Beware of text ads embedded in the page code problem

      the marketing community has a famous saying: "I know that some of my advertising is wasted, but I do not know what is wasted." As the fourth media of the Internet with its excellent directionality to solve this problem in part, so that marketing to reach the target group. However, in these users all-weather 7× 24 hours of work, life cycle, which put, which kind of delivery, which period of time is appropriate, but also a problem related to efficiency.

      and the emergence of new advertising system in this paper can solve these problems, such as gold, finishing, macro media, weather reports etc, is a pioneer in the domestic advertising, and my days system more accurate, according to the area, week, time, browser type site type, content, keywords and URLs such as targeted advertising, and we do not by the click as the main charges, but according to the number of prospective customers to bring main enterprises or advertising for a very low cost, our customers are not afraid of malicious clicks, the function of the mature design of the reasonable division of complex function management, more efficient. read more

Taobao search station selected network officially launched no financing plan

on June 7th news, Taobao search site "selected" officially launched, selected network official said no short-term financing plan.

according to the selected network will reorder the Taobao stores, merchandise information, to provide more reliable and accurate better shopping for Taobao search results buyers.

From the Taobao store historical transaction price level, the short-term

selected network (not the same day), buyers frequently traded with the same store compare the difference in assessment and the volume of trading activity, whether to participate in the Taobao consumer protection plan and other factors, through the data mining analysis to modeling, formation rate the mechanism of the algorithm, re sort the Taobao store and commodity information. read more

Daily topic buy competition to upgrade the public comment launched flash benefits cut into the trans

A5 webmaster network ( April 22nd news, yesterday, the public comment announced that it will be officially upgraded to buy the business of flash benefits to solve some of the drawbacks of the buy mode. The user support services in flash Hui merchants consumption, basically can be completed online directly after discount payment, WeChat and Alipay support flash pay to pay benefits.

CEO Zhang Tao public comment is explained "flash benefit" and different "group purchase, flash, businesses can be very flexible to adjust the discount of the time, to achieve a more flexible marketing, so that businesses can ensure whether busy or idle when the passenger flow, this is the" flash Hui "and he and the group purchase discount products the most essential difference in the marketing business". Flash benefit mode to give up the most common coupon coupon mode, but in the consumer spending is completed, online payment, the amount of the amount of the amount of investment in accordance with the company after the introduction of preferential discounts. read more

General Administration of radio, the next step will focus on playing pirated video site reshuffle ac

December 17th, sources disclosed that after cleaning without audio-visual license video business website, from the beginning of January, SARFT will be in the next stage will be the key point to spearhead specification of pirated video, regulatory focus will be to have audition video site licence. Some analysts said the future of the video industry will be a large-scale integration and mergers and acquisitions, shuffling will continue.

it is worth noting that, in December 14th, SARFT said in response to media questions, the illegal audio-visual site investigation, will not only be limited to BT download website, the website has obtained a license if the violation of the relevant provisions, emergence of piracy or spread illegal programs and other issues, will be punished, will be serious revoke the license. read more

Local market has become increasingly fierce competition in the Red Sea market

local site is characterized by strong geographical, visitors are mostly local users and potential consumers, but also because of this feature, local sites are often favored by local advertisers. Rather than put a lot of advertising costs to the search engine is not as good as advertising on the local portal site advertising, has become the idea of most local businesses.

local website market this cake, from an unknown treasure, competing for food situation; more and more local websites sigh: local websites do not do, advertisers are not good flicker. read more

nventory 2012 electricity supplier industry, the ten key words shuffle and price war

news December 24th, March May, listed bloodshed Tencent, independent electricity supplier in August September, where the customer group purchase heating retrenchment, Suning acquisition red children, by the end of the "double eleven" bloody…… In 2012, the electricity supplier industry "every day there are people approaching, some people had to leave". This year, with the deepening of the electricity supplier industry entrance grab war, industry competition is also increasingly tragic. read more

A little bit of information CEO Li Ya if the robot will be turned into a machine

-11 February 8th, the seventeenth session of the China entrepreneurs forum held in Yabuli snow town, a little CEO and President Li Ya participated in the discussions of entrepreneurship — desire and keep cold "forum.

in the forum, Li Ya said that in the context of the mobile Internet, with media content creation, the value is replaced by the original multimedia agencies, media production content, on the basis of the algorithm of content distribution and social dissemination of the contents of the three major characteristics of the content industry produced tremendous change, the loss of traditional media organizations the leading position of the original. read more

Stationmaster should have the basic reserve advertising is not so sold

      don’t understand the mom in the launch of 1 yuan advertising value, it is difficult to let us accept the owners to sell 1 yuan / week price in Ali’s mother, and the price also includes a management fee of 15% mom. Although the fish into the bowl is the meat, but it is not necessary so spoil yourself, owners still need to have the basic reserve.

      China’s webmaster is not as poor as this point, to 1 yuan / week price to sell their advertising. Even if there is no advertising and advertising revenue, for most of the webmaster can still bear. read more

UUCall domain name to restore the analytical re opening in February 4th

UUCall website screenshot

January 4th, the concern of the site open service with the latest developments, the current domain name has been restored to resolve the site, according to the website page announcement, will be re opened in January 4, 2010.

October 7th, UUCall suddenly announced the suspension of the use of the domain name is resolved, resulting in its 30 million registered users affected. UUCall official said that the real reason for the UUCall stop service is not a domain name dispute, but with the national policy conflicts caused by. read more

nsider Baidu or the upcoming Beidou program to replace the theme promotion

sea electronic business exclusive news: Baidu at the end of the year or will launch a new feature named Beidou program to replace the original theme promotion.

