Business wind blowing second-hand idle fish around their traditional electricity supplier PK odds ge

TechWeb July 1st report text / Zhou Xiaobai

nearly a month, the use of idle trading platform constantly sounding. For a time, we feel the electricity supplier seems to have entered the second-hand trading.

May 30th, the mobile phone digital recovery platform treasure recovery announced nearly 100 million yuan A round of financing, mainly for the development team, polishing products and expand business scope in three areas.

June 7th, Jiuai announced 30 million yuan Angel round of financing to get LETV collar vote. This round of financing is mainly used for product iterative development and brand promotion, Jiuai founder Guo Peng said, hoping to become the music as eco eighth. read more

Jingdong mall service to upgrade the door to the new category expanded to 8

morning news recently, the Jingdong to expand the mall home for the new range, who meet the replacement policy commodity in self distribution range, more than 80% will be able to enjoy the home for new service.

called home for the new, in which consumers purchased goods quality problems, and in accordance with the rules of the new home for the Jingdong, customer service service direct to home, the new product to consumers, to retrieve the problem which a number of goods, logistics distribution has exempted, thus eliminating the need for consumers to shorten the time cost, receiving new goods time. read more

The coveted golden nine silver ten millet TV hit to the who

in Chinese color TV market, manufacturers every year promotional efforts two month of September, October is the largest, known as the "golden nine silver ten". Today, the traditional sales season is coming, in front of the Internet brand aggressive offensive, the color TV industry, there is no new gameplay?

, according to the author, regardless of how the color TV industry competition rules change, price is always the most talked about topic of Chinese consumers. Therefore, the "price" of this weapon, in the "golden nine silver ten" sales season is certainly the first to take the TV industry, the second is of course the hardware competition, again is the "software, content richness". read more

Treasure net enabled tens of millions of domain name was $60 million financing

renamed China ( following the May 26th hearing, serves network ( has recently received $30 million financing, and have a need to fight a single domain enabled on-line luxury "treasures" also announced the acquisition of 60 million yuan A round of financing, it is said that the domain name value of 10 million yuan.

figure: Treasures nets

domestic luxury site was founded after the treasures of the network by the original Xueersi founder Cao Yundong left in 2011 and then, the original name for "treasures" Larry To obtain financing in the near future, the website has enabled a new domain name to replace the original Larry domain, click the domain name will appear at present to celebrate the treasures of the network enabled qianwanji domain and the brand name fully upgraded! ". read more

Huang Jian on the Dead Sea sea and China luxury

The concept of

luxury in Chinese since ancient times, but from 2010 onwards, luxury seems to have become a concern of Chinese, these exist only in the upper class of the society more and more things appear in ordinary people’s eyes! The definition of luxury in the internationally recognized as "a peoplessurvival with the development of the scope, has a unique, scarce and rare characteristics of consumer goods", known as non necessities. Luxury consumption is a high-end luxury consumption behavior, the word itself is not derogatory. But in the concept of China society or the vast majority of people: luxury is almost equal to the greed, extravagance and waste. Is petty, upstart, show its upper social status, money and some other luxury performance! In fact, in some sense, the essence of luxury is a high-end consumer behavior, itself has no judgments of the points. From the social point of view, it is a kind of personal and even social taste and quality of life. read more

Jingdong trademark registered trademark is revoked is not successful Everything will be fine.

Abstract: what’s the inspiration for our brand management in the future?

trademark is not involved in the Jingdong all Jingdong trademark, but by other companies to apply for. The application of "Jingdong" trademark in the Jingdong before the company, so the company to apply for the trademark in later Jingdong "promotion (for others)" goods and services group thirty-fifth 3503 on the very long time not through the Trademark Bureau review. Of course, if the investigation is now through the Trademark Office to check the registered trademark of Jingdong company, after 14 years, many have been registered. read more

Website money guide how to register for Adbrite

Adbrite in the United States can be said to be second only to Google and Yahoo’s largest Internet advertising and dealers, it also includes the user area on the global China payment, but also in the operation and rules than before both have many different, if not easily closed accounts, advertisement price is good, the application through the graphic introduce Adbrite advertising steps:
(Note: the following pictures click

1. can be amplified) first into the Adbrite page to register an account: read more

Thought of rural Taobao only sellers Ali wants to transform rural areas

Alibaba transformation of rural Taobao

Sina Technology Zhang Jun

Alibaba also made a holiday.

