A Look Inside NYC Design Firm STUDIOSC

first_img An Astronomically Fun Chat About Space and Wine With a Winemaker and Former Physicist Thailand’s WARchitect Design Studio is Elevating Home Design Editors’ Recommendations Deep Sleep: The World’s Most Incredible Underwater Hotel Rooms Take a Peek at Wimbledon Winner Novak Djokovic’s Swanky Miami Retreat center_img 1. Bar Prima 2. Brooklyn Desks 3. Medellin House Style doesn’t stop when you lace up your shoes or button your jacket in the morning. It should be about how you live your life, from the restaurants you love to the city you call home. Even your workspace is a reflection of your taste and personality. So when we heard about the NYC-based architecture and design firm STUDIOSC and how they transform spaces from the inside out while keeping the character of each building in tact, we had to learn more about the philosophy behind the company.Founded by architects and designers Stephen Conte and Carolina Escobar in 2013, STUDIOSC is a mindful creative firm that wants to make its mark by contributing to the growth and preservation of NYC. They’ll work with any budget across development, renovation or full-scale interior design to create something beautiful with a respectful nod to history. They hand-select the architects and designers they employ and collaborate with, upholding their client-focused mentality and dedication to telling each building’s story.STUDIOSC’s small creative team works collaboratively on all their commissions, bringing a cohesive vision to each project. Whether they’re working on a residential or commercial space, they focus on adaptive reuse, a process of using an old site or building for a purpose other than which it was originally built. It’s seen by many as a key way to conserve land and reduce urban sprawl. The character of a building is important to them, so they’re always mindful not to strip an old structure of the features that made it so special in the first place.Related: Illuminate Your Home With Schoolhouse Electric & Supply Co.One of the things we love most about the work STUDIOSC does is the variety of projects they take on. Some of their past projects include Brooklyn Desks (“We literally turned trash into treasure,” Conte said), Brooklyn Night Bazaar, Lexington Greene, 21 Monitor and Bar Prima. Whether the space is residential or commercial, they always work with scale and proportion by applying rigorous thought on how materials and light can affect the exterior and interior environment and experience.Want to know more? Check out their other projects at studiosc.net. Zach Klein Is the Reason We’re All Obsessed with Cabin Porn last_img read more