Transform And Roll Out With This Transformers Gift Guide

first_imgOne of the rare instances in the franchise where our robots in disguise were based on animals and not machines, Beast Wars was a solid hit in the mid-90’s. In another rare instance for the franchise, they went with 3D animation over traditional. Here’s your chance to own the complete series on DVD and relive one of the most interesting times in Transformers history!Beast Machines: The Complete Series Beast Wars success led to the sequel cartoon series Beast Machines. While it wasn’t as well received and had a shorter run than Beast Wars, it’s something worth checking out if you missed it the first go around and were a big Beast Wars fan. Plus the complete set is all you need!Transformers Till All Are One Vol. 1This graphic novel is a little out of the ordinary when it comes to Transformers media, but it’s still every bit worth reading, especially if you want to dig in further to the Transformers lore.Bumblebee Funko POP! Since the early 80’s, Transformers have captured the imaginations of kids around the world. Originally a Japanese toy line and cartoon, it quickly got an English dub and made a big splash here in the United States. The Transformers craze in the 80’s led to comics and an animated movie on top of the toys and cartoon series. Over the years more than a dozen animated series in the Transformers universe has taken place, many more toys and comics have been made, and starting in 2007 it became a billion dollar live action movie franchise. With its popularity over the years, we know that you have a Transformers fan in your life and this gift guide if for them (or you)!Transformers: The Complete Original SeriesGo back to where it all began and get started watching the classic series with this handy kit of all the episodes in one easy place. Plus the case is pretty awesome, to boot!Beast Wars: The Complete Series Apollo 11 Gift Guide: Best Moon Landing 50th Anniversary GiftsCool Gifts for Every ‘Star Wars’ Junkie Stay on target From Transformers: Age Of Extinction comes this Bumble Funko POP! Proudly display this fan favorite Autobot whose scheduled to have their very own spin-off movie soon!Autobot Revolution T-Shirtcenter_img Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey. Show whose side you’re on with this Autobot revolution t-shirt! We know you’re all for the side of good, but make sure everyone else does too!Dinobots Action Figure 5 Pack Before Beast Wars we had the Dinobots in Transformers G1. Get all 5 of these amazing Autobots in one bundle!Optimus Prime vs. Megatron MugWe all know the morning can be a struggle. Symbolize that struggle with the immortal duel between Optimus Prime and Megatron right on your coffee mug!Optimus Prime Sword and ShieldStraight from Transformers: The Last Knight comes Optimus Prime’s sword and shield. While it’s recommended for ages 3-10, we won’t tell on you if you get it for yourself. We promise.Megatron Minimalist Art PrintDecorate your home with this gorgeous minimalist art print. Pay homage to one of the most destructive forces in the galaxy! We all know it’s just for fun though and you wouldn’t really side with the Decepticons … right?Starscream Action FigureEveryone loves to hate Starscream. He’s so bad, even the other bad guys don’t like or trust him! This 6″ affordable action figure makes it easy to have Starscream at home or on the desk at your office. Kids might like it too, but come on this is really for you anyway. I know I want one!last_img

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