Make beautiful music with your own DIY singing Tesla coil

first_imgTesla coils tend to be a fixture in science fiction and experimentation, and thus the geek sphere. How could they not be? They’re towers that shoot off visible electrical bolts, instantly creating a visually appealing backdrop for whatever mad science experiment is being performed. With Kickstarter project oneTesla, not only can you learn about and build your own Tesla coil, but you can make music out of two-foot-long sparks. That’s science, right there!The oneTesla coil isn’t an enormous set piece you can put behind your amateur science lab — the secondary coil is actually only 10 inches tall. Perhaps the best part of the oneTesla,  aside from it making music out of electricity, is that the kit is designed to be easy to put together, and comes with everything you’ll need except for some basic tools, such as a soldering iron, common hand tools, and a glue gun.The Tesla coil resonates at around 230kHz, a frequency much higher than the 20Hz to 20kHz that the human ear can pick up. However, the oneTesla is able to make music because sound is a pressure wave, so turning off and on the sparks create a pressure wave that the human ear can hear.Just 11 days into the project’s Kickstarter campaign, it has already raised around $140,000 over the initial funding goal of $20,000. A number of the pledge rewards are sold out, but some don’t have any limits, such as a pledge of $30 securing you a oneTesla board (without the other components). At the time of this writing, the project is on round four of the pledges, and only a few of the higher tier rewards are left, such as a pledge of $299 getting you one of the 110V oneTesla kits.Though the project is intended to be a DIY endeavor, the oneTesla team does recommend having someone with electrical component and soldering experience on-hand to supervise the build process. If you’re interested, check out the project page over on Kickstarter.last_img read more