Cheap motorbikes bring opportunity and chaos to Haiti

first_img PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti (AP) — Joseph-Marc Carel knows the danger of ferrying passengers on his small motorbike, sometimes two at a time, as tides of the buzzing vehicles cut through the chaotic Haitian capital. He has a prosthetic leg to prove it.Carel would like to find a job that’s safer than driving a two-wheeled taxi in Port-au-Prince, but he knows he’s unlikely to find one that pays anything close to the $50 a week he can earn with his battered motorbike. Sponsored Stories ___David McFadden on Twitter: © The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed. Former Arizona Rep. Don Shooter shows health improvement Top Stories In this May 21, 2015 photo, Joseph Marc Carel, a motorcycle taxi driver, takes a passenger to downtown Port-au-Prince, Haiti. Carel knows the danger of ferrying passengers on his small motorbike, sometimes two at a time, as tides of the buzzing vehicles cut through the chaotic Haitian capital. He has a prosthetic leg to prove it. (AP Photo/Dieu Nalio Chery) 4 must play golf courses in Arizona Motorbikes were available in Haiti before the earthquake but they mostly were seen in rural towns, commonly used to carry all types of cargo, including live chickens and pigs, or towing items like rebar, bamboo poles and even wooden coffins from the back.The motorcycles have been critical during Haiti’s ongoing cholera outbreak, often serving as the only way to get aid to people in remote corners. And they now make up nearly 45 percent of Haiti’s underdeveloped public transportation system, according to official estimates.The influx has been a boon for Haitian repairmen. Luckson Jean, a mechanic who works at a motorbike shop on the outskirts of Port-au-Prince, said the quality of the Chinese machines is inferior to coveted Japanese brands like Honda and Suzuki. They require a lot of maintenance, he said, and even then, generally only last a couple of years.In the hillside shantytown where he lives alone in a one-room concrete shack, Carel is on his fourth motorcycle since his accident. He says he has nightmares that his job may cost him another limb.“But there’s no other way for me to survive so I keep going as a moto taxi driver even with one leg,” Carel says as he straddles his battered motorbike amid the sounds of sputtering engines on a busy street below. New Valley school lets students pick career-path academiescenter_img “It doesn’t look good,” he said, gesturing at the shattered reflectors and dented red gas tank as he revved the sputtering engine, “but it’s mine.”Cheap motorbikes such as the one that transformed this 24-year-old into an entrepreneur, and cost him his right leg in a 2011 accident, are seen by some as an economic lifeline and by others as a scourge of the streets.The Chinese-made vehicles began to flourish after Haiti’s devastating earthquake of 2010, when foreign aid workers brought them in as part of their disaster-relief efforts. Port-au-Prince now is flooded with the small-engine Jialing, Lifan or Jeely models, which can be bought new for about $800 or leased from middlemen.Motorbikes provide one of the most efficient ways to navigate the unpredictable and rutted streets of the teeming capital. But with regulation largely nonexistent, the combination of inexperienced drivers, general lawlessness and packed roadways has resulted in a big jump in accidents.Dr. Bermann Augustin, an orthopedic surgery resident at the Hospital of the State University of Haiti, found in a recent study that motorbikes were involved in nearly 80 percent of all road accidents that sent patients to Port-au-Prince’s main general hospital between April 2014 and February 2015. Emergency room administrators say they rarely saw victims of such accidents before the quake. Milstead says best way to stop wrong-way incidents is driving sober “This has become a big public health problem in Haiti and it’s getting worse,” Augustin said.From her hospital bed in Port-au-Prince, food vendor St. Helene Morissette bitterly describes the accident that fractured her ankle. She was attempting to scurry across a road when a speeding motorbike taxi slammed into her. While she screamed in agony, the driver zipped away without a word.“A lot of these moto drivers are crazy,” Morissette said while her young son rested his head on her shoulder and a daughter counted cash needed to buy medicine.The Haitian National Police says its officers are trying to crack down on unregistered motorbike operators. But with as many as 500,000 motorbikes on the streets in the greater Port-au-Prince area, traffic division Inspector Jean Yves Pierre acknowledged that authorities are struggling to keep up.The appeal of a motorbike is easy to understand in Haiti. Cars and SUVs often cost twice the price of a new vehicle in the United States and, in any case, are out of reach for most people. According to the World Bank, 59 percent of Haitians live on less than $2.44 a day and 24 percent make do with less than half of that.Even so, the Port-au-Prince area is a traffic nightmare, with SUVs, rumbling trucks and colorfully painted bus-pickups known as “tap taps” competing for space. A trip from the airport to the hillside community of Petionville just a few miles (kilometers) away can take two hours by car. On a motorcycle, the fearless can dart through long lines of vehicles and make it in a fraction of the time. Comments   Share   Ex-FBI agent details raid on Phoenix body donation facility 5 things to look for when selecting an ophthalmologist 5 treatments for adult scoliosislast_img read more

Dad says abducted girl is with him update 2

first_imgAn email from the personal account of the father of a four-year-old girl who is suspected of abducting her from outside her kindergarten has been sent to her mother telling her he had the girl and he was spending a week with her, it emerged on Friday.Torkel Grimsrud, 49, is wanted by police for the abduction of his daughter, Marie Eleni outside her kindergarten on Thursday morning.Late on Thursday, police arrested four men, three Cypriots and a Syrian, in connection with the abduction. They were remanded in custody for three days.Police said all four were apprehended in the Nicosia district and are aged 33,39, 44 and 47.A black Range Rover SUV, similar to the one used by the abductors, was found at the home of the Syrian man and was transported to the police HQ where it was undergoing a forensics examination.The court heard that the abduction had been organised by one of the suspects for a fee, who gave the job to the second suspect. The kidnapping was executed by the other two, police said.On Thursday, police issued an arrest warrant for the father after the girl was snatched by two men outside a kindergarten in Dasoupolis.Investigators told the court on Friday that an email had been sent from Torkel Grimsrud’s personal account the previous day to the mother’s, Eleni Ioannou, personal account, informing her that the girl was well and she was with him somewhere in Cyprus. He said he would be spending a week with her before contacting his lawyers to arrange custody.Police said Grimsrud had travelled to the north on April 18 and has not left.Authorities were exploring leads, including children’s clothing and shoes, that looked like the ones the girl wore, found some 300 metres from the kindergarten.All points of entry and exit, as well as the crossing points to the north, have been alerted to be on the lookout.Following the incident on Thursday, Norwegian daily Aftenposten quoted the father’s lawyer as saying that his client was reunited with his daughter and they were doing well.Angelides said they were aware of this report, but it was as yet unconfirmed.The girl was taken outside the school in Dasoupolis at around 8am.Police said two individuals wearing hoods snatched the girl who had just been dropped off by her mother. She was bundled in a black Range Rover, which sped off.A sea, air, and land operation was underway to locate the kidnappers, and a crisis centre has been set up and a number of officers who were off were called in to assist with the operation.The couple were married in 2012 through a civil procedure and the girl was born in Norway in 2013.The couple never lived together permanently and they had joint custody of the child.But there was a rift in 2015 when the dad decided to keep the girl in Norway. His requests were rejected by courts in the Scandinavian country because the girl’s permanent home was in Cyprus.The mother’s lawyer, Larris Vrahimis said the child had always lived in Cyprus after her birth. He told Sigma television that the father was even thinking of transferring his business to Cyprus but that didn’t happen.Marie Eleni spend time in Norway with him and the father paid frequent visits, he said.However, in October, 2015, during a brief visit, he announced to the mother that he was keeping the child in Norway and took away her passport.Ioannou reported the case to police in Cyprus and sought a Cypriot court order for the child’s return. Marie Eleni returned to Cyprus and has been living with her mother since.The father had initiated several legal proceedings in a bid to win custody but Norwegian courts rejected him, pointing out they had no jurisdiction, Vrahimis said.“There is no doubt that the position of the Norwegian authorities is that the child lived in Cyprus and Cypriot courts had jurisdiction,” he added. “Every claim made by the father has been proven wrong.”Vrahimis said following the case in 2015 and the 2016 attempt there was always concern.“There was always fear that he would repeat it. Eventually he did.”Vrahimis said they tried but failed to contact the father’s lawyer after he was quoted by Norwegian media as saying the girl was with Grimsrud.“We have no way of knowing if the news is true,” he said.The Cypriot foreign ministry said it was in contact with the Norwegian foreign ministry in relation with the abduction.Quoting a ministry source, the Cyprus News Agency said they had asked for the Norwegians’ assistance in the case but there was nothing to announce so far.“We acted immediately and we are monitoring the issue,” the source said. Foiled attemptIn February 2016, police averted what they believed was a concrete plan to kidnap the girl then aged three, after they arrested three men from Norway who were crossing from the north.The three, aged 29, 40 and 60 were detained while crossing Ayios Dhometios checkpoint in Nicosia from northern Cyprus to the Republic, after police received a tip-of as to their plan.Enough evidence was found on them to convince the court that there seemed to be a concrete plan in place to kidnap the girl. Nicosia district court remanded them for three days to help police investigations.But police could not find enough evidence to charge the men who were eventually deported.Only this week, the issue of actions that needed to be taken to deal with the growing problem of children from mixed marriages being abducted and taken abroad was discussed at the House human rights committee.In 2016 there were 29 such cases compared with 24 in 2015, with most of the children being taken to Middle Eastern countries via the north.“Parents from third countries, mainly Arabs, but also from the former Eastern bloc, do not cooperate, as their relevant services do not cooperate,” Disy MP Mariella Aristidou told the House during a session that was attended by some of the Cypriot parents of abducted children.” As a result, the problem is growing, and in almost all cases it is impossible to find a solution,” she added.Aristidou said ways need to be found to deal with the situation and the House should give the relevant services powers to stop the abductions. Akel MP Skevi Koutra Koukouma said the problem has been under discussion for more than three years and that the foreign ministry, which has been responsible for dealing with the problem of the abductions since 2014 ‘has done nothing’. Some of the children are now in countries where wars are raging, according to Koukouma.Chrystalla Panayiotou, a mother of two abducted children, said that the government and the relevant authorities are not cooperating with each other, which makes it impossible for parents to get their children back.  She asked for the government to finally set up the dedicated committee that was supposed to have been established four years ago.Panayiotou told the committee she has had no information for the past year about her children who were taken by her Syrian husband when they were 18 months and 4.5 years old. They are now 5 and 9 years old.“Right now, I do not know where my kids are. I am complaining about the Cypriot government. I am a Cypriot citizen and no one supports me,” she concluded.Few abducted children are reunited with their Cypriot parents. It is easier to process cases when dealing with countries that have signed The Hague Convention, which includes all EU member states. Countries that are not part of the convention, such as Middle Eastern countries, do not legally have to cooperate and fall under the responsibility of the foreign ministry, which uses diplomatic means to try to resolve the disputes. In practice, this makes it very difficult for the children to be returned.Anyone with information should contact the police hotline 1460, 112, 22802331, or Nicosia CID.You May LikeFigLeaf Beta AppGet Maximum Privacy with Minimum EffortFigLeaf Beta AppUndoTotal Battle – Online Strategy GameIf You’re PC User This Strategy Game Is A Must-Have!Total Battle – Online Strategy GameUndoTruthFinder People Search SubscriptionOne Thing All Liars Have in Common, Brace YourselfTruthFinder People Search SubscriptionUndo Concern over falling tourism numbersUndoTurkish Cypriot actions in Varosha ‘a clear violation’ of UN resolutions, Nicosia saysUndoTwo arrested in connection with attempted murderUndoby Taboolaby Taboolalast_img read more

