Portal is being ported to the Nintendo DS unofficially

first_imgHardware manufacturers have increasingly been implementing security to try and stop their consoles and handheld device being jailbroken. The main reason for this is the threat of piracy, but a locked down system also means there’s little opportunity for homebrew developers to experiment.Thankfully, that’s not the case with the now ageing Nintendo DS. Being able to work with the DS has allowed developer Smea to put together the groundwork for an unofficial port of Portal running on the handheld.Smea has been working on the port since September last year, and as the videos above demonstrate, he’s been making quite a lot of progress. The latest build has mainly been cosmetic with the addition of shading, object outlines, and making the portals look better, but he’s got rigid body physics working with up to 16 objects, he’s managed to steadily increase the size of the play area with each build, and is satisfied with how the portal shooting is handled.Portal DS, as it is tentatively being called, is “nowhere near playable” in its current form according to Smea, but he’s confident that’s going to change soon. He has an artist joining the team this month to help with the graphics, and hopes to focus on engine development from now on.If he manages to get it running at a decent frame rate we could have a homebrew game worth playing at some point this year. I doubt Valve will take a dim view of such work, and who knows, they may even support Smea if he manages to implement a good chunk of the original Portal game.last_img

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