Asus launches a tiny graphics card for miniITX gamers

first_imgI am a big fan of the mini-ITX form factor. You can pack just about any combination of CPU, RAM, and storage onto a mini-ITX motherboard and into a case that’s small enough to sit out of sight behind a monitor.There’s just one problem with opting for the small board, though. If you want to use your tiny PC for gaming, you’re very limited on the graphics cards that will fit inside a mini-ITX case. The majority of the boards are too long, and forget about running a high-end card in one. But thankfully, Asus decided to come to the rescue and has created a smaller, gaming-grade graphics card for use in such space-limited systems.The Asus GeForce GTX 670 DirectCU Mini is only 17cm in length (a standard GTX 670 card is at least 24.13cm long), and yet it manages to squeeze in 2GB of 6GHz GDDR5 RAM and cooling that allows the GPU to run at 928MHz as standard, or boosted up to 1006MHz. The only downside of the Mini design being that it is a little wider than most cards to accommodate the chubby copper vapor chamber heatsink and fan configuration. The overall dimensions of the card are 17.01 x 12.19 x 4.06cm.However, that cooling does see the card run up to 7.5 degrees cooler than a reference GTX 670. Even the PCB is up to 15 percent cooler, which is important if you have a really cramped case to fit it in. Connectors aren’t compromised, though. You get a DVI-I, DVI-D, HDMI, and Display Port to choose from.The Asus GeForce GTX 670 DirectCU Mini doesn’t seem to be available just yet, and Asus hasn’t announced pricing. But based on the cost of existing GTX 670 cards, you can expect to pay between $350-$430.last_img

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