UN Morocco Reiterates Commitment to Promote World Peace

New York – Morocco on Monday reiterated its commitment to promote international peace and security, stressing that the UN remains the “lead agency” to guarantee peace and security in the world.This is the place to “reiterate my country’s commitment for peace and international security,” Morocco’s ambassador to the UN, Omar Hilale, said at the UN Security Council Open Debate on United Nations Peacekeeping: Regional Partnerships and their Evolution.On this occasion, Mr. Hilale expressed the kingdom’s determination to “continue to engage, under the auspices of the United Nations, for the promotion and consolidation of peace throughout the world”In this regard, he said “the international community would undoubtedly benefit from strengthening cooperation between the United Nations and regional and sub-regional organizations.” He underlined that such cooperation “shall go beyond the political support based on universal principles, raison d’être of the United Nations, to include predictable and adequate logistical support.”He also stressed that the UN, through the Security Council, remains the “main guarantor of peace and security in the world,” and the role of regional and sub-regional organizations shall remain consistent with the provisions of Chapter VIII of the UN Charter.

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