Pirate Mama: Connecting Kids to Their Watery Backyards

first_imgChange starts with a glimpse. For me, it was middle school when a neighborhood friend took me on his rowboat long before we thought about owning a car. Our maiden voyage left me with a heady sense of freedom as we discovered fossil pits and blue herons.I was hooked. I convinced my parents that I needed a battered aluminum canoe. I spent summer days skinny-dipping, watching osprey fish, and charting the tides. A sandy spit exposed on at low tide became my own private island where I scribbled stories and daydreamed.It’s led to a life-long obsession with the water. To this day, the sound of water lapping against the hull of a boat brings a smile to my face.Screen Shot 2015-10-12 at 10.43.38 AMNot all kids have this type of formative experience. Last winter I went to St. Thomas (a U.S. Virgin Island) to visit my friend, Sarah Thomas, crewing on a sailboat there for the winter.  We drove past school-aged kids milling about in areas on town she pointed out as dangerous. The beaches teemed with tourist, but few locals.I wondered what happens if kids never get to experience the water. It seemed impossible that kids could live so near the sea but never feel a connection, never engage with the subtleties of it’s movement, never fall in love with the creatures that call it home.Screen Shot 2015-10-12 at 10.43.27 AMOver a series of conversations, Sarah and I decided we wanted to provide other children with their first encounter with water up close, so that they too might fall in love.  We realize our own self-interest. Full -time island residents are in the best position to become stewards for the fragile island ecosystems, but nobody can protect what they don’t know about.  And what greater lengths might residents go to take care of the places they love.We’ve partnered with the Family Resource Center, a private non-profit on St. Thomas providing a counseling program and a shelter for victims of domestic violence and sexual assault.  The kids they serve are in need on many levels, especially financially.“Our kids don’t have opportunities to go on a boat or snorkel,” Vernon Araujo of the Family Resource Center. “It would be the biggest thing that ever happened to them, it would be as wild as flying on a rocket to the moon.”Years ago I guided sea kayak tours in Monterey, California and some of the most rewarding groups were lower-income school kids who had grown up within miles of the ocean but had never directly experienced it. They lit up with awe, realizing the fascinating and wonderful world that lurked just beneath the surface.Screen Shot 2015-10-12 at 10.43.00 AMWe want to provide some of the most underprivileged kids living on St. Thomas with the same opportunity to delight in their own watery backyard.  Local kayak outfitters on the island are on board to help us get kids out for a day of paddling and snorkeling.Sure, it’s a small step – the same simple action that ignited my own love affair with water so many years ago.  The kids of St. Thomas deserve to have at least one chance to connect with the nature that exist steps from their homes.Join us in inspiring kids to lead active lives and to take care of the environment. Provide kids with a day that stirs curiosity and fuels a desire to get outside.Screen Shot 2015-10-12 at 10.43.17 AMFor twenty bucks a kid in St. Thomas living in poverty will be able to explore their watery backyard in a sea kayak and snorkel the coral reef.  Back our Kickstarter campaign, Pirate Mama, at the $20 level and help a local Island kid get on the water. You’ll receive an individual thank-you from the child and a picture of them kayaking straight to your inbox.Kickstarter campaigns operate under an “all-or-nothing” funding model, so if the Pirate Mama project doesn’t reach it’s goal at the end of 30 days then the crew won’t leave the dock this winter and the kids in St. Thomas won’t explore the water. To watch the video and donate, go to: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1435241906/pirate-mama-setting-sail-with-her-little-boy.Follow the project on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/piratemamakickstarter to track their progress and spread the word to your social networks.last_img read more

