General Provisions Of Sign Placement

first_imgThe City-County Observer over the last several days we have received complaints concerning the possible illegal placement of two (2) political campaign signs of Alex Schmitt for County Commissioner installed on public right a ways.Both signs are located on the on the Eastside. One sign is located on the Lloyd just East of Harrison High School next to the old Church of the Cross location and the other one is at the intersection of Lincoln Ave and Newburgh Road.Yesterday we contacted officials at the Area Planning Commission and the City of Evansville Engineering Department concerning the status of the possible illegal placement of both campaign signsAccording to Benjamin T. Barnes City of Evansville – Pavement Coordinator told us that the political sign of Alex Schmitt located at the intersection of Lincoln Ave and Newburgh Road. is legal.  However this sign appears to be on city public right-of-ways.  Since the sign is located on the city public right a way we wonder if can any political candidate can put their sign at this location?We also wonder if Mr. Schmitt that the political sign located on the Lloyd just East of Harrison High School next to the old Church of the Cross location is legal since the LLOYD is considered to be a State Highway?Soon as we find the answers to these questions we shall forward them to you.ATTACHED ARE THE GENERAL PROVISIONS OF THE PLACEMENT OF SIGNS WITHIN THE CITY LIMITS,18.140.020 General Provisions(D) Of Sign Placements in Right-of-Way. No sign shall be placed in or overhang any public right-of-way or thoroughfare setback except publicly owned signs, such as traffic control signs and directional signs, or as allowed by a recorded encroachment permit or thoroughfare permit issued pursuant to the requirements of EMC Title 12. The right-of-way dimension shall be determined by the City of Evansville Engineering Department and the thoroughfare setback dimension shall be determined per this title. In addition, signs must not block any type of accessibility including, but not limited to, sidewalks, driveways, etc.18.140.030 Exempt Signs(C) Signs that meet the following descriptions and criteria do not require a sign permit, are exempt from all sign permit application requirements, are not taken into account when calculating the total number of signs or the total square footage of signs allowed for a property or business, and are not limited in number nor in the length of time they may be maintained, except as provided below.(1) Name and Address Identification. Signs not exceeding two square feet in area which identify the names and addresses of occupants but do not denote commercial activity.(2) Flags and Insignias. Flags and insignias of a governmental unit, not-for-profit organization, or church, except in connection with a commercial promotion.(3) Integral Identification Features. Names of buildings, date of erection, monumental citations, commemorative tablets and the like when carved into stone, concrete or similar construction or similar material made of bronze, aluminum, or other permanent type construction and made an integral part of the structure.(4) Public Signs. Public signs placed on-premises or off-premises by or at the instruction of public officer(s) in the performance of public duty, such as signs to promote safety, legal notices, no trespassing, or traffic signs; public memorial plaques; signs of public historical interest; signs directing people to public and quasi-public facilities; and signs no larger than 18 square feet, placed by a charitable county-wide beautification organization at a landscaped site identifying an adopter of an adopt-a-spot location.(5) Emergency Signs. On-premises or off-premises emergency signs, such as those used by the fire or police departments.(6) Political Signs. On-premises or off-premises political campaign signs.FacebookTwitterCopy LinkEmailSharelast_img read more