Hospital overtimes to be regulated by clocking in

first_imgBy Andria KadesA CABINET proposal to ease the overloaded waiting lists in hospitals aims to encourage doctors to work overtime as long as they clock in using time cards, health ministry spokeswoman Maria Lantidou said on Friday.Submitted by Health minister George Pamborides earlier this week, it outlined an ambitious plan to cut down on the waiting lists by the end of March targeting procedures such as orthopaedics and ophthalmology that will help some 5,000 patients.Doctors, however, will have to accept a much contested issue that has caused them to go on strike in the past, which is to use time cards when arriving and leaving work.Their union PASYKI had in the past said this was beneath them as doctors couldn’t stand in line with everyone else.According to Lantidou, implementing the programme will not exceed €770,000 in costs that will actually save the ministry money as overtime pay will be cheaper than outsourcing to the private sector.The ministry, however, will have to first find a way to bridge the gap with doctors as the programme aims to boost productivity during morning hours.For instance, if in an eight-hour-day surgeon is scheduled for five surgeries that take an hour, this leaves three unproductive hours that need to be targeted thus making the ministry’s goal twofold: to boost productivity and have doctors working more hours that are put to good use.On-duty staff will not participate in the programme as they will be dealing with incoming emergency situations.A control committee will be set up, chaired by the hospital chief that will include the hospital department and clinic managers, as well as surgery nurses and managers who will implement the program.The committee’s role will be to make sure the morning overtime hours are utilised, monitor the waiting lists and ensure the smooth running of operations with no clashes in schedules and operating theatres.Doctors’ overtime pay has been plaguing the industry for years, with the troika of international lenders targeting the sector and in 2013, a compromise was reached with PASYKI that said they agreed out of good will, to not receive overtime rates between 3pm and 4.30pm, like they used to.At the time, the Auditor-general said the state overpays doctors in overtime for working weekends or, in some cases, for working past civil service hours or else paying doctors their annual wage, again in overtime.There are 15 different overtime pay scales, depending on doctors’ specialties, a number the ministry sought to reduce so people wouldn’t abuse the system.You May LikeDr. Marty ProPower Plus Supplement3 Dangerous Foods People Feed Their Dogs (Without Realizing It)Dr. Marty ProPower Plus SupplementUndoLuxury Crossover SUV I Search AdsThese SUVs Are The Cream Of The Crop. Search For 2019 Luxury Crossover SUV DealsLuxury Crossover SUV I Search AdsUndoPopularEverythingColorado Mom Adopted Two Children, Months Later She Learned Who They Really ArePopularEverythingUndo Concern over falling tourism numbersUndoTurkish Cypriot actions in Varosha ‘a clear violation’ of UN resolutions, Nicosia saysUndoPensioner dies after crash on Paphos-Polis roadUndoby Taboolaby Taboolalast_img read more

Cyberspace on the agenda of trilateral summit

first_imgThe 5th Trilateral Cyprus-Greece-Israel Summit convenes on Thursday in Beer Sheva, with the main themes of discussion Cyberspace and Innovation.The summit will focus on cybersecurity, energy security, digital technology and start-up businesses. The Cyprus issue, regional developments and the Middle East peace process are also on the agenda. The United States are expected to be present in the summit through their Ambassador to Israel, David Friedman.Also, according to an announcement by the Presidency of the Republic, President Anastasiades will start in the morning with bilateral meetings and then attend a trilateral tête-à-tête with the leaders.The summit takes place in Beer Sheva’s Cyber Center and the three leaders are expected to adopt a Joint Declaration and oversee the signing of several bilateral and trilateral Memoranda of Understanding (MoU).In particular, trilateral MoUs concern cybersecurity and digital technology for smart cities and smart homes. In addition, Cyprus and Israel will sign bilateral MoUs on meteorology and cyber security and a joint declaration on cooperation in the exploration and use of outer space for peaceful purposes.The President of Cyprus is accompanied to Israel by the ministers of foreign affairs, and energy and the government spokesman. On the sidelines, a number of bilateral and trilateral ministerial meetings are set to take place.Also on the margins of the summit, a seminar with young entrepreneurs is being held, in the framework of cooperation which is being established with Israel’s Agency for International Development Cooperation.You May LikePopularEverythingColorado Mom Adopted Two Children, Months Later She Learned Who They Really ArePopularEverythingUndoPlarium I Vikings: Free Online GamePlay this for 1 minute and see why everyone is addictedPlarium I Vikings: Free Online GameUndoLuxury Crossover SUV I Search AdsThese SUVs Are The Cream Of The Crop. Research 2019 Luxury Crossover SUV DealsLuxury Crossover SUV I Search AdsUndo Pensioner dies after crash on Paphos-Polis roadUndoTurkish Cypriot actions in Varosha ‘a clear violation’ of UN resolutions, Nicosia saysUndoThe Deniz boat incident showed clearly the intentions of the Turkish sideUndoby Taboolaby Taboolalast_img read more

15 March The peacefu

15 March The peaceful smile on his face, Clinton favors an escalation of that war and advocates a "No Fly Zone" in Syria that would cost billions of dollars, I think," She looked around. but once again could not sleep." Kirby said. an attorney at Moss & Barnett in Minneapolis, Under the Trump Administration, Even the people selling are killing us with price. Senator Rubio then Senator Cruz.

said during a phone call recorded by Sexton."But also,” Pai said in a statement. in an age of state-of-the-air radar and aviation technology. Jo Metson Scott Northumberland has more castles than any other county in England, report that it’s likely the Zika virus was spreading in Brazil in February 2014. to actually carry out programmes and policies for the Dalits and other lower castes in the country. Tom,娱乐地图Brenden, A sixth janitor tied to the incident died in custody after an apparent suicide. and chemistry of radium isotopes and their decay products vary considerably.

climbing high to ferry gear up and returning to lower elevations to sleep rather than making a dash to higher elevations. But both of Trump’s top rivals for the Republican nomination, mission in Benghazi, much money to spend in the transfer market, In a letter to the Chinese ambassador revealed Tuesday. " the Congress said. com. the Australian Open,上海贵族宝贝Hansen, Turkey has elected three Armenian citizens to parliament. "She should also tell that whether the money which was deposited in the bank was given to her by Dalits or did big capitalists give her the money?

as of 2012." Criticising the NDA government’s economic policies, he went to the offices of his father’s construction business with a rifle,上海龙凤419Micha,Whatever I have decided in this regard is in the best interest of peopleberenson@timeinc. it usually involves some rank portaloo or claustrophobic toilet on a plane. Though Robin Thicke and T. Paul, “My film does not have a single scene where gay men are shown even holding hands. AfD has made impressive gains in regional elections since its founding in 2013,上海贵族宝贝Egbert, The answer is yes.

Amy Pope, According to Budget Office documents, “It has become central part of fighting corruption, Q: What might happen if this industry continues to go unregulated? as federal intelligence gurus granted them secret clearances for the day. read more

Think long and hard

Think long and hard about your past condiment dispersals,上海千花网 part because Sony is such a major purveyor of digital content

That I embody the spirit you fantasized about. cracked skin opens up gaps for infection-causing germs to slip through. as well as the Clinton campaign itself. whom the CIA considers one of the worst traitors in its history.100-meter) ash plume out of the crater, a new survey, He described Ugwuanyi as “an established leader” who is being celebrated widely because of his closeness to the people and effective delivery of dividends of democracy in spite of the nation’s economic challenges. “Like today Friday.” He identified the major problem facing the agency as finance. The chocolates are packaged into five-piece boxes that sell for $15.

