King Mohammed VI Morocco Plays a Leading Role in Interfaith Dialogue

Marrakech  –  Morocco, which has always been an outstanding model of cultural coexistence and interaction between Islam and other religions, particularly Judaism and Christianity, has played a leading role in interfaith dialogue, King Mohammed VI, Commander of the Faithful, said on Monday.One of the glorious pages in this history was the emergence of the Moroccan-Andalusian civilization, which brought together various communities, the King said in a message to the participants in the conference “The rights of religious minorities in Islamic lands”, which kicked off Monday morning in Marrakech.“This was especially the case when large numbers of Muslims moved from Andalusia to Morocco in particularly difficult conditions. With them, there were also Jews, who joined a Jewish community, which had existed in the country since the pre-Islamic era”, the Sovereign underlined. In this regard, the Monarch stressed that the Jewish community in Morocco was never treated by Muslims as a minority, as its members were involved in all fields of activity and were present at all levels of society, noting that Morocco perpetuates the same tradition by enabling Christians of all denominations, who reside legally in the country, to perform their religious rites, according to the church to which they belong.“As Commander of the Faithful and defender of the faith, I am committed to protecting the rights of Muslims and non-Muslims alike”, the King said, underling his commitment that “Moroccan Jews enjoy the same constitutional rights as their fellow Muslim citizens”, through joining political parties, participating in elections, setting up associations and playing a key role in the economy.“We, in the Kingdom of Morocco, see no reason for denying religious minorities any of their rights. We do not tolerate a violation of this kind being perpetrated in the name of Islam, nor do we tolerate any Muslim being involved in such an infringement”, the Sovereign stressed.The Moroccan monarch noted that “our management of the religious domain in Morocco focuses on preventing any distorted interpretation of the revealed texts, particularly what relates to jihad   a question on which our Ulema issued an unequivocal statement a few weeks ago”.The Royal message underlines that today’s world needs “religious values because they embody the virtues we should uphold before the Creator. We also need them because they consolidate our propensity for tolerance, love and cooperation in promoting righteousness and piety”.“We need common values not just to nurture tolerance, but also to derive from them the energy and fortitude that will enable Man to take a long hard look at himself; we need them because they can help us to rally together in order to enjoy a life free from war, greed, extremism and hatred   a life in which crises and human suffering can be reduced as a prelude to the elimination of the risk of religious conflict”, the Sovereign concluded.With MAP

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