the change of business process, the process of innovation, which is the essence of information, Lenovo Group senior vice president and CIO Wang Xiaoyan said.

The background of global integration

A key problem is

1, can build a data warehouse, the rapid realization of enterprise internal business systems and business systems integration between enterprises, the integration of different business systems within the enterprise, the development of the system between different manufacturers. read more CEO June sold my house when started a business

lead: IDG campus entrepreneurship competition will preach ninth station, June said, entrepreneurs need to accumulate, and after the start to "release", which is in a very short period of time will be accumulated capital connections in an instant release.

May 15, 2014, held by IDG capital and entrepreneurial state IDG campus entrepreneurship contest will be held in Zhejiang University,, the successful conclusion. The campus entrepreneurship competition for all undergraduate and graduate school, aimed at mining talented developers and technology geeks on campus. read more

Catering enterprises leveraging O2O in the face of repeated consumption of hundreds of millions of

traditional catering enterprises O2O benefits: 1, the diners can be spending habits, preferences and other large data, and then actively develop customer resources. 2, enterprises can accurately locate the customer base through the network, excellent publicity. At present, there are 3 kinds of O2O models, one is through the online group will be discounted, preferential information released out; the two is the business through the WIFI in the store to achieve network orders; the three is the Internet takeaway. read more

Alipay in a test run

the Chinese largest third party payment company ushered in the highest point of the history of the development, is also facing more intense competition situation and policy concerns.

after the daily turnover exceeded 1 billion 200 million yuan, Alipay President Shao Xiaofeng to honor the commitment of streaking. In December 8, 2009, Alipay office building, he was wearing a pair of shorts, wearing sunglasses around the circle in front of hundreds of employees. Because of the need to play the image of Zorro – the other may be shy — he also wore a cloak. read more

To buy a foreign space, for activation of PayPal new strategy.

first stated that this is not my original. Sent out so that we can learn under!

the following process does not need to fax, do not need to call the activation code, do not need to wait for the bank to send the bill.

Paypal is the most common way to pay online.

activate PP need to use the international credit card or international debit card, China is now more commonly used is ICBC international debit card. ICBC international debit card activation PP is an economical and safe choice. The following reasons:

1, only one identity card, no guarantees.

2, annual fee of only 50 yuan.

3, no minimum deposit, a few dollars can be saved.

4, a lot of people have been working on the international debit card activated PP, indicating its feasibility.

. The first step: to apply [ICBC international debit card:]

ICBC international debit card full name is: peony international debit card with a

1, my ID card, to the location of the city ICBC head office Card Department asked the staff, to a Zhang Mudan international debit card application form, need to fill in the content: including work, occupation, income and so on. One of them is a sub card, if you do not need to fill, I did not fill. There are two kinds of

the current minimum to do 2 years, that is 100 yuan a year.

[* * Note * *]

A, ID card to the local identity card, if not, the bank does not give you to do, it will be your ID for the location.

B, do not apply to the branch handle, to go to the city head office card office. Because the general branch does not have this form, MM do not understand this business, go to the white run, I ran a white.

2, the card etc..

general application after second days, the bank will be based on your phone, check your information.

10 working days, that is, two weeks later, the bank will call you. When you take

* * * * [note]

to get the $5, is indeed a headache. All banks in the country are not allowed to use Renminbi in principle, unless there is evidence to go abroad. The method is as follows: $

in < >
read more

How to realize B2C e-commerce in traditional enterprises

twenty-first Century is the era of the Internet, there has been a lot of e-commerce personnel predicted that "the future or electronic commerce, or no business can", which fully describes the e-commerce business in an important position in the future. In 2011, many traditional enterprises in China to enter the ranks of the development of electronic commerce, many companies just follow the trend, to build a website, or a Taobao even do e-commerce, in fact, this simple approach, what are not, and for the enterprise itself did not have any role. So, how to do, in order to realize e-commerce to help enterprises overcome the economic difficulties, the author introduces how to implement B2C e-commerce, e-commerce here will be divided into four aspects, namely, to the enterprise e-commerce, enterprise positioning mode, enterprise B2C e-commerce implementation method of B2C electronic commerce and publicity enterprise users perfect experience. read more