April 15, 2002 Letters

first_img April 15, 2002 Regular News April 15, 2002 Letters Sex With Clients In The Florida Bar v. Bryant, ___ So. 2d.27 Fla.L.Weekly S166 (Fla. February 21, 2002), Justice Barbara Pariente, in a concurring opinion, encourages The Florida Bar “to consider a rule that prohibits all sexual relationships between lawyers and their clients during the attorney-client relationship.”With all due respect, the only ethical rule that is required or appropriate on this subject is very simple and reads as follows: Unless the lawyer is married to the client, the lawyer may not have sex with the client. John Paul Parks Scottsdale, Arizona Bar Exam When I took the Florida bar exam more than 20 years ago in Miami, something happened which had a lasting impact.Following the first morning session in the cavernous Miami Convention Center, after it was cleared of the hundreds of test takers, I realized that I had left my lunch in a brown paper bag under the examination table.As I was pretty hungry, I thought nothing of re-entering the empty convention hall in order to retrieve my sandwich. Much to my surprise, however, a stern proctor stopped me, read me the “riot act,” and accused me of violating Florida Bar rules by re-entering the examination room. He threatened to report me, disqualify me, and subject me to various other nasty sounding penalties.Needless to say I was shaken and scared. Frankly, I am not too certain what I wrote when the exam continued with the afternoon session.On that day I vowed that upon becoming an attorney (which I soon did) I would volunteer to become a proctor so I could help those taking the examination become relaxed and comfortable, rather than terrified and humiliated.So now, every six months I volunteer to proctor the Florida Bar Examination. If I can help people smile and relax, I feel that my time has been well spent.Toward the end of the recent February examination, I came upon a young woman sobbing at the entrance door. She was confronted by a very large deputy sheriff and proctor who were barring her re-entry to the exam room. Apparently she had picked up and submitted upon leaving the testing room her multi-state exam instruction sheet, rather than the answer sheet. Enforcing the rules to the letter, the proctor was preventing this tearful and very upset young woman from re-entering the test room.Mustering all the authority I could convey and standing up as tall as the deputy sheriff, in my most forceful voice, I told the officer and proctor to, “Step aside” — which to my surprise they did. I then escorted the weeping young test taker back to her table where she retrieved the missing answer sheet. After submitting the results of her hard work, she looked up at me, thanked me, and smiled.Sometimes, I think, we work too hard at strictly following the rules. We take ourselves too seriously. May we lawyers and judges alike never lose sight of our profession’s human side.Proctoring the bar examination is an excellent way to contribute to our profession and in so doing help to make a very difficult and stressful event a positive and constructive experience for the soon-to-be-attorneys who will join us. Judge Walt Fullerton St. Petersburg First Amendment As one of the speakers at the Sex, Laws and Government Adult Entertainment Law Symposium, I can only assume the writer of a March 1 letter to the News did not attend the seminar. Had she attended, she would have realized that attendance at the seminar was split approximately 50-50 between attorneys representing local governments and attorneys representing sexually oriented businesses. The writer would have also realized that two of the four speakers at the seminar represented local governments, and the other two speakers represented sexually oriented businesses.I would like to assure the writer that, as an attorney who has represented local government in opposing sexually oriented businesses for approximately 10 years, I would never have agreed to be part of a seminar that did not provide a balanced presentation of issues involving the regulation of sexually oriented businesses.In closing, I appreciate the concerns of the writer and other persons not present at the seminar who may have received a misimpression of its content. In light of the feedback received from the seminar, it appears that the attendees, whether they represent local governments or sexually oriented businesses, received a healthy education regarding the regulation of sexually oriented businesses from experienced attorneys on both sides of the debate. Richard F. Fee TampaThis letter is in response to the March 1 letter protesting The Florida Bar Public Interest Law Section’s Adult Entertainment Law Symposium. That letter writer took exception to the Bar educating its members regarding First Amendment law, because such education may benefit the adult entertainment industry.Such a moralistic, knee-jerk reaction to the exploration of important free speech issues is uncharacteristic of educated members of The Florida Bar. As the program’s chair, I was proud of our Bar for having the courage to sponsor a seminar involving the important constitutional issues raised by erotic speech. We have received nothing but positive feedback from attendees, who particularly noted the balanced approach of the presentation.Like it or not, adult entertainment issues are actively being litigated by members of the Bar. A number of these issues are currently being considered by the United States Supreme Court. Responsible members of the Bar cannot adopt an ostrich approach and pretend like these issues do not exist. I would be surprised if the writer would suggest the Bar sponsor no seminars regarding capital murder cases since such seminars would equip lawyers with the knowledge and tools to adequately defend those accused of heinous, violent crimes. Why then, should the Bar avoid educating its members about First Amendment issues relating to erotic expression?History has shown that the contours of the First Amendment are established by controversial, even despicable speech. As lawyers, our mission is not to judge the content of the expression, but to advocate for the right of the expression to be presented in the first place. The writer has the right to express her opinion in a public forum because of the heroic efforts of many First Amendment lawyers before her. How ironic that her opinion suggests a position that is tantamount to censorship. Lawrence G. Walters Chair of the Public Interest Law Section’s First Amendment Law Committee Orlandolast_img read more