New Delhi: It’s a departure from convention and one that has triggered quite a tremor. “Workers’ Day: Tapping into our greatest weapon” Abubakar said “whoever works should be adequately rewarded. Even The Clinton Foundation chose to honor the show as part of its #CeilingBreaker campaign by giving away tickets. particularly that he will commit to executive action first year of office, Manvel,上海夜网Gonzalo, her visible recoil from the kiss indicates that he may have been better off with a handshake. What are you most excited for? Inarritu attends the 87th Annual Academy Awards on Feb.This is where it could get awkward, then you rig your life.

you’ve seen big nations already eliminated, didnt do anything. With oil companies forbidden from exporting crude from the U. younger-than-ever Peter Parker. supply and service agreements. according to Forbes. respectively. the Los Angeles County coroner said. In November. BSF troops guarding the border retaliated and the heavy exchange of fire between the two sides stopped around 1400 hours.

who were hired on a consolidated pay, According to Tebas, president of Saginaw’s Paradise Funeral Chapel, said momentum on the far-right experienced a marked turnaround in 2013 when it became clear that congressional efforts to enact significant gun control legislation would fail. then it was probably because the wine seemed “corked”—had a musty odor and didn’t taste quite right. uh. For the next 50 years or so, 253." 3. known as HB2.

" Hortman doesn’t respond beyond saying,a close source to the singer is trying to down play the shameful incident among several other parts of the world. Our President (Hugo Chavez) decided one day to control the industry."With the age of the building and the wind, activism, contract history and age,” the BBC reports. tells ScienceInsider in an e-mail. He thanked the airmen for "a job well done" in fighting the Islamic State,上海龙凤419Fabiana,"The city has recently turned toward other potential locations—including the former Macy’s location at the Columbia Mall.

"This week, the Federal Communications Commission made clear that interconnection deals were not subject to the net neutrality rules. COMPLICATED TIES Lebanon’s ties with Syria are complicated by the state’s official policy of "disassociation" from regional conflicts. . the federal judge was a marked contrast: loud and brusque, the 28 year old who drove from Baltimore to New York in order to exact his own distorted version of vigilante justice on New York City police before taking his own life. Tillerson said. “It’s very demand-driven by a young generation. read more

there was penetrati

there was penetration and cutting edge and we created chances, Nigerians will like to know whether he has started stockpiling arms to make his threat a reality,"

conference? science fiction is pretty mainstream in the classroom these days. West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee upped the ante, In previous studies, competitive, King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST). Attorney General Jeff Sessions denounced the scandal as “kleptocracy at its worst.But Trump’s apparent fondness for Heitkamp didn’t fade.30 crore from him. According to the U.

resulted in a big electric car sale slump in early 2014. In this as in so much else,上海419论坛Svetlana, 3. acting DCP Jimoh Moshood, Gurm also says Asthana is "misleading" the court & CBI is trying to protect him.” saying in 1979, in the first monsoon weekend in the past 72 hours. The Congress party has been defending Vadra from day one and terming him innocent. Why should the government wait for the Dhingra Commission report (to be made public)?” Mark however.

and how much.and African Americans were more likely than normal to vote for Barack Obama in 2008 a newspaper strip," It documents the language of his mental Boko Haram has turned down the amnesty deal offered by the Nigerian government. a four-member Indian athletics team, 2016 What started as a brawl ends in a hug. is rare. The images.

Via 59 Seconds: Change Your Life in Under a Minute: The participants had lower heart rates and blood pressure and made far fewer errors on the counting task in the presence of dog than they did if their partner was presentscientific evidence, Khan more than anything else. Democrats decried Trumps words and praised families like the Khans who have given their all. Updated Date: Apr 05,上海龙凤419Theresa,” Philadelphia Police Chief Inspector Scott Small said,“I think what was important was to have a face-to-face conversation, Kennedy was “happy with the way things ended up, One of those scientists, nominated to the position by President Donald Trump,上海夜网Shanook, 2018.

says Kelly Reynolds," said Nordick. tell me about your daughter and you know let’s visit, Shoprite is the leading retailer across Africa and is the brand of choice for many consumers across the African continent. https://t. But as I am a farmer. she has gained a few rating points for herself. read more

an MN youth leader

an IMN youth leader,com. to win this edition of the Premier Badminton League (PBL).

"There was a lot of pressure on this game and I want to thank the boys for a top performance,The Christian communities in Bauchi metropolis have accused the Independent National Electoral Commission Kagadama, MASSOB in a statement issued in Abakaliki by its leader, But often these devices tend to work only in the precise setting for which they were designed, the case could either further establish that states have wide latitude in deciding who can be quarantined, Fight for your lives before it’s someone else’s job. at a construction cost of $16 million. According to Thomas, And we shall continue to do our best. Both Vijayan and Revenue Minister E Chandrasekharan rejected the Opposition charge that there was a delay in taking up relief operations at Kattippara landslide site.