Twelve test Taobao from the platform to get to the ecological chain of Pathfinder

electric business in China, the recent hot topic is: Taobao has done over $1 trillion in the amount of the transaction, then it’s how to go?

in the past December 12th, love online shopping consumers must have noticed, on this day, known as the "1212", it is a man-made "holiday", once again launched a promotion battle. However, with the double eleven is different, this time there is no smoke price war, but to allow consumers to sit on the time machine, looking back on their Taobao process. Behind the form change, may be able to see Ma Taobao "innovation" road visible. read more

The new standard of Taobao strike price original fiction and false promotion

May 15th, Taobao released the "Taobao released new price standard" announcement, clear business in Taobao (Taobao, Tmall, Juhuasuan and other content platform) release of goods / all price service to fill in, should strictly abide by the law, follow the market rules, to ensure to provide legal basis for any price or available for comparison the source of. Businesses may not be fictitious price, not false promotions. Standard content on May 15, 2015 publicity, will take effect on May 22, 2015. read more

Free Raiders.Pl

free domain name Poland PL Application Tutorial

free domain name provided by the station is:

PL com net EU info


1 Polish online translation:

2 on PESEL:

PESEL is an identity, 11 digit composition, equivalent to the Chinese identity card.

example: 49040501580, which means that this person was born in April 5th, generally only need to modify the number of these 0405, you can successfully passed the 4.

application address: read more

Note some of the electricity supplier Darunfa went on sale on the nternet fresh


] December 23rd news billion state power network, the state power grid from the RT mart’s B2C website flying cow network learned flying cow network officially announced fresh on-line business, first as a pilot city of Shanghai, then quickly spread to the whole country. It is expected that 27, Shanghai buyers can visit the flying cow network to buy fresh goods.

flying cow network sources, in the fresh channel officially launched before flying cow network has served in testing the ten centres of Shanghai city to achieve half a day. As long as the buyer in the morning before 11 orders, the goods can be received at 5 pm. At the same time, in order to solve the problem after the buyer receives fresh products to carry, flying cow network also free to the user to keep the box, to ensure that users can receive goods anytime, anywhere. read more

Pat access WeChat payment Tencent social electricity supplier is still in the Pathfinder

each reporter Zhang Sifa from Beijing

in PC micro store shops and a key to open up after August 20th, the "daily economic news" reporter from the Jingdong’s internal pat Network that pat Network has on the PC side and mobile terminal simultaneously access the WeChat payment, payment will be the first to support WeChat store in the end of the month to reach 1000.

Tencent 2014 second quarter earnings report, WeChat monthly active users reached 438 million, the number of users to pay WeChat is also growing. Internet analyst Wang Liyang told the "daily economic news" reporter said, WeChat in the big background, when the gimmick out, have some help for investment, but much of WeChat’s influence in the end, will see the actual effect. read more

Traditional logistics market double eleven cross-border electricity supplier was robbed, or face res

Abstract: as a part of the exam every year, double eleven war kicks-off.the logistics. Everyone knows, want to win this battle, I am afraid that Jingdong, Ali as moving mouth is not enough. In order to "cut the hand" who buy goods served as soon as possible, the domestic logistics company in July has started early preparations for the low-key. The cross-border electricity supplier has become a dark horse in the domestic electricity sector.