Mutriku Wave Plant Hits 2GWh Mark

first_imgBasque Energy Agency, Ente Vasco de la Energía (EVE), said that Mutriku Wave Energy Plant has generated an accumulated figure of 2GWh.It is the first time it has been achieved by a wave power plant anywhere in the world, EVE said.Opened in 2011, the commercially operative facility generates electricity on an uninterrupted basis, harnessing the rise and fall of the waves.All the power produced, equivalent to the consumption of nearly one hundred families, is sold to the grid.Mutriku now holds the record for longest time in service, most electricity generated, most electricity sold and most accumulated operating hours and availability.In 2016, five years after it was commissioned, Mutriku became the first facility of its kind to have produced one gigawatt hours.The plant is located in the breakwater protecting the entrance to the harbour at Mutriku, a coastal village in the Basque Country after which the facility is named. It is made up of a series of turbines containing 16 oscillating water column (OWC) units, manufactured in the Basque Country, with a total installed capacity of 296 kW.Since 2019 the Mutriku Plant has formed part of the Basque marine energy test centre, BIMEP (Biscay Marine Energy Platform). The centre also has offshore facilities for floating devices, including wave energy collectors and wind-power systems, off the coast of Armintza.In addition to producing electricity, one of the principal functions of the Mutriku site is to act as a testbed for new technologies related to turbines and monitoring systems. Marine technologies are still under development and improvement, as companies seek to achieve more effective systems with greater output, higher efficiency and lower costs.last_img read more

EngineQuest renews built engine awards, returns as IMCA Stock Car regional sponsor

first_imgLAS VEGAS, Nev. – EngineQuest renews a popular awards program benefitting drivers in four divisions, in its 13th season as an IMCA sponsor.Cash bonuses, product certificates and product awards are part of that contingency program while the Las Vegas, Nev., cyl­inder head and engine component manufacturer returns as title sponsor for both Northern and Southern IMCA Sunoco Stock Car regions.EQ will give $200 cash bonuses to eligible Stock Car, IMCA Sunoco Hobby Stock, Karl Chevrolet Northern SportMod and Smiley’s Racing Products Southern SportMod drivers who win two or more track championships while competing with built engines in 2018.And $50 product certificates go to all eligible built engine-powered drivers in those divisions who win track titles.The national Stock Car champion and Hobby Stock, Northern SportMod and Southern SportMod drivers finishing highest in national standings and competing with EQ heads all get a set of EQ cylinder heads.Also receiving sets of EQ-manufactured cylinder heads are highest finishing Mopar engine drivers in the Stock, Hobby and both SportMod divisions.EQ provides a portion of $3,750 point funds to be paid to top 10 drivers in each Stock Car region.The Northern Region includes tracks in eastern Colorado, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota, Ne­braska, North Dakota, Oregon, Saskatchewan, South Dakota, Oregon, Wisconsin and Wyoming while the Southern Region is com­prised of tracks in Arizona, California, western Colorado, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Texas and Utah.Regional point fund shares will be distributed during the national awards banquet in November or mailed from the IMCA home office beginning the following week.Drivers must display two EngineQuest decals on their race car to be eligible for point fund mon­ies.Information about EQ-manufactured cylinder heads is available at the www.enginequest.com web­site and on Facebook.“Our IMCA Stock Car division has seen some resurgence in the past few years and recent growth again has given drivers in new states the opportunity to race for EQ cash and contingency awards,” said IMCA Marketing Director Kevin Yoder. “We keep each other accountable and that exchange has strengthened our relationship over the past 13 years.”last_img read more

