Taiwan tour guide to boycott the Master Kong Black Oil event was broke

in the modern society, frequent food safety issues today, more and more people began to concern with food safety in the whole society, recently, the master was revealed using rancid water and oil as raw material.

"Taiwan guide called mainland tourists boycott Kangshifu" video recently in social media heat transfer, resist the sound as one falls, another rises. In the video the Taiwan female tour guide "pledged" repeatedly said, because the master was confirmed using rancid water and oil, from all walks of life in Taiwan has set off a "drowned movement". Take the Taiwan female tour guide words also said, "the number of rancid water and oil master used in mainland China is 56 times that of Taiwan. Is there any news on the news? No, but Taiwan knows." After a female tour guide provocative, some celebrities, micro-blog V has forwarded a video table support, saying that the mainland should know". read more

Help pregnant women earn money to do business

many people today family living conditions have been improved, and in response to the national family planning appeal, many pregnant women are in old age after pregnant with a child, so are very attention, then what do specialized in domestic tire, but such a boring life makes a lot of people simply unbearable. Therefore, we can open a holiday home to help pregnant women to help pregnant business, so as to earn the money pregnant women!

before the community full-time wife and SOHO family very much, these gold and time of pregnant women after the day is very monotonous and boring. Want to see a movie, but the air in the theater is not suitable for pregnant women. If you want to travel to relax, travel with the group, people heard that pregnant women must try to dissuade; if conceal them, the risk will be encountered in those fierce taxing projects abortion. You can set up a special place for tourists to spend the holiday leisure professional sites, which is to help pregnant resort. read more

Entrepreneurial questions Professional interpretation of multi security

now, the business ideas of a few people, men and women, old and young, but are not familiar with, no experience, so many people are in doubt, do not solve these questions, I believe no one will take the first step assured. Today, Xiao Bian inventory for some of the questions and professional interpretation, hoping to provide some help for everyone’s entrepreneurial journey. Here, to introduce in detail.

1, how to choose their own business projects


you go to the arena, the market and the society, you may see someone doing a business is to make money, or some seem to be good business has not been done, or in other places there are people doing business here has not been done, then you can try. In general, expand your social perspective and see a small but potentially profitable business. For the vast majority of people, business is not a big place to start, but the beginning of a small place. read more

SOE reform program introduced concern

recently, one thing we should concern the domestic ice is the reform of state-owned enterprises, in recent days, a new round of SOE reform plan is introduced, let’s look at the specific content of the reform of state-owned enterprises.

the CPC Central Committee and the State Council recently issued the "guiding opinions on deepening the reform of state-owned enterprises" (hereinafter referred to as "guidance"). This is a programmatic document to guide and promote the reform of state-owned enterprises in the new era, and will open a new chapter in the development of state-owned enterprises. read more

What is the initial flow of business shop

many investors choose the operation of the shop, in fact online platform to find business opportunities to create wealth is not a new thing, so how to start the road of entrepreneurship? Many businesses are very interested in this issue, followed by a small study together with the next bar.

A, find a few keywords you can best represent the sale of goods, write a most can reflect you shop introduction, and then log on each search engine to submit your site, such as Baidu, GOOGLE, Yahoo etc. included in your site, even if this first step into. read more

What kind of work should be done to successfully run a children’s clothing shop

under the conditions of the current national entrepreneurship, successfully opened a shop has become a lot of people are doing things. After all, as long as there is enough start-up capital to open a store and what is not difficult, difficult is how to store operation, ensure store profitability and long-term survival, because many people do not have this knowledge and experience, so they block the pace of business. So, the successful operation of a children’s clothing store to do what work? Let Xiaobian for you to analyze. read more

Handjack elder brother investment in the automotive supplies industry start-up story

with the development of economy, the number of cars is becoming more and more popular, becoming the most popular means of travel. This is the automotive supplies industry has brought tremendous business opportunities. But what about the automotive industry? How can you make a lot of money by investing in a car beauty shop? The following small series to introduce an investment in the automotive industry in the process of successful entrepreneurs.

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Project investment should pay attention to what is careful to drive the ship

investment is a good way of managing money, but in any case investors don’t want to end All is lost., then the project investment should pay attention to what? Down Xiaobian to summed up several hope to help to you. />

in scientific selection of investment projects to focus on the following points:

A, personal deposit.

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Gao Yanlong won the state compensation for compensation will continue to apply for state compensatio

who is willing to spend their youth in prison, if you were wronged in prison, this youth and how much money can be spent? Gao Yanlong is the protagonist of this event, recently, the state compensation for Gao Yanlong, but he was dissatisfied with the amount of compensation, the matter is how, let us look at it!

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