The real source of traditional retail pain Rise of consumer sovereignty

writer is chairman of eFuture Fuji RONGTONG by him in April this year, the United Business Network Marketing Conference in China Shenzhen summit speech compiled

I know that many of you have opened their own retail stores, do the clothing enterprises, electricity providers have done, what are you all of you fear? I got a data, last year, the major brands have announced the first half of 2012: Lining closed shop closed 1200 stores, PEAK before the three quarter closed 1067, China trends throughout the year to close 569 stores, XTEP has closed more than 200 stores, there are at least 96 degrees. Anta has not spared, in 2012, it’s a total of 8075 stores, compared with the young 2011 of the 590. Today, the 6 largest apparel industry companies,, XTEP, China and other stock movements reached a total of $3 billion 721 million. Will this continue to be staged, which means that consumers are starting to make major changes, with their hands and feet. read more

From the climax to the lonely group purchase website itself is the biggest cause of death

There are always some news

recent major news website, group purchase website advertising budget has certain, Moumou group purchase website layoffs, Moumou group purchase website reduce profits, group purchase site between winter to pull. It seems that one night, group purchase website has closed the crisis, that is to say, will face the "winter group purchase website". The development of more than a year of group purchase website so quickly from crazy to lonely, I think, and this group purchase website itself cannot do without the relationship: read more

Taobao in 2016 11 pairs of double the arrival of 12 Taobao to create a way to share baby boom access

explosion refers to the sale of goods in short supply, high sales of goods, is often said to sell a lot of high popularity of goods. However, the explosion for sellers, eat sources; many sellers, shop by to maintain a better life, and this shop by 1-2 explosion models exist, often see an explosion of monthly sales 5000+, monthly sales break 10000+ and so on, I think any accidental is inevitable result. For sellers, how to dig the explosion, is essential. Especially the double 11 approaching, how to grasp the double 11 Festival traffic bonus, make a fortune. read more

Wanda electricity supplier accused of quick business model is still fuzzy

Wang Jianlin, chairman of Wanda Wanda is now ready to re adjust the plate: the first half of the work meeting in mid July Wanda Group, he said, several providers will jointly invest 5 billion yuan, the largest Chinese established Wanda electricity supplier brand, and strive to achieve profitability or at least 3 years to find the profit model, by 2020, Wanda electricity supplier will not real estate, cultural tourism, finance, retail Wanda together constitute the five major business segments.

Although this is not the first foray into read more

Summary of the experience of standing group from failure to profit

every day to see everyone said the station group, at first I thought the station is a program like weaving Empire program. Later, a chance to open an article on the station group after the article, only a real understanding of the station group, only to know that it is composed of many stations, the station group if done well will have a very good income.

is also a few websites, others can do stand group we why not? Others can do station group, I limited money I can do my small group.

has just started thinking on the domain name registration, the purchase of space, on the program, add content, send the chain. Looked very simple, do not stand a few can not stand. One is to find the content really tired every day, every day is two and the content is really very tired. Three is also secretly consider the link between the site. read more