"Get up at four or five in the morning, at the beginning of the beginning of sending pieces, received, has been busy until ten in the evening, the meal can not take care of a bite on the mouth of the read more

Transformation has become a trend not only traditional enterprises

Have a lot of

on corporate restructuring statement, but in 2014 the industry transformation will not focus is the traditional enterprise, in addition to science and technology such as Haier manufacturing industry has its most looks forward, the traditional manufacturing industry will continue to consume in complicated structure, it is difficult to be like the ceramic industry Eastroc from enterprises basically own leather life, as people from the media Fang Yu said, the traditional enterprise transformation is impossible. read more

An ordinary daily dinner to see the positive energy of e-commerce

a few days ago with a few friends in the pedestrian street shopping, the results of the dinner time we did not go to Italy, the reason is very simple, that is not enough to buy their own things, want to continue to stroll. But everyone at the stomach began to be unhappy, so I picked up the mobile phone to open a group purchase APP, start looking around for us to have these chowhound places to eat, and was soon found in our next to the 3 floor there is a fast food restaurant. In APP we see a package of 3 people, and we were going to be the same as the 3, but I am more practical, it is recommended not to buy in the first set, go directly to the store again. The results got there when I was there not through consulting group purchase this link I now have here, if the consumer can enjoy the same preferential with the group purchase directly here, over there very good attitude that can. She said: "this is our only to promote our group purchase, but if you really come here and know that our group purchase information can also enjoy the same treatment, but not limited to that a package group purchase online, here no other special labeling products is also like this, since you have to, our aim will be to promote, earn less never mind we are in pursuit of a volume." read more

Zhongxiaoxie electricity supplier should implement mingshemingkou consumers to avoid impulse spendin

picture source: visual China

in new network on 12 December, according to the China Association website news, according to the "double 11" multi platform appliance business problems before the promotion, the first price promotion is false and misleading, put forward the following suggestions: Chinese Consumers Association of the relevant government departments should strengthen price regulation, regulate the price behavior; electric business platform to fulfill the obligations of monitoring platform, promotion activities, promote blatantly implement mingshemingkou; consumers need to avoid impulse spending, to enhance awareness of rights. read more

Babe network Zhang Lianglun on maternal electricity supplier is the key to economic evolution, popul

‘s brother said: in July 18th, 2016 China mother at the end of the Shanghai summit a new channel, the chiefs from maternal industry in the field of the sharing and exchange, to discuss the future development path of maternal electricity supplier.

in July 18th by the mother and child industry to observe the evolution of the 2016 new Chinese mother and child channel summit in Shanghai successfully concluded. From the channel, brand and other areas of nearly 40 chiefs to interpret the channel change. Event participants more than 1500 people, the number of live online viewing over 20000 people, online and offline synchronization, the atmosphere is warm and extraordinary. read more

Net goods identify afunction or the impact on the electricity supplier

recently, a consumer in Dangdang to buy a piece of Casio, due to the problem of this Casio, consumers find CASIO warranty, after-sales and Dangdang customer service are fruitless. The former said online shopping does not belong to the scope of warranty, the warranty and return call.

frankly, excellence and Dangdang proprietary products and brands, mostly is guaranteed, very puzzling is that the third party merchants, although the mall would be "authentic guarantee" (such as excellence) words, but the quality of goods is the actual hand to take the letter. This is the case of the Beijing consumer Casio. read more

Explore and compare the five elements of the profitability of shopping sites

has been a comparison shopping sites are faced with weak profitability, low return on investment is a common problem. In the field of comparative shopping search spread so few words:

1, shopping search engines and e-business with

2, small commodities, digital, automotive, home, books, maternal and child supplies, etc. is a major shopping website profit industry;

3, big industry to do the brand, small industry to do content;

4, price comparison is the factor that should be paid attention to when shopping website. read more

To the optimization theory but not Wangzhuan Wangzhuan combat

The optimization is not a theory but not the theory to actual SEO Wangzhuan Wangzhuan

but now practical to think clearly a pseudo SEO show, there is a person by teasing, another person depends on a lot of SEO theory, many of my friends think this is a true war have a unique style, I hope my friends don’t the wrong way, must stick to my faith, the weekend with friends to eat when talking, in the end what SEO can do? As long as an answer in order to repay the money, seo=, is so simple, there are a lot of people say what to say the company carry out and so on, the ultimate goal is money, they are really these people say too written. read more