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first_imgCES is the one of the biggest technology shows in the world, so it can be hard to stand out, especially if you’re a business PC at a consumer show. But, if you’re the smallest, longest-running commercial 14” 2-in-1 ever, beautiful, powerful and versatile, and come with a sort of sixth sense… well then you might have a chance to earn a CES Innovation Award.We hinted that something big was coming in a recent blog, and we’re excited to finally pull back the curtain. Say hello to the Latitude 7400 2-in-1. Our new Latitude flagship 2-in-1 represents the best on-demand experience available to the mobile professional, and is the perfect convergence of speed, security, mobility, versatility and productivity packed into the world’s smallest commercial 14” 2-in-1.Today’s employees are more demanding of their technology. Not only wanting portability and connectivity without sacrificing performance, they also look for a work machine that’s beautiful and responsive, because work is where creativity and productivity need to shine. In fact, in our recent Gen Z survey, 91 percent of respondents said technology would influence their job choice when looking across similar employment offers. So we set out to create a work companion that was not only powerful and secure, but also beautiful and as close to frictionless as possible.Latitude 7400 2-in-1 uses Dell’s new ExpressSign-in to detect your presence, wake the system in about one second, and scan for facial recognition to log you in with Windows Hello. Just sit down at your desk and start working — without control-alt-delete or even reaching for the power button. In fact, it is the world’s first PC to use a proximity sensor enabled by Intel® Context Sensing Technology. When you step away for a break, Latitude will recognize you’ve left and lock itself to preserve battery life and maintain security.We designed this new Latitude to be the world’s smallest commercial 14” 2-in-1 not for bragging rights, but so it will more easily fit in your bag, your purse or on that airline tray table. We also expect to deliver the longest battery life in its class for days of unplugged productivity during travel. We’ve designed for 24 hours of MobileMark ’14 run time on a single charge using the 78Whr battery option. And when you do have to plug in, Dell’s ExpressCharge gets the battery back up to 80 percent in just an hour. On-the-go pros will have the confidence of connectivity, even when WiFi is unavailable, thanks to Cat16 Gigabit LTE, which is about three times faster than our previous WWAN technology.Latitude 7400 2-in-1 is completely new from the ground up. No part was left untouched in the quest to deliver a device that IT loves to support and employees are proud to carry. We weighed every design decision against the tiny footprint of our four-sided narrow border display, made possible by a new drop hinge with one-finger opening. From antennae design and placement, to a complete re-think of the thermal solution using a new GORE material infused with the same aerogel used on NASA’s stardust probe, the Latitude 7400 2-in-1 pushes innovation boundaries on every front for maximum capability and performance in the smallest package possible, and does so with a starting weight of just 2.99lbs. For security, we offer the exclusive Dell ControlVault 3 option for hardware multi-factor authentication. Dell even kept a feature many of our competitors have thrown out, but that customers have told us they still use – an optional SmartCard reader. We also integrated a contactless SmartCard reader using the NFC antenna under the clickpad. IT will be glad to know Dell is integrating VMware’s Workspace ONE as well. Latitude has always prided itself on being the most secure, most manageable and most reliable, and this is the kind of engineering behind that claim.The new Latitude doesn’t just work long and hard, it also looks and feels great. It’s finished in a gorgeous new Titan Gray machined aluminum with a hairline brushed design and diamond-cut edges. The magnesium alloy bottom cover is coated in soft-touch paint that looks good and feels great to carry. This will also be the first Latitude to use our recycled ocean plastics packaging.Simply put, this is the most beautiful Latitude ever built. So, mark your calendar – availability opens up in March with a starting price of $1599.If you plan to attend CES in Las Vegas, please join Dell for our press conference at 10AM PST in the Sands Showroom on level 2 of the Venetian to see and hear all the remaining news announcements. Attendance is open to all CES badge holders.last_img read more