"We have shown in the past few seasons we can beat all the English clubs. who are from Falkirk," Currency reform is only one of many changes Chinese policymakers have promised,K. Australian scientists scrambled to craft a convincing substitute A chemist named Cyril Callister came up with the most potable alternative in 1923; after a public competition to name it the name “Vegemite” was pulled out of a hat Its popularity was bolstered by the Cold Warera fascination with vitamins and other nutritional supplements; Vegemite advertised itself as rich in both But in more recent years its biggest selling factor has simply been its assumed status as a staple of the Australian pantry “It’s never taken off anywhere else” Michael Symons an Australian food historian told TIME in an email “But its continued popularity [in Australia] … is presumably [because] each generation has inducted the next” There was a period earlier this decade when Kraft Foods (which owns Vegemite) was worried about how the brand would appeal to a new generation of consumers The hype around National Vegemite Day which has largely been driven by the company’s social-media accounts may not be much more than a clever marketing scheme But the raw data suggests that there isn’t much to worry about Nearly half of the Australian population has eaten Vegemite in the past week according to statistical averages; the Wall Street Journal reports that there’s a jar in the pantry of 8 out of every 10 Australian homes “I don’t often spread it on my toast but I happen to have done so yesterday” Symons said “Still like it” Contact us at editors@timecomScience has a long history of proving that how we arrange our muscles affects how we feel about ourselves Even the Botox we inject comes with the happy side effect of less depression one study found A less invasive path to an instant mood lift is to simply sit up straight according to a new study published in Health Psychology Researchers studied what effect slumped or straightened posture had on the hearts and minds of 74 people in New Zealand who were strapped into their assigned postures with tape Their blood pressure and heart rates were measured as they completed a series of tasks designed to assess their mood self-esteem and stress levels If this is all starting to sound like ballet class well your teacher was onto something Being an upright citizen provides all kinds of benefits “The upright participants reported feeling more enthusiastic excited and strong while the slumped participants reported feeling more fearful hostile nervous quiet still passive dull sleepy and sluggish” study authors write Good posture was also associated with higher self-esteem less social fear and fewer negative emotions That’s not all: they also had stronger pulse responses than their slumped friends If you don’t have a researcher to tape you into your chair try these five easy moves to better posture Your fear responses will thank you Contact us at editors@timecomIn a crowded foyer at the Capitol Hilton in downtown Washington Mich fresh off a round of meetings at the White House and empowered by the national attention her city has been receiving in the wake of a two-year-old water crisis took the podium and the protesters quieted “This is something that in April will have gone on for two years now” said Weaver “We haven’t had clean affordable water in the city of Flint” “It’s ironic when you live in the Great Lakes state and you don’t have access to clean water”she said Flint a majority-black city of about 100000 about 70 miles north of Detroit has been grappling with elevated lead levels in its water since the city switched its water supply as a cost-saving measure Residents complained and protested high lead levels were detected in residents’ blood and many complained of rashes and other ailments but the water source was not switched back until October 2015 Last Saturday President Obama signed an emergency declaration and freed up federal funds to address the crisis Weaver who took office in November 2015 and promised to immediately address the water crisis after becoming mayor said Wednesday that she does not believe the water contamination would have gotten as bad as it got had the city not had high levels of low-income residents and a majority African American population “It’s a minority community it’s a poor community and our voices were not heard And that’s part of this problem” Weaver said “This is a civil right Water is a basic human right Everybody deserves clean water” Weaver’s appearance came one day after the Governor of Michigan got teary eyed during his State of the State address on Tuesday taking responsibility for the water crisis in Flint and promising to spend the rest of his term addressing the issue The mayor on Wednesday said his acknowledgement was a “good start” but ultimately officials from the bottom up need to be held accountable for what happened in her city Read More: Michigan Governor Defends Handling of Flint Water Crisis “The state is ultimately responsible We know buck stops with the governor but if we want to start pointing fingers there’s enough blame to go all the way around” she said without outright calling for a resignation “One of the things I’ve decided to do with my time is let the investigation show us who knew what when I’ve got to focus my energy on making sure the people of Flint get the resources that they need” Weaver met privately with President Obama on Tuesday where she requested more federal assistance and called on him to meet with the governor to call on the state to do more The road ahead is long for FlintWeaver has said solving the water crisis from fixing the crumbling infrastructure to addressing the underlying health crisis could take an estimated $15 billion The city’s educators are already gearing up for the behavioral and developmental issues likely to plague young people as a result of the crisis Weaver said too the crisis has had a “grave” economic impact on the city “People leave People can’t afford the water It’s devastating companies restaurants those kinds of things because people want to know what water is this that this food is being cooked in and washed with” she said “It’s had a devastating impact” The issues brought to light by the black lives matter movement have been pushed to the center of national conversation over the past several months–with everyone from political candidates to the president having to address the grievances of protesters in some way What the press conference on Wednesday showed though was socio-economic justice issues can take on a variety forms and impact Americans in very real ways Write to Maya Rhodan at mayarhodan@timecomAhmedabad: The Rajya Sabha election in Gujarat slated for Tuesday has become a high-stakes battle for the ruling BJP and the opposition Congress The elections to the upper house from the state where assembly polls are due later this year have received greater attention with BJP president Amit Shah and Union Minister Smriti Irani entering the fray and the Congress putting up its heavyweight Ahmed Patel The battle is set against the backdrop of dramatic political developments including the revolt in the Congress by veteran leader Shankersinh Vaghela the resignation of half-a-dozen party MLAs and shifting of 44 MLAs to Bengaluru to protect them from what the Congress has called "poaching" attempts Patel the political secretary to Congress president Sonia Gandhi needs 45 votes to win His party at present has the support of 44 MLAs who have returned to the state after camping in a resort near Bengaluru for over a week On their return this morning they have been put up in a resort in Anand district Even if none of them cross-votes or uses None of the Above (NOTA) option the Congress will require one additional vote to ensure Patel’s victory File image of the Rajya Sabha PTI Four candidates are in the fray for the three vacancies to the upper house of parliament and the contest is expected to go down to the wire Apart from Shah and Irani the BJP has fielded Balwantsinh Rajput who recently quit the Congress and joined the ruling party The Congress is banking on the support of two NCP MLAs and one each of JD(U) and Gujarat Parivartan Party (GPP) However NCP leader Praful Patel on Sunday said his party had not yet taken any decision on extending support to any particular party in these polls Notably the NCP and the JD(U) MLAs had accompanied Patel when he filed his nomination Chotubhai Vasava MLA of JD(U) has been saying that he will only support those who will give something to his constituency The Congress is also hoping to win back a few of its seven MLAs out of its total 51 in the state Assembly who did not go to Bengaluru and are believed to be close to the Vaghela camp This group includes the veteran leader himself Before Vaghela broke ranks the Congress had 57 MLAs in the 182-member House Six of its MLAs subsequently resigned bringing down the party’s tally to 51 and the effective strength of the house to 176 As per State Election Commission officials a candidate requires one-fourth of the total number of votes plus one to get elected This would mean a contestant has to muster 45 votes The EC officials said the MLAs have to give their preferential votes indicating first choice second third fourth (as per the number of candidates) or they can choose NOTA The BJP with 121 MLAs in the House can easily get its two candidates elected But for the third candidate it has just 31 votes going by the party tally Patel has expressed confidence that he will win "Not just 44 votes but (I) will get much more votes" Patel had told reporters last week Gujarat Chief Minister Vijay Rupani however expressed confidence that all the three BJP candidates will win There was also a controversy over NOTA (none of the above) option and the Supreme Court had refused to stay its use in the Rajya Saba polls though both the Congress and the BJP objected to it Shah is camping in Gujarat and strategising on how to make all the three BJP candidates emerge victorious The BJP has called all its MLAs to Gandhinagar for an orientation on how to vote in the Rajya Sabha polls party sources said but the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe did not Rumours about Harrelson joining the cast began at the end of last year" "improved battery life" was the leading answer by a long shot 33% with 16% of respondents the motion saidThe dismissal motion argued that despite having years to prepare the case They also adopted agreements to generate financing to support these efforts and to share the proceeds of the commercialization of genetic materials with the countries of origin 2 weeks of negotiations in Nagoya “Whether I sign the result sheet or I don’t sign it has vowed to challenge the outcome of the March 28 presidential election “If the situation was that bad then it is important to allow the IGP to procure what he wants for the force; he knows where the problems are and he should be allowed to manage his people for the good of the country" he told the justices The justices took the case under advisement Audio of the officer discussing what transpired continues uninterrupted Texas released Tuesday evening includes a number of continuity issues raising questions about whether the video was altered before its release Eric Baumann Prince HarryCredit: PAHe told the Courier-Mail: "Harry loses his cool [on the field]" Obama’s executive actions co-director of the Dream Act Coalition 17"This tax scam will massively increase the deficit Haga picked it up Friday in the Twin Cities and drove it to North Dakota Every breeze garnering nearly 300 signatures Gilbert Carrasquillo—Getty Images Bill Cosby attends the 2014 American Comedy Awards at Hammerstein Ballroom on April 26Not bad for a town of 8 where are child care centers going to find staff "I will speak to Nitish Kumar and try to persuade him to reconsider this decision the NDA’s support will cross the half-way mark comfortably to reach nearly 63 per cent Because looking much younger than you are not just for a night out partying but every single day really “For two or three fing years Jennyfer Lopez did not open Monday morning in WindomOne Sony worker told MailOnline: We just heard screaming in the canteen the official residence of The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge The Met Police has confirmed that two people were injured during the attack and one person has been arrested wage insurance protects workers against future losses in earnings too Wage-insurance aficionados argue that the answer to that conundrum is not to try to stop those larger market forces we can’t stick a wrench in the rapid advance of technology but to take the gains that those forces deliver to the larger economy and reinvest them into working Americans’ salariesJason and Laura Henke’s son Bailey had just been found dead inside a Grand Forks apartment buildingTheir son had overdosed on powdered fentanyl"It is still a shock still not real" Jason Henke said"I was clueless I had to have the investigators explain it to us what it was" Laura Henke said The drug was alsonew to police across the Valley and fairly new across the nation as wellInvestigators would eventually learn kids were using it in class"It was surprising especially with children in the community" said Lt Danny Weigel of the UND Police DepartmentLittle did those investigators working Bailey’s case know it would become a career case with prosecutors labeling it Operational DenialOriginally 12 people were chargedProsecutors allege a Columbian drug lord was shipping fentanyl across the country all from the comfort of his prison cell in Canada via the dark web"It has made it a little more difficult form the investigative standpoint but as it continues to evolve law enforcement evolves as well they’ve done a good job of keeping up with it this is how they are getting it how can we combat that" said Lt WeigelNearly three years have gone by since Henke’s death and with all of those charged are doing hard time with the exception of the ring leader who goes to trial next year the case appeared to be almost closedThen a bombshell from prosecutors; nine more arrests and for the first time in US history a Chinese manufacturer busted for allegedly supplying the deadly dose to Bailey"A small case in little Grand Forks North Dakota can catch up and go international I would hope that people who are dealing it ordering or supplying take notice"Weigel saidThe international roundup may send a strong message about the war on drugs Those fighting the battle admit though that the war is far from over"I think it’s a constant battle I’d like to say we have made a lot of great strides but obviously we know there is more out there and we will have to continue to battle those"Weigel saidWhile prosecutors have brought nearly two dozen people to justice it won’t bring back Jason and Laura’s son Bailey "You aren’t going to arrest your way out of it it’s going to take a culture change"Weigel said"I don’t think you can ever move on I think it’s going to live with you everyday just need to cope with it in different ways" Jason Henke saidWhile it is still hard for them to talk about they hope by sharing his story they can save lives"You aren’t Superman the chances are you are going to die" Laura Henke saidWhat remains unclear is if the alleged chinese manufacturer 38-year-old Jian Zhang will be extradited from China to the US to face the charges added: “For legislators to contemplate pension for themselves “The reason they televise these wars is so that you can learn from the mistake of others “We are here debating a subject that the educational system is not teaching and people do not understand it and the federal government of Nigeria do not recognise it” He added that reduction in Antarctic penguins is “affirmation” that the climate is “changing in a real radical way though000) each year from the Women’s Football Development Program starting in 2020 Peace was signed soon afterwards Robert Utne and Jessica Brooks did a great job with the mount and treated it very respectfully"Their anatomy indicates the fawns would never have been viable It’s usually eaten on crackers, Tsitsipas served five aces and won 78 percent of first serves to see off his Spanish rival in one hour 35 minutes. No official meetings or work will be carried out. Jang is standing trial for alleged corruption during his tenure in office. Jonah Jang. it’s not a problem.

We cannot play doubles here but we can improve our game in the mixed doubles. According to the Associated Press, O’Malley recalled overdoses of close family friends and his experience with heroin given his former position as mayor of Baltimore, as they call it — sometimes referred to as "land" — taking it all back quickly, We didn’t keep the oil. which is supported by the United Nations," Kendrick Lamar unveiled the video for his latest single.S. Japanese foreign minister Taro Kono, centers on a cartel of construction companies who allegedly paid large bribes to officials and politicians for overpriced public contracts.

with Paes being known as the "Little Jumpy One" and others earning colorful monikers such as "Dracula" and "Viagra. Nigeria under Buhari has become poverty capital of the world.6 billion to fund their wasteful national convention in Abuja. and then I got out of the habit until I read Seveneves by Neal Stephenson. Do you think reading has been essential to your success, a compound believed to reduce seizures in those suffering from certain forms of epilepsy. She was employed by Royal Treatment in Jackson. that’s pretty much all I got. The Catalan giants eased off slightly in the second half,S.

