Aladdin Shows Us How a Savior Can Survive on Once Upon a

first_img Once Upon a Time’s Finale Was Everything We Loved About an Imperfect ShowHenry Screws Everything Up Again on Once Upon a Time Stay on target This week, Once Upon a Time took us to a land, to a faraway place where the caravan camels roam. Sorry, it’s just that they’re finally including one of my favorite childhood Disney movies and it’s taking every ounce of self-control not to fill this recap with song lyrics. Oh, there’s also some stuff with Emma, but we’ll get to that later. For now, Aladdin!We begin in Agrabah, city of mystery, of enchantment. Jafar has caught a few thieves stealing food and makes an example out of them by turning them into literal street rats (I don’t buy that). Aladdin uses the distraction to pick a few pockets and steal some food. He’s caught by Jasmine, but instead of turning him in, she enlists him, under threat of having him arrested, in her quest to get rid of Jafar.Together, they go to the Cave of Wonders to seek the Diamond in the Rough. They find a diamond in the cave, carefully balanced on a sword. Sensing some sort of trap, Aladdin grabs a small golden monkey and does a little Indiana Jones impersonation to grab the diamond. As soon as it’s in his hands, though, the diamond crumbles. Jasmine’s suspicions are confirmed. Aladdin is the Diamond and will be the savor of Agrabah.Jasmine (Karen David) and Aladdin (Deniz Akdeniz) in the Cave of Wonders. (Photo: Screenshot via ABC)Aladdin is initially reluctant, but Jasmine is confident that he’ll come around and gives him a gift for saving the city. She leaves him in the cave to think and Jafar suddenly appears along with his bird. Though this version of Iago lacks Gilbert Gottfried’s voice, he is able to show Aladdin a vision of his future, revealing to him that saviors die. He offers Aladdin another future: use magic shears to sever himself from his fate and live.Jasmine rushes to her father but finds he’s being controlled by Jafar. Assuming that Aladdin has taken his offer, Jafar appears and locks Jasmine in the hourglass. Man, we are speeding right through this movie, huh? Ever the hero, Aladdin flies in on a magic carpet, reveals he didn’t take the deal, rescues the princess and breaks Jafar’s staff. The sultan is suddenly himself again and Jafar warns Aladdin that he will pay for taking the path of the savior.Jasmine offers Aladdin any reward he wants, and he requests that she come with him so they can fight Jafar together. He even offers to show her the world (shining, shimmering, spleeeendiid–OK, I’ll stop)! She turns him down, saying she still has work to do in Agrabah. As he walks away, we learn that Jafar has given him a gift: the scissors and a note instructing him to use them when the savior’s burden becomes too much.Jafar loves his hourglass trap. (Photo: Screenshot via ABC)Back in Storybrooke, Emma and Hopper are searching for the oracle. They find her dead, and Shireen is fleeing the scene. Emma arrests her during the interrogation, Shireen reveals that she is Princess Jasmine (shocking, I know), and that she’s looking for Aladdin. She also reveals that Aladdin is the savior and, she thinks is still alive.Meanwhile, at Hopper’s office, The Evil Queen shows up and demands to know what Emma sees in her visions. She admits to killing the oracle before kidnapping Hopper and taking on his form. She delivers him to Zelena for safekeeping. He tries to convince her that she doesn’t have to be evil like her sister, but it doesn’t work. The Evil Queen eventually shows up to take Zelena out and convince her to embrace her full wicked self. Zelena does, turning Hopper back into a cricket and keeping him in a cage above her baby’s crib.Convinced that Aladdin is proof that saviors don’t have to die, Emma rushes off to find him. The Evil Queen, disguised as Hopper tries to find out what she’s been seeing in her visions. She tells him/her that if she can find Aladdin, she’ll be able to tell her family. When finding him proves to be harder than they thought, Hopper/Queen follows Emma into her home and convinces her to tell her family her secret.The Evil Queen disguises herself as Dr. Hopper Raphael Sbarge). (Photo: Screenshot via ABC)Regina is not pleased to learn that Emma suspects that she will eventually kill her and runs off to try a different kind of locator spell. If she can’t be helpful in the future, she’ll be sure to do her part now, she reasons.The spell leads them to a tomb full of skeletons. When Jasmine finds the gift she gave to Aladdin back in Agrabah, she thinks he must be dead. Emma, seeing that all saviors do have to die, says she needs to be alone for a minute. Henry blames himself for making her the savior in the first place, but Emma reassures him she wouldn’t have it any other way.That’s when Aladdin shows up, not nearly as dead as we had assumed. He reveals that he used the scissors Jafar left for him and is no longer the savior. She convinces him to go to Jasmine and tell her everything. She then asks Hook to get rid of the scissors. Hook pretends to drop them in the ocean, but remember, he was never completely OK with the fact that the woman he loves is destined to die. As the episode ends, he pockets the scissors and heads back into town.Regina (Lana Parilla) holds the scissors that can sever a person from fate. (Photo: Screenshot via ABC)While the Storybrooke sequences were a little weak this time around, the Aladdin storyline held my attention. Flying in on a magic carpet to defeat an evil sorcerer is always cool, and anything that gives me the slightest excuse to belt out Alan Menken songs in my apartment is fine by me. It also helps that the casting for the Agrabah scenes is perfect. Especially Oded Fehr as a truly frightening Jafar. We’ll see if the addition of the scissors raises the stakes in any meaningful way, but for now that plotline will have to make way for Prince Ali.last_img

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