Dell Technologies + VMware: 5G Rocks the Network Edge

first_imgThis post is co-authored by Jason Shepherd, IoT and Edge Computing CTO, Dell Technologies.Telecommunications service providers  are in the midst of a transition that will enable a new generation of applications based on 5G connectivity and edge computing. From the evolution of the central office to backhaul and pre-aggregation facilities, the “Network Edge” represents an opportunity for telecommunications service providers that is ripe for transformation.Dell Technologies and VMware are excited to welcome our telecommunications service provider customers to VMworld this year and have planned a curated experience that includes:Breakout SessionsTheater sessionsTheCube LiveA Hospitality SuiteDedicated 5G booth experienceAnd an evening on the San Francisco Giant’s YachtThis experience will highlight how Dell Technologies and VMware are working together to accelerate our customers’ transformation.#BetterTogetherDell Technologies and VMware have partnered to deliver validated solutions that help telecommunications service providers de-risk NFV infrastructure deployments and accelerate time to ROI. Over time, and through collaboration on open APIs, we will enable advanced capabilities across the mobile network that are context-aware of application quality of service (QoS) requirements.  This can only happen with community-wide, open collaboration on abstractions and a commitment to interoperability – from the edge all the way to cloud.Dell Technologies has been paving the way through our work in EdgeX Foundry and Akraino, and through contributions to the broader Linux Foundation’s LF Edge project. On top of these open foundations, Dell Technologies and VMware aim to deliver the software and hardware that will enable telecommunications service providers to rapidly develop and bring to market new services that support emerging 5G and edge use cases. Our mutual goal here is to help customers architect the edge for success.Extending the Cloud To The Network EdgeWhen we think of the cloud, we think first of homogeneous building blocks, replicated as a means of enabling scale. We replicate standard building-block servers within a rack, replicate that rack across a row, then replicate that row across a data center. The challenges of centralized scale – virtualization, security, automation, management, workload mobility – are not only well-understood, but largely resolved.So why is the network edge so different? For starters, the edge is a heterogeneous environment. The “architect once, scale indefinitely” approach espoused by public clouds doesn’t apply to the edge. The wide variety of locations, facilities and workloads at the edge requires the adoption of a “design to-suit” philosophy. The telecommunications service provider operational model must be flexible enough to accommodate use-case specific infrastructure at the edge. Various degrees of ruggedization and regulatory considerations, as well as any combination of acceleration hardware such as GPUs, FPGAs, Smart NICs, can be incorporated to meet these requirements. With the right architectural principles that include open standards and industry standard hardware, the required heterogeneity of infrastructure can be managed smoothly through software.The edge does not lend itself towards “standardization,” per se. The ability to replicate homogeneous building blocks at the edge relying on the same tools, technologies, and operating models used in massively-scaled, public cloud data centers is not apparent. The closer and closer you get to the edge, the more unique both hardware and software need to be to meet the demands of specific locations and workloads. Combine this with lights-out, un-manned facilities in a heavily regulated industry, and the need for a “Telco Cloud” has never been more apparent.The Holy Grail Management and control of remote facility infrastructure is not as simple as it is in the data center. Edge facilities can be difficult to reach and can have significantly hardened physical security requirements. An early and deliberate investment in management tools that can consistently handle a variety of edge devices will be required. An extension of the NFV model to the edge is also desirable. With NFV, the migration of applications from the core of the network to the edge can be facilitated, enabling new efficiencies. Underutilized resources at the edge can be repurposed quickly for local IT function (e.g. AI/ML at the edge). A loosely coupled, distributed network edge will also provide effective and dynamic service scaling.Security and privacy concerns must be addressed from the moment data is generated at the edge. In order to scale security, privacy and trust across an inherently heterogeneous system-of-systems that spans public and private boundaries, it’s imperative to start with open interoperability at the edge (A focus of the aforementioned work in the Linux Foundation).  This is a core aspect of Dell Technologies’ edge strategy. We’re combining the power of our portfolio with value-add from our global partners, like VMware, on top of an open foundation to help our customers build secure, scalable and trusted solutions.It is important to start small, but equally important to invest in the right infrastructure to scale big over time. An investment in and commitment to a multi-cloud strategy that starts with an open edge is essential to maintaining control over the services offered and data generated at the edge. After all, where would the Internet that we know-and-love be, without a commitment to open interoperability? Edge computing should follow this model to achieve similar greatness.Through collaboration on open, trusted infrastructure, we will enable entirely new services and business models. This will ultimately help us realize the Holy Grail of Digital – selling or sharing on your terms data, resources and/or services. Dell Technologies and VMware are prepared to journey with you to 5G and rock the edge!last_img read more