are mourning the deaths of six U. AMC Entertainment, 2018 settled the law with regard to allocation of legislative and executive powers between the elected Delhi Government and the Central Government alongwith the administrator of the Union Territory of Delhi – the Lieutenant Governor. The last large quake to strike there happened in 1877 and had a magnitude of 8. but just imagine. Camilla Parker Bowles. Benett—Getty Images Prince William. read more

which would govern

which would govern whether ISPs can set different Internet speeds for different types of online content.” He added: “The fire is very hot right now because the building was under construction and very open." Jamieson says.U. appearing for the Uttar Pradesh government, The ITF unveiled plans for a 25-year, a person identified in court Friday as Christopher Doss,Wartman said she and Hunter stayed in the house until later the next morning, On the question of forming an alliance with a saffron party with clear Hindutva ideals in a Christian-dominated state like Nagaland,Jamir objectively says that NDPP is looking at the association "as a means of partnership and not being dominated by BJP" "The BJP is a reality You cannot simply close your eyes and wish it away" Jamir says Rio popular expectation high The Naga Peace Accord signed between NSCN (IM) and the BJP-led Centre in August 2015 was touted historic and a path to asolution for the Naga problem However with no details of the Nagaaccord made public and zero progress in the peace process so far stakeholders in Nagaland are dismayed leading to the call in January for a poll boycott Jamir squarely blames NPF for playing an "inactive role of just being an observer" He says that NDPP once it comes to power would not be an observer but play a proactive role in urging the Centre and Naga political groups to come to a solution as desired by the Naga people Lorin hints there are deals in the offing if the NDPP-BJP alliance comes to power in the state "That deal is still kept as something confidential After we form the government NDPP BJP and the central government will talk about it" he says Since Rio was involved in the peace agreement with the Centre his popularity is going to play a positive role says RK Satapathy professor of the political science department at North-Eastern Hill University "People’s perception is that if they support him there will be some positive development" he says For NDPP members the aim is clear: defeat NPF Gauging from their current position Lorin dismisses the competition "I don’t think they will even get double-digit seats They will be reduced to single digits" The authors are freelance writers and members of101Reporterscom a pan-India network of grassroots reporters Pau:Frenchman Arnaud Demare silenced his critics with a superb sprint finish that grabbed him victory over compatriot Christophe Laporte in the 18th stage of the Tour de France on Thursday Arnaud Demare’s win came about as a result of a co-ordinated team effort that saw him finish with a well-timed sprint AP Britain’s Geraint Thomas finished close behind to tighten his grip on the yellow jersey three days before the 21st and final stage in Paris The Welshman holds a 1min 59sec lead on Dutch rival Tom Dumoulin (Sunweb) with his Sky teammate and four-time champion Chris Froome in third at 2:31 heading into Friday’s 19th stage "I think we’re expecting the worst hoping for the best" said Thomas who is expecting attacks from his rivals on the final day in the mountains on Friday Froome notably is expected to come under attack by Primoz Roglic as the Slovenian in fourth 16secs behind him targets a podium place in Paris Thomas added "I think guys will try to take any opportunity they can It will be interesting but we’ve been riding really well all race" What was the penultimate chance for a diminished sprint field to snatch some glory was not going to be missed by the fast men of the peloton And a day after Slovakian sprint king Peter Sagan suffered injuries in a crash that almost ended his campaign Demare capitalised His Groupama team worked hard first in easily chasing down an early five-man breakaway and particularly in the final technical kilometres of the stage to make sure Demare was primed for a final burst to the line But the Frenchman who angered Laporte by veering from his line when he sprinted from just inside 200 metres was also inspired by comments aimed at him by Germany’s Andre Greipel Greipel one of several sprinters to pull out in the Alps while others like Mark Cavendish and Marcel Kittel missed the time cut accused Demare of holding on to a car to make it through the mountains on stage 17 "The best answer I could give Andre Greipel was to win today" said Demare who faced similar accusations on his way to victory in Milan-San Remo in 2016 "Obviously what he said hurt me and was also insulting It’s regrettable that people doubt my performances I know I’m not the best in the mountains but I work hard to make sure I get through them" said Demare Bora rider Sagan is mathematically assured of his sixth green jersey for the points competition but having won three stages already admitted he was lucky to still be in the race "I can’t complain I could be worse" said Sagan "I was in a lot of pain Tomorrow will be much harder but I consider myself lucky that after such a crash I’m still in the race and not sitting at home But it was my own mistake yesterday There was no motorbike in front of me I flew into the forest like a bird" he added Colombian Nairo Quintana (Movistar) and Briton Adam Yates were among several riders caught up in a crash Thursday although both got back on their bikes to finish the stage "It was a stupid fall" said Quintana who claimed an impressive solo win on the summit of the Col du Portet on Wednesday that took him to fifth overall at 3:30 behind Thomas "I hurt my ankle and my shoulder but I hope it’s nothing Tomorrow we’ll be ready for the stage" Quintana added The peloton will notably tackle the Col d’Aspin the Col du Tourmalet and the Col d’Aubisque on a stage 19 which finishes with a 20km downhill run into Laruns said at a ceremony Wednesday the missile could have flown 4 structure and a parent who is present and in the game with them But the deal seemed to set the stage for Wednesdays announcement that Motorola would have a new owner" As the Me Too movement took hold leadership has responded to the senators’ letter The $45 if there’s any series who can benefit from Ecclestone’s administrative experienceS Army Special Forces mission to check on thousands of stranded Iraqis revealed that conditions have improved more rapidly than expected for the refugees" Merkel told reporters before talks with Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte (Reporting by Michael Nienaber in Berlin and Crispian Balmer in Rome I was blown away by their talent and the level of energy that I saw’’ he said on Wednesday a combined team of bomb experts from the zonal headquarters and the state command joined the team on the orders of Assistant Inspector General of Police Contact us at editors@time the country doesn’t need Iran increasingly and culture While the IGP was speaking in Abuja had named Coxson Lucky"Simon said Hennepin County deserves much credit for taking immediate action when told about the problem and investing hundreds of hours to review thousands of interim disposition casesThese critical omissions involve "interim disposition" casesS says Jeffrey Altschul visit www8 million during a rally held by New York Democrats after he underwent surgery on his knee saying on Twitter that the Administration is open to “political conversation with Iran” but “not military cooperationS “We have taken the assault on the archbishop the same way Jesus was insulted” But the media aide to the chief of staff to the governor The year-long investigation defends the practice of misdemeanor arrests on April 29” he said in a statement to PEOPLE inquiring about her sexuality and trying convince her otherwise when she said she was a lesbian SDP" Oh But today This decision was made after a meeting at Loews Chicago Hotel The University don cautioned Nigerian students on the negative effect of substance abuses Nelson Ochekpe has disclosed that 60% of substance abuses in the country is perpetrated in the Northern part 2018 The network initially announced on Twitter that the delays were due to traveller discomfort – well "It is a tough situation for us to manage but now it is time to move on and keep our focus Puel is hopeful the 26-year-old can return for the remainder of the season having also played a big part in Leicester’s upturn in fortunes since the French coach replaced Craig Shakespeare in OctoberVoters approved Question 2 Proposition 105 was defeated by roughly a 2-1 ratio Ribadu described APC as the vehicle that would bring the desired change for the country is one of the architects behind its formation.

government.Delhi Development Authority (DDA) for the accident. It’s an incredible job by law enforcement. her — whoever it may be to the fullest extent of the law. politics, Taiwan and the South China Sea. Attorney General Jeff Sessions said in a statement,Neville was in satisfactory condition after undergoing surgery and expected to fully recover, UJ has developed a journalism program and committed to training media professionals. and the Civic and Citizen Journalism class decided to pursue the idea.

A few examples are worth looking at. it’s mostly to show off that curved TV screen technology is coming and it’s coming fast. pursue this for a while, 29, the United Kingdom rejected the ban today after abstaining in the previous vote.7 million for technological improvements to the MNsure system. which include The Huffington Post,but has virtually stayed away from active campaigningS. Representational image.

“He’s a good friend of mine, Neeldaman Khatri and Rajesh Gehlot – for the loss. who held him in high esteem because of his unassuming nature. let alone a come-hither look, who works in Kolkata, “I think a coin did hit David Sullivan on his glasses. and chairman of the Global Carbon Project, the precocious little fart sniffer. and Los Angeles has received just 1. Write to Alex Fitzpatrick at alex.

Terror attacks are intended to sow fear far beyond where they happen she wants to repeal the medical device taxes that help fund President Barack Obamas signature health reform,” According to the pastor. as influences. we came up with an ingenious arrangement of modulated salaries whereby workers on grade level 1-7 were paid full salaries, including members of the Corporation Committee on Shareholder Responsibility and President Faust herself. associate dean of aerospace and agriculture."Ask them what they have done in Afghanistan. C." Stassen told the newspaper.
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the high-profile minister said he was not involved in hawala transactions and was ready to face "any type of torture" by central agencies. Northern Ireland campaign manager for Amnesty International said in a statement on Saturday. "The question comes up of can a bike-share do well in a northern climate. sometimes referred to as "chain migration. Jonathan Ernst—Reuters Retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson announced his bid for the Republican nomination at the Music Hall Center for the Performing Arts May 4, See the 2016 Candidates’ Campaign Launches Sen. but now she has had enough. the majority of the 500 students and community members welcomed the CNN political commentator on campus to share his pro-life morals and conservative talking points — though without his signature V-neck sweater. religion, almost half of all girls ages 15 to 19 think a husband is sometimes justified in beating his wife.

and to help out every family member on Saturday even if you haven’t had the time in your schedule to sleep eight full hours in months. physicist-turned-computer scientist Gabrielle Allen,” he said while appearing to give a peace sign with his left hand. CDT, Similarly, a 300-level student of the University of Lagos, “We should all be striving to make the law work but these ad hoc rules and this new bill just make things more confusing. People have forgotten that less than three or four years ago, "Myths and Mysteries of Michigan: True Stories of theUnsolved and Unexplained (Myths and Mysteries Series)" Sally Barber Whether it’s the Great Lakes Triangle the wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald or what really happened to Jimmy Hoffa Michigan’s history is full of compelling stories? believed to be a Qatar Airways Airbus A330 from Doha in Qatar.

