Website PR value from 0 rapid increase to 3 secret

a few days ago and "teaching network webmaster chat, he said GOOGLE and update the PR value of the site, I also see similar information on the Internet, I asked him if he did not improve, he said rose from 5 to 6, gee, I envy. Because I put the entire site on the Internet, not long after, but also time to constantly repair the function (because it is written procedures, not used CMS such station building software), almost no time to do promotion. In my impression, every time I open my web site, the PR item in the browser’s GOOGLE toolbar has always been a "white and transparent" strip. So I didn’t care, and I didn’t go to see whether my website improved PR or not. read more

Webmaster do stand should be good at thinking way


goes to the point, let’s start with a short story:

has a flower vendor, she every day as soon as possible to sell flowers, hard and not to earn much money, because the flower too many people. One day, an old man said happily in the flowers at the time: "which of you, for their own transportation convenient, do not consider people buy flowers. You see, the soil in the pot is so thin, I’ll dig it in the back. "This city is not the countryside, the flowerpot soil, so good looking!" read more

Three essential factors for a successful website

1: stable and fast web server

it is very important that you can think about it, when you go to find what other sites, if the site within 10 seconds to open, you will continue to wait for 20 seconds?? I’m afraid most people would choose to go to other sites off the. Unless the content only you have here, people will continue to wait, but you can guarantee that your content is only your website is? Netizens choose too much, if your site is open very slowly, they will not hesitate to turn off your website, access to other sites, so you it will lose a lot of customers flow. read more

Understanding community operations first untangle these common points of disagreement


community is not the same as BBS, nor is it equivalent to a particular product form. Communities are social relationships between users.

although the operation skills of different products are interlinked, but community operations are somewhat special". For example, community operations require higher levels of user community operation and need to be more user-friendly". So I have always felt that people who do community operations, thinking more open, abandon meaningless control desire, moderately hide self-awareness, service users awareness more strongly…… read more

The purpose of building a user portrait is simple to understand you is to serve you better

had an online shopping experience, the next time the landing site, will pop up the various types of substitute goods or complementary goods recommendation; become a registered member of the brand, special day (member day, birthday) often received a notice sent to brands (blessing) SMS or email.

all this is a common routine of precision marketing.

in the Internet era of big data, users have to have the world. With a huge user data as the basis, users build a portrait of a complete set of attributes, with its labeling, information, visualization, is the realization of personalized recommendation, precision marketing based strong. read more

Web Design do not understand Metro style design, dare to call a senior designer

Changes in the

era, our aesthetic in change, as the senior designers, were you aware of that? Now many websites and applications also began to play graphic design (Win8 style), which is also called the Metro UI style, such as 360 antivirus, Hotmail, Tencent, fast and easy and Tmall, cool dog music, iPhone version of QQ music and so on are already in this emerging UI style revision.

here to explain what is called the Metro UI style, is a concept put forward by Microsoft Metro UI style at first (allegedly due to copyright issues have Metro style called Win8 style), Metro UI is a kind of interface display technology, and the difference between Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android interface most is: two which is used as the main objects are rendered, and the Metro interface is emphasized the information itself, rather than redundant interface elements. The function of the part of the element that displays the next interface is primarily to prompt the user "here is more information."". At the same time, in visual effects, this helps to form an immersive feeling. Plainly, it is completely flat, simple design, no gradient, relief and other texture effects. read more

Liu Weilin why do small websites get $10 million 500 thousand in investment

came out in December 18th with a small Network Inc, BlueKai, which has only 13 people, and successfully won $10 million 500 thousand in venture capital. In this cold winter, probably only they are the warmest!


and BlueKai to obtain funds for the reason is very simple, they said: "we know that the outside economy is bad, but we are now in revenue, rapidly growing!" they say, now their "clients" have fought upside down, too much to handle, need "money" expanded to meet these needs, at this point to say this sentence, and there is evidence to support the case, it is difficult to get money! read more

A woman after 80 webmaster experience sharing

, a young woman who graduated from 2007, has been working as a people teacher in a school. In the face of China economic inflation, university graduates can not find work, find work of professional professional counterparts as well as migrant workers wages, prices such as missile like hurricane, a hard month look at the property market is still not enough to buy a square. Faced with this situation, so that more people choose to start their own businesses. Earlier this year, little girl resigned from the profession of teachers, but also to join in, start their own businesses, start a web site. Now it is a female webmaster, ~ ~ ~ ~ in this period also learn a lot. In the network promotion and website construction, I also slowly sum up, the following major attention is that I usually, and slowly accumulated. Share it now, and hope to be useful to friends in need. read more

From an industry webmaster of the words from the bottom of the heart

thank the network staff Mr. Zhang Hui to provide non customer service and technical support in general!! reducer is a network of industrial machinery website, it provides a large reducer trading platform and product exchange service for the industrial automation industry


in the reducer net special thanks to support network technology (technology give special thanks to: Zhang Hui, Zhang Zewen, Wang Yu, in alphabetical order, ha ha), network technology as e-commerce service providers, as the network technology customer network technology on the reducer, in addition to the hard function. The network technology impressed me most is the customer service service. Here, I want to tell you what I’ve bought from the app to the present, and share with you. read more

Me and my Logo network

lost in thought for a long time still did not find what I want! Today and share with me and logo, I love logo before the day did not do logo people will feel uncomfortable! But now do not know how not to get a sense of


I don’t know what time logo, although I am learning graphic image, but only half a bucket of water! Can handle some simple pictures! The real contact logo is in 2006 September met a Entertainment Forum webmaster (happy) is he instructed me to do logo. When I know the design is happy he would find me I do for art he is responsible for program and data! We just started the first! We had a free art design section in our forum, mainly providing links to logo design and so on. The design is only the beginning I! Use PS design simple. But moving logo but I won’t do it! Don’t know what to do, and then see the tutorial to understand FW. Knowing that it could design a moving logo, I really started my logo career then, read more