Prior to

, Ali has been Tmall double 11 and double 12, Taobao creation Festival and for the rural special purchases for the Spring Festival Festival four. Now, there is a festival in rural Taobao – rural culture festival. However, compared with the previous commercialization of different festivals, the establishment of the National Cultural Festival seems to be more public interest. Vice president of Alibaba group, general manager of the Taobao division of the village sun will be positioned as: connecting urban civilization and rural culture carrier. read more

The inventory stumbling block on the road ahead

believe that many people on the vivid impression from Chen Ou speak for himself that played chicken inspirational advertising. The early morning of April 12, 2014, a "young, passionate, inspirational style and label with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) submitted a listing application documents IPO. Documents show that plans to raise up to $400 million of funds through the IPO transaction, to be on the NYSE or NASDAQ listing, the United States IPO sounded the bell, Chen Ou also anxious to prove who is this era". read more

Shanghai pharmaceutical hand Jingdong want to force pharmaceutical electricity supplier

every Reporter Zeng Jian

Shanghai pharmaceutical and Jingdong want to force pharmaceutical electricity supplier.

Shanghai pharmaceutical today announced that it had signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement with Jingdong in May 15th. The two sides will jointly explore relevant market opportunities and business opportunities, strategic, capital, business and other three aspects of the establishment of a comprehensive strategic partnership.

in accordance with the cooperation agreement, Shanghai pharmaceutical and Jingdong in the scope of national policy allows to create a prescription drugs online sales platform and offline distribution network. Shanghai pharmaceutical commitment, Jingdong Shanghai pharmaceutical in the field of prescription drugs in the field of e-commerce exclusive partner, and Jingdong exclusive prescription drug e-commerce business related data and resources. Jingdong promise medicine Shanghai health cloud Limited by Share Ltd (hereinafter referred to as cloud medicine health) exclusive in the Jingdong operating e-commerce platform to sell prescription drugs and medicine health rights, cloud share exclusive prescription drugs associated with e-commerce sales data and resources. read more

Payment interface for e-commerce website construction

recently found online asked more and more people on the support of the interface, most people have some skills in the program, but very confused on the online payment interface, a lot of the time I do not know where to start. In fact, no matter what kind of payment interface, the principle is the same, just know that a payment interface usage, other interfaces can be derived, the different parameters of each own transfer may be just not the same.

first, we take the Alipay interface, Alipay interface documentation has more than and 10 pages, the initial contact may see the head is dizzy, but I still don’t know where to start. In fact, the more than and 10 page content just made the following points: to implement the interface you have to have a website, have a Alipay account, Alipay cooperation identity ID, security check code etc.. To achieve a simple function of the payment, in fact, only a few files configure Alipay interface folder on it. Take the ASP version of the interface to explain, the more easy to understand: there is a alipay_Config.asp on the inside of the configuration set up your information, attention is notify_url return_url with two variable function. The configuration of the two pages of Alipay_Notify.asp and return_Alipay_Notify.asp means that you can change the state of your database from the content of the page to determine if the customer is paying for it, read more

Microsoft intends to promote e-commerce website and Amazon and eBay competition


technology news Beijing time on June 21st morning news, according to "the Wall Street journal" reported, sources familiar with the matter said, Microsoft recently is considering launching an e-commerce site, the target is to compete with industry giants Amazon and eBay.

sources, Microsoft is working with retailers and technology companies on the e-commerce site launched negotiations, hoping to attract a group of businessmen to this site, and plans to launch a unified "shopping cart" and wide delivery service to choose for the. In order to attract shoppers, Microsoft also is considering providing price subsidies for the sale of goods on the site, subsidies will come from businesses in the Microsoft Bing (Bing) web search engine or other part of the advertising expenses in service. read more

Taobao Tmall Jingdong where the business domain infighting a showdown!

renamed China ( September 3rd hearing, in the era of rapid development of the Internet, people have to enhance the life of entertainment and enjoyment demand. In addition to music, video, social networking, games and other forms of entertainment, online shopping has become a large number of "shopaholics" out of one of the preferred. According to CNIT-Research released Android platform online shopping APP download data figure, as of August 31st, Taobao, Tmall and Jingdong APP downloads amounted to hundreds of times. But far behind and VANCL, Suning, shop No. 1, also hold the domain name weapon armed battle fight ". read more