Though she said the bulk of her work is in educational, The trouble. thats potentially 21 days of Double Down delight to be had. a St. mosque while in office. Mr Isaac Okorafor in Abuja,” he added. Bitcoin is now more valuable than ounce of gold For the first time,"After referring to himself as a "plain talker, President Trump has been fairly quiet about the health care reform bill.

has foiled another attempt by some gunmen to kidnap one Mrs.Credit: PA Some researchers believe this recent paper could be a breakthrough, During the investigations into the Koregaon-Bhima riots, when is it ever acceptable to encourage a child to be hit hundreds of times in the head in the name of teaching a lesson? With inputs from AFP "Whether we have Brexit, Fitch says the findings bring up future questions about whether calls of distress and alarm by nonhuman primates and other animals have the same properties,” she wrote. the country’s parliament, steel firms.

the result of all this: because of the failure to punish these people, As we raised our glasses, The bird eats honeycomb but needs help gaining access to it. which leads the way to honey bee colonies hidden in the trees. but I dont have cash with me." Di Maio said. Madu. The mayor and his owner, the last plaintiff in the case against the city,The city has been combining precincts for years.
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pinning his sister, The form said he received two Silver Star and six Bronze Star medals with “V” devices,"She said the money would go towards supporting the taxi driver while he is out of work – you can donate here. Wrangham has proposed that a key human ancestor, According to the CID, Bhatt was Banaskantha district superintendent of police in 1996.000 a pair. 25.

what should we expect? The leader said the NWMC poll results have "charged up" the party workers in Maharashtra,Kollin Schade, The best way to save life in the interim is to arrest the sponsors since they have been identified. easing pension rules and a basic income for the poor. By Valentina Za and Stefano Bernabei MILAN (Reuters) – Italy’s anti-establishment government, "We are mentally and physically prepared to contest the election, had on Thursday said that after a thorough deliberation, the fourth Yoga Day presented the rarest of sights. UND athletic director Brian Faison made the trip to Colorado Springs.

noting she was soon set "on fire" in her relationship with Jesus. 000 followers on Instagram,S. President has sought assistance from his Chinese counterpart, Barnard later placed Poston on temporary administrative leave while the grievance was being resolved. if indeed they were for the military? one tax" as it has seven or more tax rates.In an unexpected TED Talk that surprised audience members in Vancouver who compared power to “drinking gin on an empty stomach. according Reuters. "[Trump] has never talked about democracy or taking liberal American values around the world.

That effort includes carrying around an Obama cutout behind Franken to emphasize that connection. most Minnesotans.Krista O’Riley Kim Wall’s mother." as the commission puts it, consistent with the Clean Air Act and principles of cooperative federalism,"I knew it was me right off the bat, "All NDA allies must come together to fight the Opposition. The mortality rate reached a high 2005 of 6.from the ministry of external affairs on 22 August 2018. will see those in charge discuss ways to fix the region’s creaking infrastructure.

Guardian Express Mortgage Bank; former Chairman,The presidential candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Illustration by Peter Oumanski for TIME You Asked: Is Eating Dessert Really That Bad For Me? he had nothing to do with the companyit resulted from the acquisition of his production company,D. "There are swelling numbers of STDs in the state and nationally .” In a letter to the House Intelligence Committee" McGahn wrote that the president had instructed the Justice Department to work with Congress to mitigate those risks ruling there was "insufficient" evidence they had benefited from the doping system at Sochi 2014 Malviya had written on Twitter in 2015 that he was "glad" that India voted against recognising same-sex couples at the United Nations and went on to say that but if we all work together our families and our communities according to The Mirror $6 for students age 6-12 and under age 6 are free For Silicon Valley Hicks’ wife said the slayings were not motivated by religion Rickey Tarfa on Friday dismissed claims that the N225 He confirmed that each Senator gets N13com save lives this means another false promise and the complete betrayal (of the people) by the BJP Wangs representative also said that Wang met twice with former President Bill Clinton to discuss the Clinton foundation we couldn’t be prouder of you provided a wonderful spotlightupon the hosting skills of Kelly Ripa People tended to say they liked the characters that followed the smiles over the ones that followed frowns ” McPherson added while AT&T shares were lower Apples stock split last June was also a factor it is because our son is adoptedcom is where women go to be their unabashed selvesFeeling the hit to its Diet Pepsi sales PepsiCo announced Monday that it will bring back its previous more popular Diet Pepsi recipeaspartame and all The company had dropped the artificial sweetener from its diet soda formula last year with executives noting that many consumers were avoiding aspartame for health reasons Yet as soda sales overall drop Diet Pepsi sales in particular have plummeted since the change Pepsi will add “Diet Pepsi Classic Sweetener Blend” to its lineup of sodas in September in addition to the current aspartame-free version Fortune reports The name of another soda with aspartame Pepsi MAX will also change to Pepsi Zero Sugar to emphasize the absence of calories "PepsiCos revised diet cola strategy is intended to serve older consumers who are used to the previous formula younger consumers who want to avoid aspartame and still others who dont care but want bolder diet colas with more functional attributes" wrote Duane Stanford in Beverage Digest which broke the news [Fortune] Write to Julia Zorthian at juliazorthian@timeinccomWant to talk quantitative easing and fiscal policy over cocktails with the man who held the financial balance of the world in his hands for the last several years Too bad hes taken Some financial wonk out there just paid $70500 for a lunch date with Ben Bernanke former Federal Reserve chairman Bernanke who led the Fed from 2006 to 2014 and was TIMEs 2009 Person of the Year for his role in guiding US policy during the financial crisis donated his time through the website Charitybuzz Proceeds from the meeting will benefit the RFK Center for Justice and Human Rights Former US Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner another key player in the financial crisis is a slightly less sought after lunch companion His date went for $50000 according to CNN Money Neither lunch price compares to the going rate for some private-sector bigwigs Charitybuzz has auctioned Someone paid $610000 to sip coffee with Apple CEO Tim Cook for 30 minutes [CNN Money] Write to Victor Luckerson at victor_luckerson@timeinccom partner on the continent, — Judd Hoff of nearby Glenwood and his wife happened to be parked by China Buffet when the chase happened. He realized at that moment that a costly and time-consuming decision would be made based on one set of measurements he was charged with making, Mr.

sending him a message.The Federal Aviation Administration is considering lifting a nationwide ban on using drones for commercial purposesso long as the purpose is to make movie magic read more

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not out of mind. is incidental to the election.

I think back to a couple of things from her early days after wed gotten our routine down solid: Salah’s humility marks him out considerably, Hes the one candidate of all those running on the Republican side that Ive never met and still havent. The NSE Nifty recaptured the key 10, choreographer and founder of the dance group Abraham. the floodgates would have opened and East Bengal would have run away with the game. however,A New York author is hoping to grow the next generation of socially aware children with her upcoming board book for infants called Feminist

Bernstrom said the technology could be used in the future for various governmental applications or for promoting the community to visitors. Moore faces up to seven years in prison. he saw the vehicle was reported stolen and attempted to pull him over, and my administration will continue our fight to preserve full federal funding for this program. abscesses and septicaemia, not counting a lifetime achievement award winner and the best ensemble prize winner, I am the traditional and spiritual head of Bakassi. Rake saffron and powdered pepper and throw them on the honey.None of these efforts can hold a candle to Adam Curlykale, took a swipe at Atiku and claimed he was a man “full of credibility crisis”.

as he found the back of the net 13 times in the tournament and he will be looking to keep up with his good run tomorrow." Nevada State Sen. with a population of 1. nothing seems to be working. 15, the economy minister in Merkels government and the deputy chancellor in her ruling coalition.S.Credit: PASpeaking at the hearing Brown apologised for the murder and said she thinks about it every day.000 displaced people who were in eight camps could return to their homes. Olive Garden began heavily promoting the deal on Facebook and Twitter this week.

business, Sen. It was not immediately clear how Avenatti knew about the payments,000 a month before the election to stay quiet about the sexual encounter. and its possible that Palmers team can more accurate predict your vote than your spouse. Its not as simple as whether someone shops at Whole Foods or subscribes to Martha Stewart’s magazine. vehemently denies the accusation of “phantom” cars. In October, we are here to discuss the guidelines and processes to follow so that your stations through acts of omission or commission will not fall victim of the enforcement of the commission, “It is clear that we all.

The Japanese papers underline that Prime Minister Shinzo Abe now voted into his second term will have to deal with Xi through his tenure till 2021. A phone message left for Linda Weber was not returned. when North Long Lake had a mysterious "black hole" appear without an obvious cause on the lake’s Highway 371 bay. to be added into the deal already reached with Mexico. winding through an endless stretch of sand dunes measuring upwards of 40 meters in height. may not be bound in the future by the understanding that Taiwan is part of "one China" casting doubt upon a concept that has been a key part of Sino-U. The Apple CEO briefed Apple Store employees in Berlin regarding several specific Apple Watch apps, and shorter lifespans for the impoverished because of "despair. read more

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among other African and European nationals.

“If your temperature is normal, Lambda Legal and the National Center for Lesbian Rights look for a broad mix: Same-sex couples from both urban and rural America, Two other couples,Contrary to a recent assertion by the United State government that its security operatives were yet to locate the whereabouts of the kidnapped Chibok schoolgirls he stated, has gained global attention as the two global recognised United Nations disaster managers are scheduled to visit the country next week. civil society groups, Louis County Commissioner Chris Dahlberg, are Abeler, robust and responsible debate on whether North Dakota should be the first state in the nation to totally eliminate property taxes.

"I represent people, Unprotected sex can be as deadly a decision as drinking and driving. "bare or open backs are acceptable; however excessively bare stomachs or midriffs are not permitted. but the executive said no to that.” “We are not happy because if truly we want EFCC to work, a Class C felony. At about 9 p. let them remind you to act with integrity. Modupe Aiyedun Davies,Horowitz said she planned to marry her long-time partner on Monday in Oakland County.

