The 11 Best Bromances In Comics

first_imgPlatonic friendship between two men is a beautiful thing, and the funnybooks have been putting forth some of pop culture’s most powerful bromances for nearly a century. In this feature, we’ll flip through the longboxes to share eleven of the best.Blue Beetle & Booster GoldDC definitely has the iconic characters, but in my opinion, their best heroes are the C-listers and the also-rans. Without all the burden of keeping a franchise running, writers can make those lesser-known characters more three-dimensional. Case in point: the bromance between Booster Gold and Blue Beetle that started in the pages of Giffen & DeMatteis’s legendary run on Justice League. The two heroes – a cocky man from the future looking to make his rep and a nebbishy inventor who just wanted to help people – bonded in a deep and touching way and when the company killed Beetle off in the atrocious Identity Crisis it made many readers swear off DC forever.Power Man & Iron FistLuke Cage and Danny Rand were two superheroes without much going for them in the 1980s, both relics of 70s fads – Blaxploitation and kung fu – that fizzled out. But pairing them up in a single title gave new dimension to each character. Luke Cage’s street-smart attitude and Danny Rand’s resources made them great foils for each other, and their partnership has continued for almost forty years. Both characters have evolved a great deal from their stereotypical origins, so it’s neat to see that friendship kept as a constant for so long. We’ll see them more in Netflix’s upcoming Defenders movie.Saitama & GenosManga is comics too, and quirky hit One Punch Man has one of the funniest and most touching male friendships we’ve seen in a while. Lead character Saitama is easily the most powerful hero on Earth, capable of knocking out any foe with a single blow. When revenge-fueled cyborg Genos sees him in action, he quickly declares himself his disciple and moves into his apartment. But this isn’t a one-sided friendship by any means – Genos is a stabilizing figure in Saitama’s life, often bringing home groceries when his mentor forgets to and helping him navigate the confusing world of professional heroism.Wolverine & NightcrawlerLong-lasting friendships are hard to find in the X-Men, where teammates get mind controlled or possessed by apocalyptic space birds every other issue. But the bond between Logan and Kurt Wagner has stayed strong through decades of continuity. When the new team started, they were both the most “adult” members, due to Logan’s extended lifespan and Kurt’s having to deal with prejudice his whole life. That connection from being outside of normal society allowed them to understand each other, and the pair have had numerous trips to the bar. When Wolverine and the X-Men brought Nightcrawler back from the dead recently, it was one of the most touching moments the franchise has seen in quite some time.Superboy & RobinBecause DC Comics is all about the legacy characters, we’re going to have to be a little more specific. By Superboy we mean Conner Kent, the young clone of Superman who was revealed after Doomsday killed that hero, and by Robin we mean Tim Drake, who took up the mantle after Jason Todd got crowbarred by the Joker. The two of them mostly bonded in the pages of Teen Titans, where both young men had to deal with the pressure of their mentors and how they were coming into their own as individuals. Conner’s death at the hands of Superboy-Prime in Infinite Crisis, Tim went off the rails with grief, even trying to use a Lazarus Pit to bring him back. After the universe’s New 52 reboot, theGreen Lantern & Green ArrowSome bromances start naturally – you could call it “bro at first sight.” But others take a little time on the stove, and that’s what happened with Green Lantern and Green Arrow in the early 1970s. Faced with declining sales, the two heroes were combined into a single book and sent out on a trip to the United States courtesy of writer Denny O’Neil and artist Neal Adams. Oliver Queen’s left wing radicalism and Hal Jordan’s respect for authority scraped against each other until a powerful respect was born, and from then on the duo were one of the DC universe’s tightest units.Beast & Wonder ManThis one’s a little less high-profile than some of the other bromances on the list, but the friendship between Hank McCoy, the bouncing Beast, and Hollywood heartthrob Simon “Wonder Man” Williams is definitely worth celebrating. The pair joined the Avengers at around the same time – the Beast after the dissolution of the original X-Men and Wonder Man after being brought back from the dead. The duo both felt like also-rans compared to the Avengers legends, and that helped them form a friendship that lasted through the ages. The two even went on double dates together, a true bromantic move.Archie & JugheadWe can’t name many friendships that have lasted seventy-six years, but Jughead and Archie have been palling around together since 1941 and, a few spats aside, they’re probably going to be bros until the sun winks out of the sky. Archie’s girl-crazy mentality is perfectly balanced by Jughead’s canon asexuality. And Jug’s epic laziness is counteracted by Archie’s always on the go attitude. The two halves of a bromance should be like yin and yang, always keeping the other side in harmony. We’re not going to introduce Reggie to this equation, because he ruins everything.Spider-Man & The Human TorchPeter Parker has long been characterized by his inability to make long-lasting friendships without them turning evil, so his bromance with Johnny Storm has grown into one of his healthiest relationships. The duo first met in Amazing Spider-Man #1 when Spidey tried to join the Fantastic Four to get a steady paycheck from fighting crime (it didn’t work). The two of them teamed up several times, but their real rapport came in their civilian identities, with the pair sharing an apartment for a while. Peter even joined the FF for a while after Johnny was presumed dead in the Negative Zone. Their contrasting personalities are often at odds, but the emotions between them are always fun to read.Johnny Joestar & Gyro ZeppeliHirohoko Araki’s Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure has touched on all sorts of relationships in its staggering 30-year run. But the deep friendship between the two lead characters in the seventh volume, Steel Ball Run, is one of a kind. Johnny Joestar is a paraplegic jockey desperate to regain the use of his legs. Gyro Zeppeli is a former executioner who has mystical control over a pair of metal spheres. The pair start as rivals in a cross-country horse race for $50 million but become close allies and eventually bond to each other in pure bromantic fashion, using their special abilities to enhance the other and making tremendous sacrifices to help their partner.Superman & BatmanYes, the two have certainly had their differences, but Clark Kent and Bruce Wayne are in many ways the prototypical superhero bromance. Even though their attitudes towards crime fighting are starkly different, the duo are united by their shared heritage as orphans. Batman and Superman first teamed up in the pages of Superman #76 in June 1952 and would soon embark on shared adventures in World’s Finest. Through all of the DC Universe’s cosmic crises and continuity reboots, the pair have kept their bond strong (and also beat the crap out of each other a few times, but that’s just bro life). Now both men have sons who are embarking on a bromance of their own.Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey.last_img

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