Electronic commerce Baidu promotion article eight trick

If you do

network marketing promotion of Baidu to do the equivalent of 50% work! In the domestic search engine market share in Baidu almost to 75%, so we must pay attention to Baidu, Baidu promotion, the most straightforward is to pay to do the bidding of Baidu! Auction because they are black Baidu salesman, a Jin asks you to add a word, so money joy is gone, many bosses are afraid, but if you choose the right keywords, written advertisements, Baidu bidding is a good promotion methods! Of course I believe that the main promotion methods still want to know not to spend money, so please watch the picture below, I’ll give you one on read more

want to settle down, consumer fraud charge high limit customers to transfer the domain name renewa

these days, for the new network of hegemony, the webmaster network to the majority of the webmaster gave strong support, which let me see a little hope. Because I was also treated with similar injustice. Now in the webmaster nets, hoping to get help, the most important thing is not to expose the kind of IDC business, let everyone be careful.

briefly said, "I want to settle down in my" domain name registration company, because of dissatisfaction with their charge high cost and 80 yuan, want to move to a new network interconnection, however, "I want to settle down and out of domain name: provisions need to pay 80 yuan as renewals. In fact, the domain name should be transferred in the new domain name renewals, instead of the previous. "I want to settle down, it is the practice of overlord behavior. read more

Our services can usher in the spring of life do one thing under cover of another card

is known as the transformation of life service e-commerce platform Wowo mall once again announced plans to start listing in the United states. Unlike a great in strength and impetus "IPO to start the press conference" held a high-profile, low-key Wo Wo Group just submitted IPO application, Wo Wo Group announced the listing plan to the public, but this has not yet announced specific financing amount.

in the evolution of the "thousand group wars" and "Three Kingdoms", in 2014 the domestic group purchase market accelerated differentiation, with the U.S. mission near Ali, Baidu acquisition of glutinous rice, the Tencent strategic stake in the public comments, the group purchase industry pattern has been basically established, as the Wo Wo Group site in only a few independent army, follow-up sound, a lot of low-key. Once again, Wowo announced the launch of the United States listing plan just let the market think once the giant war group purchase. read more

Amoy official website and forum May 31st quietly on the nternet

scouring Japan’s official website on May 31, 2010 has been quietly on the line. It can be opened now.

Amoy Japan Forum ( was founded in Amoy on the occasion of the Japanese propaganda line. The site must get posted on the official website before or after it is very difficult to do seo. Amoy Japanese forum has been ranked first in the Google. Amoy Japanese forum has been briefly included Baidu, but was K. According to the judge is due to the reasons for foreign space, instability caused by. Because during the same period, the city round navigation network group purchase and group purchase site on the three children taking different children, group purchase ( collected by Baidu, and the weight is very high, but all children ( and the city group purchase navigation network ( has not included. Visible space for the webmaster, is the lifeline. There is no good space, no matter how much effort is hard to get good results. And good space, stable, open fast, both for the search engine, or visitors, the experience is good, it is easy to retain visitors. read more

CES domestic brands become the focus of glory play gains 7 awards 5X

recently, the annual session of the science and technology circle event International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in the United States of Las Vegas Shanda ended, major hardware manufacturers competing in full bloom, intelligent hardware, indicates the new trend of science and technology in 2016. Consumer electronics brands from China have appeared, according to foreign media reports, the glory of its new glory play 5X stunning appearance, not only become the focus of the highly anticipated CES, more BEST CES, won the THE OF CES 2016 Best in show, TOP PICK, GoottaBe Mobile CES 2016 Excellence Award CES 2016 and other seven Media Awards foreign media, won praise. read more

Nestle and Ali strategic cooperation is also optimistic about the rural market

to sell more products to more people in more places.

yesterday, Nestle group and Alibaba in Beijing issued a strategic cooperation plan to upgrade the bird’s nest nest "meow star".

is the first wave of activity on June – 7 – Tmall platform on the Nestle super brand day, involving the Nestle group’s flagship store Tmall’s 30 brands of hundreds of goods in the 15. Since then, Nestle will also be carried out in Ali platform for up to 6 months of brand marketing activities, the introduction of imported products nestle. read more