Coaching scheme smashes targets at autoglass

first_imgVehicle glass repair specialist Autoglass has achieved measurable businessimprovements as the result of a performance coaching initiative. Seventeen senior managers were put through the scheme in an 18-month periodand are now reporting better financial procedures, faster turnover of repairsand replacements and improved customer perceptions. The scheme was suggested by HR director Carol Madeley after a managementreorganisation highlighted the need for a simpler management structure andincreased the flexibility within the business. “Coaching is the pathway to becoming a successful manager. It gives amanager energy and motivation for the job in hand and cultivates a willingnessto develop personal skills and get the most from a team,” she said. The company sought the help of a range of performance coaches who wouldsupport each manager in their restructured role and help with motivation throughouttheir teams. Such was the success of the scheme that Autoglass is now extending thecoaching offer to more senior managers. “Our aim now is to embed coaching into the business as the dominantmanagement style. In addition to the personal coaching scheme, we are runningcoaching skills workshops for our senior team. We are developing a strongbelief in the value of coaching, and removing some barriers,” saiddevelopment and training manager Simon Fitzgerald. Madeley added, “Autoglass operates in an ever-changing, dynamic serviceenvironment where managers must be able to confront every possible situation.The introduction of a personal coach who would work supportively with managersseemed the ideal solution to ensure high standards of management across theorganisation.” Bernie Newton, a regional manager of 14 Autoglass branches acrossLincolnshire, Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire and Humberside, was one of the firstto be allocated a coach. As a result his region was the first to receive anoverall green scorecard audit in Autoglass annual audits of financialprocedures, industry standards, health and safety and customer perceptions. Madeley said the coaching scheme has proven a success on two fronts –employee feedback and results. The enthusiasm generated has resulted in highlevels of motivation among all staff and record conversion rates for thecompany. “Our aim now is to pass lessons on so the senior managers, in effect,become coaches to their teams. The resulting benefit for our customers shouldthen be improved standards of services from more focused and motivatedteams,” she said. Related posts:No related photos. Coaching scheme smashes targets at autoglassOn 1 Jan 2002 in Personnel Today Comments are closed. Previous Article Next Articlelast_img read more