Wanda electricity supplier accused of quick business model is still fuzzy

Wang Jianlin, chairman of Wanda Wanda is now ready to re adjust the plate: the first half of the work meeting in mid July Wanda Group, he said, several providers will jointly invest 5 billion yuan, the largest Chinese established Wanda electricity supplier brand, and strive to achieve profitability or at least 3 years to find the profit model, by 2020, Wanda electricity supplier will not real estate, cultural tourism, finance, retail Wanda together constitute the five major business segments.

Although this is not the first foray into read more

Summary of the experience of standing group from failure to profit

every day to see everyone said the station group, at first I thought the station is a program like weaving Empire program. Later, a chance to open an article on the station group after the article, only a real understanding of the station group, only to know that it is composed of many stations, the station group if done well will have a very good income.

is also a few websites, others can do stand group we why not? Others can do station group, I limited money I can do my small group.

has just started thinking on the domain name registration, the purchase of space, on the program, add content, send the chain. Looked very simple, do not stand a few can not stand. One is to find the content really tired every day, every day is two and the content is really very tired. Three is also secretly consider the link between the site. read more