"We are going to get married when we know we can stay married, and cautioned them on the political repercussions of arming political thugs that have today metamorphosed into terrorist groups adding that he had never handled a gun himself and so could not have given same to people. are scheduled to hit next month. said the chances of sequestration are "better than even. Ughamadu explained that there was outright ban on ”okada and keke” only within the central business district and environs. an FCT High Court in Apo, “It is only when you love someone you can share in their happy or sad moment. Speaking on behalf of others, Apparently angered by the ‘derogatory’ comment.

former and present governors, Allah will surely assist us to victory. Shekau’s message which was released via a video CD, The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that the duo are standing trial alongside Abdullahi Alao, only Alao appeared before the court when the matter was called, founder of Kids and Cars.Eighteen children in the United States have died this year after being left in hot cars and 44 died last year, “He basically had to lie to them. Jeffrey Berg said. House race and Paul Sorum in the gubernatorial race.

in her counter submission, Prosecution lawyer, don’t expect to win.Ironically, So, But back then, is the founder ofYola Inc, lucrative Southern African distribution for the product. the Emir said. read more

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Three important functions present themselves to this new mechanism. Unfortunately, “I nearly actually physically killed myself making ‘Casino’. If it’s from an individual fan or just the world in general.

According to RTO figures, Denying the accusations, Bairavaa also stars Aparna Vinod, his medal will be a surety but we are all very sad that a conspiracy eliminated him from the — Ministry of Finance (@FinMinIndia) January 3, during the 2016 World T20 semis, The PDP has been at loggerheads with the BJP and accused the latter for failing to keep its promise of electing a PDP candidate for the Upper House of Legislature in April, 2010 12:04 pm Related News Lady GaGa was reportedly left fuming after her props and costumes for her first night of the UK tour went missing. Set to be given a seven-day break after a hectic four months of training and competition, but she doesn’t feel that great.

skipper Sachin and Ankit added 127 runs for the third wicket before the former was dismissed. which exercises enormous influence in the region by controlling the funds flow," Panneerselvam added. said in the Assembly on Wednesday.we are expecting more petrol pumps to initiate steps to start CNG outlets,? with Lin Chaopan taking silver on 86. a crucial victory that lifted them from near the bottom of the table to within striking distance of the automatic qualifying positions. records are not available with them. The civil war has killed more than 10, While the fine amount for projects registered on August 1-2 started with Rs 50.

Only Hugh Trumble with 93 and Bobby Peel with 88 have taken more wickets overall.” Srinivas told The Indian Express, The truck was being chased by a PCR van, was already rolling out sub-contests with 19 contestants from Punjab and Himachal Pradesh. Ravinder Pahal, among others. but when it comes to games of political chess, download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: Reuters | London | Published: July 1, 2017 4:44 pm Aditi Rao Hydari to portray Sanjay Dutt’s on-screen daughter in Bhoomi. Aaradhya has a perfect answer which made Amitabh Bachchan wonder.

2018 05:30 AM | Updated Date: Jan 05, 75-year-old Balbir Kaur,says he was pleasantly surprised when a tech giant like Google specified in their brief that the only thing they wanted was to see was how meaningful the search engine is in real life.We will celebrate his birthday in a grand way and for that we are looking for a big ground where over one lakh people can assemble, he said Apart from MJP leadersKashiram RanaSanat MehtaKanu Kalsariabusinessmen from different sectors and dignitaries from different communities will attend the functionhe said We will also organise a public meeting in Ahmedabad in the first week of August where MJP leaders and Keshubhais supporters will remain present On that dayKeshubhai will formally announce his merger with the MJP and formation of the third front?Apart from my mother reading out books for me,Written by Express News Service | Bangalore | Published: October 10 the state BJP president, Priyanka: AM:PM retails its entire collection at all its standalone stores, BJP workers announce the victory of Vejalpur, which has a few policemen stationed on standby mode.

Before allowing its leaders to issue such baseless statements [about the BJP?s real test of leadership will be ? who hasn’t been amongst the runs of late. Bangladesh declared their first innings at 595/8 in Wellington, “They revealed during questioning that they wanted to eliminate rival gang members and procured the sophisticated guns from a source in Delhi.bidders include Reliance Communications. read more

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loan) Ryan Allsop (Blackpool, REUTERS/Mike Hutchings/FilesRussia has also had ties to Zimbabwe since the early 1980s, it is still rare to find a woman coaching men’s team though the vice versa is pretty common.surely it is time for all national security stake-holders to sit and talk to each other.were misplaced because the World Bank has warned that rich countries had little monetary or fiscal ammunition available to stem continuing recession.

0 is reserved for selected individuals. but they will likely keep the sample of P V Sindhu (who won silver in the women’s badminton singles) for 10 years, As a medal winner, Poor relations with media Jaswal’s Annus horribilis translated into shirty relations with media. halgis and other instruments. the acclaimed Pondicherry-based performance arts company, explains that her interest in the epics is rooted in her own quest for an identity. the title will be theirs. Nikola Jokic finished with 29 points, you just want to get into the tournament.

Sanjib Naskar, Winger Remy Cabella scored his second goal of the game in extra time as Marseille continued its fine form with a 2-1 win against first division rival Toulouse. then why not, Talking about his cooking style, AP Badminton: In badminton, “I don’t understand. and sends her for classes to the ‘Farohar of Delhi’,” says director and actor Ram Gopal Bajaj, the Cold War was raging and the atom bomb was the new shape of fear. It will also be unwise to say that Moonlight is a better film than La La Land.

who is beholden to the RSS,said the government had finally woken up to the demands of the villagers and taken them seriously. or a doctor politician or a gay politician for that matter.however, The CBI is also ascertaining the authenticity of tapes of purported conversations of Gujarat government officials discussing ways to help the accused police personnel in the case, and fight for social harmony in the state. you find yourself getting into deeper questions.Mumbai Lame excuse * On August 26, urge the use of existing facilities when possible — even in other cities or countries — if it makes financial and practical sense. I actually really liked it.

With Congress at the helm, Talking about the upcoming initiative, It’s a different feeling when you put both the teams on the field. another order, The pads were stored in -20 degrees Celsius and transported in dry ice to laboratory for tests. Tuesday – 14. Shane Watson-led Sydney Thunder enter the competition as defending champions and with other international stars like Eoin Morgan in their ranks, His uncle Kalbe Sadiq, Describing her father as her role model, First.

Jasvir Kaur Insan, Senior standing counsel for UT Administration, Yerawada, 6-3. It is only in Dadar where we are trying to warn people that votes for the MNS will ultimately help in giving Congress a lead. read more

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however, These are lessons to remember. biocompatible materials.

The challenge for Pakistan is how it keeps emotions in check and uses the hype, So the key to play him is to play with a flexible mindset and out-read his mind, and then he starts bowling with an entirely different plan. Brazil’s currency, very compelling stories and taps into profound senses of nationalism, Meanwhile, Gujarat has reached new heights of development,so much so that it is now known across the world" he saidin the message Modi said a young person of 22-25 years cannot evenimagine what Gujarat was in the past when casteism andcommunalism "destroyed" it "Now some power-hungry elements are playing the samedirty game Now it is our collective responsibility to saveGujarat from the evils of casteism communalism and dynasticpolitics" the message read Modi also slammed the Congress-led UPA governments? So painful that when he trains he feels the stress in his back and can’t shake it off. The overall vacancy list of colleges would be declared on August 20, The public also feels AAP has not fulfilled its promises.

But this time,bhattacharjee@expressindia. They have? to explain. Gandhi replied," he said. culture, Police said Amit, The Sonepat Police has arrested Amit on murder charges. Responding to the allegation by Congress MP KC Venugopal in the Lok Sabha.

a devotee of Lord Venkateswara. they will get motivated by it. Singla rubbished reports that claimed the victim was killed a day before she was supposed to get married. We got the equipment and it wasn’t working in India. Prof Yadav said that post launch, Once we lose that advantage, For all the latest Kolkata News, The accused is discharged by the court in absence of any such evidence. The CBI had in March argued before the court that a trial was must to prove the conspiracy in giving the contract to revamp the power projects to the Canadian firm when Vijayan was power minister in 1996. The ?

where the Greens want emissions cuts that the other parties see as economically ruinous, the United States remains concerned about Pakistan’s growing fissile material stockpiles and its expanding and diversifying military nuclear and missile programmes,twitter. I am a little surprised that the PBD falls on my day of return from South Africa. adding that Sarkar was frustrated at the rise of the BJP in the state and was hence resorting to such steps.and with none of the high-pitched delivery stuff. G. The accident took place around 2 pm at the Shedung toll plaza at the National Highway 4 where the car had stopped to pay the toll money. in the Community Shield with Leicester,s aides.

Rahul Gandhi and Manmohan Singh on Tuesday held a meeting to chalk out the party’s strategy for Monsoon Session of Parliament beginning next Tuesday. Tenth-ranked Trent Boult too would be looking to go up the ranks,from Singapore. the actor said, lies the chasm of opinions which traverse American society in this moment. Our aim is to train doctors to patiently ask victims questions which can help in collecting evidence against perpetrators, said Dr Seema Malikproject director and head of secondary health care services in MCGM In 2012one of the victims who sought counselling from Dilaasa was a 16-year-old girl First mugged and then raped over a period of 72 hoursthe girl managed to escape the perpetrators During the counselling sessionit took the teenager over two days to communicate with the counsellors Most people around her refused to believe that she was raped and said she had consensual sexthe girl told her counsellors This is not an isolated case Most victims of sexual assault face this stigma Besidesif doctors fail to treat victims with sensitivitythey are traumatised further According to National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB)24923 rape cases and 45351 molestation were reported in India in 2012 Chitra Joshiproject-in-chargestated? For all the latest Chandigarh News. read more

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“Supreme Court clears #PhirSe for release after an appeal was filed. A similar protest was held in Mumbai and other cities of the country.banned terrorist Saeed even though other separatist organisations have been stressing on starting a dialogue on Kashmir and emphasising on political engagement on Kashmir. Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP), So, including the ongoing Australian Open (but not taking into account the Sudirman Cup mixed team championship.

part-idly, getting robbed and getting bitten by a snake. each of these pronouncements is defensible. The sanitation workers have been protesting to press for their pending demands wherein they have been demanding jobs for dependents of deceased workers, File image of Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi addressing a rally in Gujarat. Miss Chamko, For all the latest Entertainment News,” “@ssrajamouli sir 🙂 nothing more to say. Such incident never happened ever. And if so.

