WikiLeaks receives nomination for Nobel Peace Prize

first_imgWikiLeaks has made a name for itself by leaking secret government documents including reports covering the war in Iraq and U.S. diplomatic communications. The leaks have not only resulted in the WikiLeaks website becoming a household name, but the arrest of Pfc. Bradley E. Manning who faces criminal charges for providing WikiLeaks with the classified documents.The legality of U.S. classified documents being received by the website as part of an illegal act has resulted in a domino effect of financial institutions and businesses severing relations with WikiLeaks. If that wasn’t bad enough, WikiLeaks’ founder Julian Assange faces extradition from the UK to answer allegations of sexual assault in Sweden. Yet, there’s a bright side.WikiLeaks has been nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize by Snorre Valen, a Norwegian lawmaker. Typically, nominations stay secret for 50 years, but Valen announced his nomination through his online blog.Valen, a member of Norway’s Socialist Left Party turned in his nomination in person on Tuesday, the last day the committee accepted nominations. If WikiLeaks does receive the prize, the site will be entitled to an award of $1.6 million.Nobody from the website should be hoping to cash a check from the Norwegian Nobel Committee anytime soon, though. WikiLeaks’ nomination is only one of more than 200 that have been received by the committee. That amount doesn’t even include nominations members of the five-member committee can make during their February 28th meeting. The committee will announce the winners of the Nobel Prize in October.Read more at AP.last_img

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