Talk about doing Shanghai dragon from a problem Taobao customers can do it now

?Selection and technology of The whole The mentality of the problem finally is Shanghai dragon > The difficulty and the harvest

second is from the two aspects of technology selection and to look at. Select the most important is the choice of keywords. In many industries, keyword selection is not good, can say even a white busy. And choose the key words, especially some of the long tail word, then the profits will Everfount. Such as Taobao, have tens of millions of products, there are countless flagship stores, there are many brands, as long as these serious mining, it must be a gold mine. Of course, if you know it is very promising, just worry about their limited capacity, so this is not a problem, because we can learn, not what can hinder the pace of learning. read more

Analysis of the importance of optimizing enterprise website of Shanghai Dragon

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in order to better understand the Shanghai dragon, I will concrete examples: for example we love Shanghai search for "birthday gift", the first five stores display the first page of three by Shanghai dragon optimization ranking up, it can be said that this is the gold shop, so every day to the "birthday gift" commercial street access is what people? I love Shanghai statistical data to make a statement.

The importance of following

there are many companies in Shenzhen every day initiative calling to consult Shanghai Longfeng price, and here in Hunan, even if I go home, many business owners are not listening, it is not attached to the Shanghai dragon, do not know much Changsha Shanghai Longfeng people. read more