The Big Data Beard Team is Hitting the Road for the Most Epic Road Trip to Splunk’s .conf

first_imgWhen most people think of fall, they think of football, pumpkin spice lattes and leaves turning their autumn colors. For us, fall means that Splunk .conf is right around the corner! This year, Splunk’s .conf is a few weeks later than it normally is. Cory Minton and Kyle Prins, and I couldn’t wait those extra weeks to get the conference kicked off, so we decided to get the festivities started early. We grabbed an RV, set up several IoT sensors, built an edge to cloud computing environment, and packed up the Big Data Beard recording equipment for an epic road-trip across the country. We are starting in Boston, Massachusetts, and will end up in Las Vegas, Nevada for .conf19. We are calling this the Road Trip 2 .conf 2019!The TripOver the span of our two week journey, we will be traveling across 15 states, driving over 3,700 miles and stopping in 13 different cities to meet with Splunk users, Splunkers and the rich ecosystem of Splunk partners to learn how Splunk is being used to turn data into answers. Below is our route and dates we will be in each city.If you live in or near one of these cities, make sure you stop by to check out the RV, talk with other Splunkers and purchase some highly coveted Road Trip 2 .conf swag. The specific locations will be posted on our Road Trip 2 .conf page. We will also be hosting happy hours in select cities, so stay tuned for those details.Each morning we will be livestreaming a daily talk show called “Breakfast with the Beards”. We will be reviewing the trip progress via our Splunk dashboards, and chatting with some interesting guests. Below is the calendar for Breakfast with The Beards and links to the live-streams: **Audio only version of podcast publishes at 4 pm ET to all platforms, these links won’t be live and working until then. Daily @ 10 am ETCityBWTB Show TopicLivestream Link This road trip would not be complete unless we went full Splunky. To do that we are going to transform the RV into a host=IOT_RV and Splunk all the data we collect as we roll down the highway. We are partnering with Dell Technologies, VMware and Arrow Electronics to build and deploy edge computing devices, hook up several sensors, and leverage a few apps from Splunkbase. We will work with several other Splunkers from Red River Technologies and Converging Data to transform our RV into a properly Splunked IoT playground! Here are just a few of the questions we are relying on Splunk to help us answer:Location – Where are we currently and how long will it take to get to our next destination?Road Quality – How does the quality of roads differ from state to state?RV Comfort – How comfortable is our RV ride?Health – With all this travel, are we taking care of ourselves? Do we need to walk a little more? 11-OctNashvilleInside Look at The Splunk Trust *Podcasts will be livestreamed via YouTube live during time of recording, which will be fluid on exact timing of live version. 16-OctAmarilloHow and Why Greg Woodcock Built Splunxter Big Data Beard Podcast and Livestream from the Road Trip 2 Splunk’s .conf 2019* 17-OctDenverPowering IoT Innovation at Arrow Electronics 11-OctNashvilleDecoupling Storage for Splunk with Kevin McDonald 7-OctBostonThe Send-Off from Boston with John Roese, CTO of Dell Technologies 10-OctNashvilleRed River Conversation TBD 16-OctAmarilloIoT RV Review from the Road 17-OctDenverSplunk and Security with Arrow 14-OctAustinDigital Transformation at Dell 8-OctWashington DCRed River Technologies Use Splunk 7-OctBostonSplunk Architecture with Splunk’s Jeff Champagne 8-OctWashington DCRed River IoT Vision with CTO Paul Krein 14-OctAustinCustomer Solutions Center Tour at Dell 15-OctAustinBig Data at Dell with Anthony Dina 10-OctNashvilleSplunking a Tesla with Chris Burnham 13-OctDallasInsights into Splunk with Chip Winslow With 3 engineers in an RV for 14 days and only 1 bathroom, the biggest concern is cleanliness. In a take on the Dubai Airport’s Golden Bathroom, we are using Splunk to create our very own Bronze Bathroom. With Splunk and VictorOps deployed, we can understand how best to optimize our cleaning efforts.With an estimated 60 hours of driving time, you can bet that we will be listening to a ton of music. We