Captain Interview – Lizzie Campbell

first_imgYou are also playing the Japanese as part of the lead in games, what sort of opportunity does that provide the team? It’s amazing to see with the Mixed coming over, I don’t think we really see the benefits of the Mixed program until they get to the Women’s.  Especially with Yasmin (Meakes) and Sammy Rodgers obviously too coming from Mixed, it’s great to see their knowledge from the link/wing positions transfer straight into the Women’s game and it is just invaluable to us. Pretty good. Obviously we have a few debutants and coming into it we were a bit worried about how the young ones was going to merge with the older ones but they have come in seamlessly and working really well together. We just had our first run this morning as a team and it went a lot better than I thought it was going to go and we are running really well together – so it’s exciting. Facebook: – search for ‘TFAofficial’ The camp is over now, how is the Women’s team looking going into the Series? It is great for them and to be honest Japan was our biggest competitor after New Zealand at the World Cup last year. They were the only other team to put a few tries on us. They are great with their line attack and they are very fast runners. I think they will be a great warm up for us for New Zealand for getting us on our edge with the line attack, the quickie moves because they are really great at that. I think there was only one girl in our World Cup team, one middle, that didn’t get scored on against Japan, which was Sammy Hopkin, so we will be looking to get a few back on them. You’ve been named captain of your country, how does that make you feel? We’ll be keeping you up-to-date with all of the latest news, information and results from the series on our website and social media channels, so you won’t miss any of the action: Very excited, emotional and super proud. I think the biggest thing is that I am really excited to try and make the previous captains proud. They are obviously people I respect, Louise Winchester and Peta Rogerson the vice-captain for a long time, are girls I have looked up to and I am very excited to hopefully be an inch of what they were in this position. center_img We have a couple of new girls. We have the younger girls, Emma Sykes, Tayla Clifford and Shellie Davis. I think one person to definitely look out for is Hayley Maddick. She is an older girl, a couple years younger than me. She has flown under the radar a little bit and now she has come into the team taking quite a leadership role in the team even being a debutant. She is a great attacking player and I am really excited to see her work her magic. The program’s pathways are on show in this team as well, with players transitioning from the Mixed program, how’s that working out? Personally I am very excited. Having the young girls coming in, there is a big step coming from the junior international level to this Open level so I think they will get a bit of a shock but they are great players and they are really strong players so they will adjust quickly. Obviously that first game is going to be a bit of a hit for everyone like it was for me, I only debuted two years ago, so it kind of is a huge shock but they will definitely fit in perfectly and will ease straight into the games. It’s a big challenge, going over to New Zealand to play New Zealand. Tell us how that looks for the team? Tell us something about those new players. Who have we got and who should we look forward to watching play? Newly appointed Women’s Open Captain, Lizzie Campbell, caught up with the TFA Media Team at the recent Trans Tasman Training Camp, to give us some insight into the team’s preparations and how she’s dealing with the exciting news of being name captain of her country for the first time. Be sure to use the hashtags #transtasman2016, #oneteam and #teamaustralia across all of our social media platforms and send in your message of support on our social media channels as well.Related LinksLizzie Campbell interviewlast_img

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