FanDuel NFL Playoffs DFS Picks: Lineup advice for Wild Card Weekend GPP tournaments

first_imgNFL Wild Card Weekend challenges us in putting together daily fantasy football lineups because of the small slate of four games. On FanDuel, the QB pricing is such that it almost doesn’t matter who you pick because they’re so tightly bunched. That means that to win a DFS tournament in the first round of the playoffs, you’ll want to pick the right passing stack and nail your RB selections.For this tournament lineup, the stack we’ve chosen is Houston, bringing in Deshaun Watson, DeAndre Hopkins, and Kenny Stills against Buffalo. Playing Hopkins means we fade Michael Thomas and instead play both Alvin Kamara and Derrick Henry, who should provide good floor/ceiling combos at the RB position. TE Taysom Hill, Saints vs. Vikings ($5,200). We’re still psyched that FanDuel lets Hill be a tight end, and he’s basically guaranteed touches at what’s a relative value price.FLEX Derrick Henry, Titans @ Patriots ($9,300). I’m not gonna let myself be scared away by what looks like a tough matchup on paper. Henry is simply too good and will get too many carries to think he’ll be anything but great.D/ST Seattle Seahawks @ Eagles ($3,600). Maybe Seattle proves that the NFC East was really as bad as some think and stomps all over the Eagles.\ MORE FD LINEUPS: Saturday games | Sunday games | Single gamesNFL DFS Wild Card Weekend: FanDuel GPP PicksQB Deshaun Watson, Texans vs. Bills ($8,100). The Buffalo defense has had a number of high points this season, but Watson is talented to the point that he could have a monster game against basically any opponent at any time. A home playoff game seems as good a time as any.RB Marshawn Lynch, Seahawks @ Eagles ($5,900). I’m going to have Beast Mode all over the place in my lineups this weekend — he’s simply going to have to be someone Seattle relies upon for double-digit carries (like in Week 17) to win games.RB Alvin Kamara, Saints vs. Vikings ($8,200). This lineup fades Michael Thomas and instead takes Kamara from the Saints offense. After ending his touchdown drought and scoring twice in back-to-back weeks, the hope here is that Kamara again is the one finding the end zone.MORE WILD CARD WEEKEND LINEUPS: Yahoo | DraftKingsWR DeAndre Hopkins, Texans vs. Bills ($8,300). Hopkins faces off with Tre’Davious White but is still too obvious of a stack candidate with Watson to avoid.WR Kenny Stills, Texans vs. Bills ($5,600). With Will Fuller V likely out again, Stills should heal up and be the No. 2 WR for Watson and the Texans. That’s a spot that might benefit him away from the White shadowing.WR Greg Ward, Eagles vs. Seahawks ($5,600). We have the Seattle defense, yes, but Ward should do most of his damage over the middle of the field and away from the end zone, meaning both can have solid games.last_img read more

Poor NGSA Maths results, a matter of “grave national importance” – Cabinet

first_imgThe Government is concerned at the declining results in Mathematics, especially as was evident in the results of the National Grade Six Assessment (NGSA) and as such, the issue has now engaged the attention of Cabinet, the Ministry of the Presidency said in a statement on Wednesday.The statement said that Cabinet, during its Tuesday meeting, “deliberated as a matter of extreme urgency and grave national importance, [on] the unsatisfactory results in Mathematics nationwide” at the 2016 Grade Six exam.“Cabinet considers this situation one of national urgency requiring its focused attention and commitment to finding adequate and appropriate solutions in the shortest possible time,” the statement added.It said that as part of a plan for short and medium-term measures, Cabinet called on the Education Ministry and its technical advisers to identify all appropriate steps needed to remedy this situation.“Those steps would include remedial training of teachers, better and more varied text books, more teaching aids and better use of technology in the delivery of education,” it said.The Ministry of the Presidency statement added that for many, Guyana has consistently failed to achieve acceptable pass rates in Mathematics, an important core subject and the previous approach to addressing this issue was “inadequate”.This year, the Caribbean Examinations Council (CXC) conducted NGSA for the first time and, according to the Government, the basis of assessment used by CXC was radically different from what was used previously by the Education Ministry, with an increased focus on reasoning and a decreased emphasis on retention.“The new method to testing as implemented by CXC has exposed even more the weakness of the previous approach to education adopted by the Ministry of Education in previous years,” the Ministry said.Guyana, like almost every other Caribbean country, continues to struggle in the area of Mathematics, with the likewise dismal results of the Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate (CSEC) exam, administered by CXC.As a matter of fact, Guyana’s pass rate at the 2016 CSEC Examinations declined from 45.07 per cent in 2015 to 38.37 per cent this year, after about three years of improvements.Overall, the region’s performance in Mathematics saw a 13 per cent decrease. Candidates recorded a 44 per cent pass rate in Maths this year as opposed to a 57 per cent in 2015, according to CXC Registrar Glenroy Cumberbatch.last_img read more