Baidu theme promotion as Baidu bidding in the value-added features, its effect has been questioned by customers. The launch of the Beidou program with Google AdWords features similar to the main features are expected to be as follows:

1 intelligent matching accuracy is more accurate. Baidu theme promotion can not accurately match the keywords required by the customer to the appropriate alliance site, and the Beidou program will be more accurate in the intelligent matching. read more

July 8th Suzhou Summit Forum successfully concluded

this is held in Suzhou so far the largest webmaster and IT gathering, the meeting is jointly organized by the Chinese Association of e-commerce network marketing Specialized Committee, Suzhou CCCEM certification training center, Suzhou Electronic Commerce Association and China outac. And has been in the East China IT sector has considerable influence of Mr. Wang Chenyun’s strong support.

Chen Yun

guests speak passionate scene read more

2010 Shanghai station going behind the scenes

by V5Shop and China website hosting, 600 owners to participate in the 2010 Shanghai conference and Expo Internet webmaster win-win forum yesterday, the center for American Studies at Fudan University in Shanghai successfully ended at the Oriental pearl. After the meeting, the guests did not organize the organizers and expressed their approval, and agreed that this is by far the highest domestic standards, the most successful annual meeting of the


the stationmaster meeting 12:30 admission, the webmaster enthusiasm, less than twelve points will be waiting in a queue. read more

Sina micro-blog set up false information spread rumor information to a prudent and responsible area

webmaster admin511 24 news: Sina, micro-blog set up before the false information exposure area (, intended to prompt netizens in the dissemination of information should be more prudent and responsible, so as to avoid misleading to other users. At present the area at the testing stage, with the official rumor area, Sina also launched the official rumor rumor – micro-blog micro-blog (


micro-blog false information rumor exposure area read more

Go to Dongguan, the nternet has done a survey of what harvest

pea pods team members went to Dongguan plant research, what is the purpose of the process, what kind of harvest?

Zhang Tao pea laboratory product designer

what is the purpose of

?The purpose of

research is to understand the survival status of young people in the factory, they are how to use smart phones, how to get the daily needs of the content.

What is the


actually began last year, pea lab has been a colleague to the town of Dongguan has done a round of research. Years back, we think to be designed for this group of users, product designers need more down to earth in the past. So let me and another colleague from Beijing in the past, look for a town. read more

Art electricity supplier has reached two thousand unfortunately few achievements

[Abstract] most of the existing works of art electricity supplier did not pay attention to consumer demand, but all the online auction, the intention of the high-end market share.

In recent years

Internet business was raging like a storm trend, number of electricity providers focus on art has reached about 2000. Although the "Internet plus", "not to get in by every opening +" strong style, the depth of invasion of all walks of life, but still few achievements in the art market. read more

nvestment e-commerce will lead to 40 million retail jobs disappeared

Russian Internet investment Yuri · Milner


technology news Beijing on September 24th news, the Russian Internet investment guru Yuri · Milner (Yuri Milner) last week at a forum in Ukraine on the retail industry, the pessimistic outlook, and it is expected that the industry a large number of jobs will disappear.

Milner said, the next 20 years, the retail sector will be significantly reduced job opportunities, there will be a reduction of 40 million jobs." Milner believes that there are currently about 6% of retail transactions completed online, and in the next 10 years, this figure will increase to 20%, in the next 20 years will increase to $50%. read more

.mobi Chinese information name from December 2nd officially opened registration

from December 2nd onwards, the mobile Internet Chinese information from the site officially ushered in the global open registration period, any organization or individual may apply for registration Chinese name and address information, users can directly use Chinese fast access to mobile internet.

this year, the Ministry of industry and information technology Telecommunications Research Institute and the global top-level domain (.Mobi) reached a strategic cooperation management company limited, before entering the open enrollment period, Chinese registered user name and address information in the same time, can get a global top Chinese.Mobi domain name, also can be in the mobile phone, PC browser directly on the same input the Chinese.Mobi visit the website. read more

2 million more had to stop the acquisition of domain analysis

news (March 18th), it is reported that the play from the A8 music network recently purchased under the two letter domain name domain name, according to insiders estimate, the value of the domain name should be not less than 2 million yuan. Warcry not relevant news bulletin.

Whois domain name information that the domain name in operation in March 10, 2010, the company registered as "more entertainment", the domain name should be successful trading in March 10th or so, the price is unknown, the relevant insiders said, has been used for music website project, the domain name of the purchase price should not be less than two million yuan. read more

Many of the world’s largest BT Pirate Bay founder facing jail

according to foreign media reports, the Swiss high court has decided that there is no intention of the "Pirate Bay (Pirate Bay)" website of the four founders of the appeal hearing. This also means that after the court of the Pirate Bay site of the four founders of the prison and sentenced to fines and other penalties will be implemented in accordance with the law.

The four co-founder

"Pirate Bay" sites involved were Peter · Sander (Peter Sunde), Frederic · (Fredrik Neij); Nigel, Gottfried · J Val Thor M (Gottfrid Svartholm) and Carle · Lundstrom (Carl Lundstrom). read more

Easy to question WeChat contrary to share the spirit of Ma Huateng drops are treated

CEO, founder of the car is easy to Hang Zhou today published an open letter to Tencent CEO Ma Huateng, in "the weak have the right sound" title, that is easy to car and parity software easy to App a circle of friends to share content is WeChat screen.

not only that, Uber, China and other APP circle of friends to share has been shielded. There is only one exception."

Zhou hang also said that the spirit of the Internet advocates open, equality, cooperation, sharing, but now some of the practices of the WeChat platform is the spirit of the Internet, is contrary to the. read more