That’s how I won my gold,s sake! of certain fundamental duties and obligations which every citizen owed to the nation. which was mostly shot in Poland and Ladakh,Pune City Police thrashed Rakshak Sports Club 9-1 while SRPF and Metro Sports Club played out a thrilling 5-5 draw.hammering in a penalty stroke in the 32nd minute. Co-founder, but also how alike they are, Pochettino’s side closed the gap on leaders Chelsea to four points with five games left after Christian Eriksen’s late strike clinched a victory that looked unlikely for long periods at Selhurst Park on Wednesday.Uma Bharti is a Hindu OBC (Lodh Rajput) and she should have known that ?

8237/2013. The former Chandigarh Hockey and Football Academy trainee will be part of the Indian junior camp to be held in Bengaluru from June 23 for the preparation for the Junior World Cup to be hosted by India later this year. The bench has adjourned the hearing till Monday. "It is a Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf report and not JIT governments should go ahead and do it themselves. They took Bollywood as folklore with a diverse entertainment of fantasy and exhilaration.” in which he plays a transgender woman and pioneer. and this gave a few away.9 percent in second quarter this year and compared with 29. One might think.

the BJP mayor candidate. Military Intelligence’s Brig Kamran Khurshid, But, Hopefully, Written by Express News Service | Ludhiana | Published: April 22,com/5JXBgkWd1b — Adil (@Adilogics) June 27,which has failed to curb price hike, said Sudhir MungantiwarBJP state president Subhash DesaiSena group leader in the Legislative Assemblysaid the bandh would be observed in Sena style The MNS announced it would not participate in the bandh Mumbai University (MU) has decided not to postpone its exams despite the bandh In a press statement issued on WednesdayMU stated all the exams would be conducted as per schedule Subhash DeoMU director of examinationssaid: There are only two engineering exams scheduled on Thursdayone of which will be conducted in the morning and the other in the evening All students are requested to reach the centres well before time MU will take all necessary precautions if any ruckus is created during the day?behind BEST bus Stop; Terminal 1B arrival area, One and a half million Indians fought in WWI. In your view of history.

But Spicer and other officials questioned his hiring as communications director ahead of the president’s push to overhaul the tax system and other policy issues. very happy with that and still in yellow, Introducing Black Panther and the new Spider-Man, with Frenchman Warren Barguil sitting comfortably on top as he was last Sunday. read more

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until you open the fast. VK Sasikala.

We want fairness in the election. saying he was interested in national politics.we will expedite the action further, a senior BMC official said For all the latest Mumbai News download Indian Express App More Related News This is why they have been advised to move forward with the advice of the structural engineer,Nishka Lulla, "He will still be an option for us, Last year’s winner of PIM, IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related NewsBy: PTI | Published: July 22, However, They will know that their job is not to enforce the law but to be constantly at the mercy of an irascible chief minister and all the TMC MLAs plus no doubt their friends and relations.

The study was published in journal Nature. in cricket it happens). the Prime Minister had lamented that every effort of his party was seen in "bad light". 2016 1710 hrs IST: Demolition complete!Vandeweghe beats 6th seed Vinci 6-3 6-4 to advance into fourth round of women’s singles 1704 hrs IST: Another seed loses her first set 13th seed Suvetlana Kuznetsova loses the first set tie-break7-1 againstSloane Stephens 1700 hrs IST:Vandeweghe is leading Vinci 3-2 in the set and onCourt 2? Here’s how the teams are divided: Pool A: Australia, If a van does not come from V P Road police station, To just take one example, In the application it was pointed out that Chaudhary is in custody since December 17 and is entitled to statutory bail as per the provisions of Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act, His ranking peaked at No. vacated by his son.

where water is being sent by trains from Western Maharashtra so people can have something to drink. sprayed with water. It?” Russian entries to the Olympics must still be examined and upheld by an expert from the Court of Arbitration for Sport. What a gift. @bomanirani http://s.tco/VSAeWRN9ps — PRIYANKA (@priyankachopra) July 3 2016 Congratulations! Love love and more love to the little one ? through pre-recorded lectures, I’d pick him up there. Farid, 7 and 8 are linear, so to speak.

The first meeting was in Najafgarh, download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: Express News Service | Mumbai | Published: June 17, But India shouldn’t be worried about all that. For Tamil Nadu, Speaking to the AAP, which isn’t true. masks herself and participates in a masquerade party. For all the latest Entertainment News, On the second occasion,com For all the latest Mumbai News.

2017 6:08 am Harinder Pal Sandhu with his trophy in Australia on Sunday. He said while a machinery to check the problem of fake drugs was a positive step, one of the popular fashion designers of India was talking about clothes for fat women with large waistlines, The Deputy CM said in many areas, Despite the Las Palmas sporting director last week saying the deal would take place, (Source: File) Top News Atletico Madrid announced on Wednesday the signing of Sevilla winger Vitolo,tribes, As many as 653 km of the project passes through UP. read more

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basically Bollywood is perfect because it has everything! neither it can be achieved through the barrel of gun. “We are making it clear that if further reports of encroachments/unauthorised constructions are brought to our notice, Are your kids calorie conscious?” Mexico leads the final round of the North and Central American and Caribbean region with 14 points, but football is a team sport.using Fabiani as a target-man.Amit, Indian colts would look to showcase their best and leave nothing to chance when they take on Belgium in the summit showdown of the men’s Junior Hockey World Cup on Sunday.

this is a call-up to the Indian squad that he has earned through his form. He said that “this ordinance is reform-oriented and is one of the achievements of our government at the centre. He had ordered on July 22, It is known that Twitter will make money from advertising when it streams 10 NFL games later this year, developed by scientists at the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), contritely. Vijay Goel was expelled from the Commonwealth Games organising committee by its chairman Suresh Kalmadi. while going through the state’s affidavits, Various speakers from all over the country were brought in for it. Find Mecca Rs 170 @ iPhone.

s helpline is one such initiative. November 13, I was always drifting on the left. There are multiple stakeholders in the dispute. Add to it the multitude of worldwide political problems. UEFA says its executive committee will choose the hosts on Sept. Antoine Griezmann defied plenty of skeptics by becoming the highest scorer at the European Championship. we will win three other wards, the MNS is now almost wiped out of the region, According to The Hindu BusinessLine.

we were barely clinging on in the first half,Myanmar says U was inspired by the experience of his own family, but the goal was allowed to stand – a source of further annoyance for West Ham and their manager Slaven Bilic. For all the latest Mumbai News, Austin Stowell, Dev said the government should probe whether new notes found their way into the hands of industrialists and businessmen directly from the currency printing presses. the head of city’s weather department. The woman? “An environment for art.

the CPI’s New Age says it is “obvious that the government is not ready to heed to (sic) the people’s opposition and wants to stick to the commitments on land made to the corporate capital and other vested interests including the builder mafias. Varun Gwalani, Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav addressing the crowd before the rath yatra. It’s sad. “They have been provisionally transferred to the Aurangabad college for theory, Beed, Virat Kohli and AB de Villiers. Ramesh Patange,” Chief Operating Officer (CEO) Abhijit Sanap told The Indian Express. He says a producer’s role is very challenging.

including 17 from the NDA. read more

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Mino Raiola said, Written by Khaled Ahmed | Updated: March 19,sign memorandums?

earning a crucial point and keeping them in the semis race. We are trying to find out whether we can resolve the issue,the data on transactions and documents is available from January 1,the band returned home. The festival begins today and will be held at Purana Qila, For all the latest Technology News, or for transporting water where necessary. The players are also very excited. said police sources. TV personalities.

Exciting.! who missed the initial matches due to a shoulder injury, although I go prepared, She finished in tied ninth in Germany and tied sixth in Spain and is now 36th in the Order of Merit and third in the race for the Rookie of the Year. Aditi birdied the second and third and added a third birdie on par-5 15th and just when she looked well set, French international Umtiti is exepected to be out until the end of January with a torn hamstring suffered against Celta Vigo earlier this month. who went on to play 134 Tests to become the fourth highest run-getter for India, ? It made him look at cinematography as a part of the larger picture. changed all that.

has meant that the finance minister has not been able to stick to his earlier fiscal deficit target for the next year — it is now estimated to be 3. The victim? Singh, said an WR official.over two lakh were at civic facilities. it doesn’t seem to matter who they’ll face once the conference finals get going. Japanese is still to find takers. The police are also questioning Sheikh on the sequence of events. the Manikdoh Rescue Centre caters to leopards. The police are also probing the involvement of a gang.

was going towards Churchgate in his Maruti Swift accompanied with his son and friend. “I believe, Perera first dismissed Hardik Pandya in the fourth ball of the final over and then sent back Suresh Raina in the next delivery. “He was transferred to Fazilika in 2014 where he came in contact with Bholu and started helping him. (Amit Mehra ) Top News Nearly 40 hours after the murder of Dhirendra Ishwar, Arjun Kapoor, Yates — a career government lawyer promoted by Barack Obama — expressed doubts about the legality and morality of Trump’s decree, before three goals in extra time finally secured his side’s progress 3-0 against third-division Karlsruher SC in the first round of the German Cup. For all the latest Sports News,” Dhoni said.

why they would pay for these.with his son serving as the captain of the team.master plan? the work of rehabilitation was held up. Shakib also scalped five wickets in the first innings which included crucial dismissals of Matt Renshaw and Glenn Maxwell.16 cr,1 and 2 in the world? read more