University to fund Erasmus alternative in case of No Deal Brexit

first_imgAs reported by Cherwell,a no deal Brexit may lead to EU citizens, including students, being treated asthird country nationals, removing all EEA afford rights to study and freemovement. “Year abroad arrangements will continue to be in place. In the event that funding is not made available through the European Commission or the UK government for Erasmus+ activity, the University has committed to funding exchange activity required as a compulsory part of an undergraduate degree.” As well as visa and immigration difficulties, consequenceswould include higher tuition fees, in line with those currently paid by non-EUinternational students. The University’s Department of Modern and Medieval Languageshas announced substitute funding plans for foreign exchanges, should Brexit negotiationsdo away with current provisions. This announcement follows the creation in February of “Oxford and the EU”, awebsite specifically designed to provide current students with informationabout Brexit fallout. center_img According to the University’s website: “Oxford remains wholly committed to the Erasmus+ programme and to ensuring student exchanges with European partner universities continue. The University has not yet made comment as to whetherresearch staff will have access to EU equivalent funding, totalling £78 millionin 2017/18. The Department Chair, Professor Ian Watson, today confirmed an“open-ended commitment to funding exchange activity required as a compulsorypart of an undergraduate degree programme on the same basis as current Erasmus+provision.” last_img read more