have Splunked our Spotify account, so we can see what songs, genre and artists we listen to the most. We also want to be able to share what we are listening to and even take some requests! To recommend a song, engage with us on Twitter!How to engageWe will be publicly displaying all of our Splunk dashboards throughout the trip to provide real-time updates on our progress. Login information (link, username and password) will be available beginning on October 7th on our Road Trip 2 .conf website.If you have any ideas on additional things we can Splunk, or have questions you want to ask based on the collected data, let us know on Twitter @BigDataBeard.Speaking of social media, get active and engage with us throughout the trip using #SplunkConf19 and #RoadTrip2conf. Don’t forget to check out our website to get access to livestreams, recordings and updates on our progress.The RV @ .confWe will be showcasing the RV in the expo hall starting at the Welcome Soiree on Monday night, for those of you attending .conf! Make sure you stop by to stock up on some cool RV swag and check out our dashboards using Splunk AR! We will also be presenting a break out session about the host=IOT_RV on Wednesday October 23rd at 12:30 PDT. Make sure you add this session to your catalog.All of this would not be possible without our fantastic sponsors who helped turn this crazy idea into reality. Each of these great companies works hard to help their customers achieve success using Splunk. We cannot thank them enough for their investment and support on this wild ride.Lastly, we want to thank the Splunk community for their help in developing ideas that showcase the value of Splunk, and for helping us build dynamic and impactful dashboards. Thanks Tom West from Converging Data and Brandon Ganem from the Splunk Trust!Join us as we make this the MOST EPIC Road Trip 2 .conf ever! We are super excited and look forward to sharing this awesome experience with all of you.Your Bearded Friends, 12-OctMemphisIoT and the Smart Hotel Room with Keith Tomes Posting @ 4 pm ETCityBig Data Beard Podcast GuestLink to Podcast**Livestream Link 15-OctAustinSplunk Powers Dell with Tanuj Arcot from Dell IT Breakfast with The Beards Show – Live Streamed Daily at 10 am ET 19-OctMoabRoad Trip Wrap Up at Arches National Park 18-OctBoulderStrong Splunk Opinions with Splunk’s Andi Mann 9-OctCharlotteDell IoT Strategy with Ken Mills Additionally, every Monday-Friday, we will be recording a podcast that takes a deeper look at specific Splunk technologies and use cases. Here is the lineup: 18-OctBoulderMaking on call suck less with VictorOps 9-OctCharlotteSplunk Powering Public Sector with Splunk’s Juliana Vida read more

Chicago teachers vote to teach from home, defying district

first_imgCHICAGO (AP) — Chicago teachers have voted to defy the school district’s order to return to their classrooms for the resumption of in-person instruction despite not being vaccinated against the coronavirus. The Chicago Teachers Union vote was announced Sunday. The nation’s third-largest district wants roughly 10,000 K-8 teachers and other staffers to return to school Monday for the resumption of in-person instruction on Feb. 1. The union opposes the district’s plan out of concern for its members’ health and called on members to continue teaching from home on Monday, as they have since last March. District officials have said a refusal to return to the classroom when ordered would amount to an illegal strike. The sides continued negotiating Sunday.last_img read more

Biden set to boost US refugee admissions after Trump cut

first_imgWASHINGTON (AP) — The Biden administration is preparing to notify Congress and others that it will dramatically increase U.S. admissions of refugees. Officials and people familiar with the matter say Biden plans to announce this week that he will increase the cap on the number of refugees allowed into the United States to more than eight times the level at which the Trump administration left it. Former President Donald Trump had drastically reduced that cap to only 15,000 before he left office. Biden’s plan, which will require congressional consultation, would raise that number to 125,000, an increase of 15,000 over the high ceiling set by former President Barack Obama.last_img read more