nvestment e-commerce will lead to 40 million retail jobs disappeared

Russian Internet investment Yuri · Milner


technology news Beijing on September 24th news, the Russian Internet investment guru Yuri · Milner (Yuri Milner) last week at a forum in Ukraine on the retail industry, the pessimistic outlook, and it is expected that the industry a large number of jobs will disappear.

Milner said, the next 20 years, the retail sector will be significantly reduced job opportunities, there will be a reduction of 40 million jobs." Milner believes that there are currently about 6% of retail transactions completed online, and in the next 10 years, this figure will increase to 20%, in the next 20 years will increase to $50%. read more

.mobi Chinese information name from December 2nd officially opened registration

from December 2nd onwards, the mobile Internet Chinese information from the site officially ushered in the global open registration period, any organization or individual may apply for registration Chinese name and address information, users can directly use Chinese fast access to mobile internet.

this year, the Ministry of industry and information technology Telecommunications Research Institute and the global top-level domain (.Mobi) reached a strategic cooperation management company limited, before entering the open enrollment period, Chinese registered user name and address information in the same time, can get a global top Chinese.Mobi domain name, also can be in the mobile phone, PC browser directly on the same input the Chinese.Mobi visit the website. read more

2 million more had to stop the acquisition of yy.com domain analysis

news (March 18th), it is reported that the play from the A8 music network recently purchased under the two letter domain name domain name yy.com, according to insiders estimate, the yy.com value of the domain name should be not less than 2 million yuan. Warcry not relevant news bulletin.

Whois domain name information that the yy.com domain name in operation in March 10, 2010, the company registered as "more entertainment", the domain name should be successful trading in March 10th or so, the price is unknown, the relevant insiders said, yy.com has been used for music website project, the domain name of the purchase price should not be less than two million yuan. read more

Many of the world’s largest BT Pirate Bay founder facing jail

according to foreign media reports, the Swiss high court has decided that there is no intention of the "Pirate Bay (Pirate Bay)" website of the four founders of the appeal hearing. This also means that after the court of the Pirate Bay site of the four founders of the prison and sentenced to fines and other penalties will be implemented in accordance with the law.

The four co-founder

"Pirate Bay" sites involved were Peter · Sander (Peter Sunde), Frederic · (Fredrik Neij); Nigel, Gottfried · J Val Thor M (Gottfrid Svartholm) and Carle · Lundstrom (Carl Lundstrom). read more

Easy to question WeChat contrary to share the spirit of Ma Huateng drops are treated

CEO, founder of the car is easy to Hang Zhou today published an open letter to Tencent CEO Ma Huateng, in "the weak have the right sound" title, that is easy to car and parity software easy to App a circle of friends to share content is WeChat screen.

not only that, Uber, China and other APP circle of friends to share has been shielded. There is only one exception."

Zhou hang also said that the spirit of the Internet advocates open, equality, cooperation, sharing, but now some of the practices of the WeChat platform is the spirit of the Internet, is contrary to the. read more

CNNC open part of the domain name registered individuals can be obtained through bidding

A5 (admin5.com) December 17th news station network, China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) released in December 16th "on notice" Landrush keep part of domain name registration open, said the second phase CNNIC part of the reservation domain is open for registration, the stage allows all users to apply for the domain by way of bidding. Keep the domain name registration landing phase development from December 23, 2013 9 to January 22, 2014 24. Any natural person or an organization that can independently assume civil liability may participate in the bidding. read more

Voice broadcast can really let the domestic network red to Creator change

2016, "live", "Red Net" has become the most popular Internet domain keywords, one time the entire domestic market emerged hundreds of broadcast platform, and some video sites, news client, social networking platform, business platform have also launched a live broadcast function. Not just entrepreneurs like mad to live, the giants have set, Taobao, Tmall play electric broadcast; Tencent is worried about WeChat, QQ social status was replaced by live, launched a series of several broadcast platform; micro-blog and technology combined to create a live. The holding company has recently launched the first letter speech broadcast platform red Live. read more

The rivers and lakes of the nternet ten years of reincarnation, by land use, can leave traces

lead: yesterday of the month, during the day, the sun and the moon at. That is the big day almanac.

yesterday of the month, during the day, the sun and the moon at. That is the big day almanac.

day, the Shanghai stock market shock V shaped gap, Hong Kong stocks dropped 700 points, Liu Chuanzhi to wrap up the Lenovo holdings listed in Hongkong, LETV knife inserted into the capital to cool great god.

this year, mobile phone industry heavy hostility. Like the 1998 PC.

1998, IBM PC or the presence of God in general, international brands AST, COMPAQ, DEC are flashing on the high gold. At home, just as each province has its own beer, almost every province has its own brand PC. Have the strength to derive and Lenovo PC hegemony, about the Great Wall, Tongfang, purple, create, start and so a bunch of. At that time, all flags fluttering a cloud, daily media store crusade against the fierce battle. The idea of passion, as before 1800, the Eastern Han Dynasty and warlords from the tyrannical era. read more

WeChat big wet brick house, please shut up, listen to the voices of the third party developers WeCha

the day before WeChat officially released the WeChat store WeChat news, a time related industries who are the big marketing industry general turmoil, wet, comment brick house, especially WeChat third party developers, and be frightened and change color wolf has a big rush about telling the news around spreading, the situation, various media have also published a commentary, "WeChat electric last night, people who suffer from insomnia?" "WeChat open shop, will give WeChat and third parties pushed in the teeth of the storm?" "WeChat pushing electricity supplier astray, or will kill third party" · · · · · · read more

National buy site closed 2859 cumulative mortality rate of up to 48%

[introduction] data show that as of the end of June 2012, the group purchase website cumulative birth up to 6069 of the total number, total shut down 2859, the mortality rate of 48%, operating in 3210, has dropped to about 3200 by the end of 2010.


technology news (Le Tian) August 14th news, Chinese Electronic Commerce Research Center report released today pointed out that the first half of 2012, the number of China group purchase website steadily from 3909, reduced the "operation at the beginning of the group purchase by the end of June net decrease of 3210, while the number of employees and average salary of group purchase is also reduced. This phenomenon is the inevitable development of the industry. read more