Pro test love Shanghai bidding malicious clicks 60% wasted advertising

I love Shanghai so the cost competitive click 24 hours > button

restart again

search for the same keyword click, the account balance does not change, this time is 12 noon, I went to eat a meal again, spent an hour back in front of the computer, I still use cookies browser to restart the search records the same keywords, account again deducted



has a lot of friends certainly did not do the bidding for the network marketing industry to verify this "mystery", because the official statement – most of my friends have acquiesced to love Shanghai for 24 hours of the same IP address click the same keyword only deduct one click cost, I also do the bidding for two years just thinking about going to love Shanghai bidding fee when I click on it, after verification of my doubts I love Shanghai and not be startled at, or as we say his integrity, but there not too much water to drain hole and their control "". read more

Analysis of the 2013 love Shanghai to build ecological nternet search algorithm


ideal sort

love Shanghai 1 main chain super attack algorithm Scindapsus link website, intermediary, sell buy links.

the Internet every day new website, 40% for the acquisition or search engine cheating sites, 10% for fraud, illegal and other security problems in the website, forum, blog Web2.0 website, the emergence of new content every day, 30% for mass advertising or cheating, because there are loopholes in most Web2.0 station system, overcome the technical cost low, easy to be cheating by, in addition to forums, blogs and other Web2.0 sites by traditional problems, has spread to micro-blog, SNS, B2B, business pages, yellow pages, classified information, video station, SkyDrive and other more in the field, even the new sharing community is also affected, at the same time, the Internet Chinese daily is the number of sites more than 200 thousand black. read more

Do you know how to dig the long tail keywords

. What is the long tail keywords

1. love Shanghai love Shanghai: open the drop-down box when the page, enter a keyword, love Shanghai dropdown list a human words related with the input of a few words appear. Here we can choose to do the long tail word.

2. love Shanghai: we will be in love in Shanghai to find information related search at the bottom of each page, and we also search keywords related to long tail keywords. And or was the most searched. It can help us to dig some long tail keywords. read more

Annual return website ranking declined slightly as a webmaster should do what


second, find the security check suspicious website space directory. I’m responsible for some enterprise site is ASP program website, have to say is very susceptible to problems of ASP program, several times the website ranking drop the weight, site after the occurrence of different level 360 security alliance that generally this tip will be more than eighty percent of that website space itself is a security risk, we must check carefully the server file directory for the suspicious file to find out and cleared, suspicious or unknown trojan program is the root cause of right down, especially during the spring festival website no one to take care of, let these criminals taking advantage, we have to do is clean up these files, good security and integrity of the web site files. read more

General optimization principle in the station of the editor

5. contents of the article, the same number of keywords appear as not more than 6 times.

1. Title try to contain the keywords (try to match)

4. each article up 3 anchor text, each anchor text appears at most once. Don’t have multiple anchor text pointing to the same page.

Check the

3. first appeared with anchor text keywords and black, core keywords chain to the home page, column page to chain secondary keywords, long tail keywords chain to the relevant content page.

collected 1 articles related to the theme of material, including words, paragraphs, articles, pictures, even including comments, background, etc. examples. read more

An analysis of enterprise how to do well in planning the site title, description

2) not more than 25 words, is 50 characters, because the excess will not be displayed, the customer can not see it is not necessary to write.

2) website which words easy to do, what word is not easy to do, through the love of Shanghai index, webmaster tools, some online tools to confirm.

1) said that although the search engine keywords accumulation is conducive to aggravate this site impression, but do not forget each other will dilute the keywords weight, I agree with Wang Tong, a web page is fixed one or two different keywords, "according to the different content to make different keywords. We look at Wang Tong’s Title: Network Marketing – Wang Tong. Simple and clear, so one can know what to do, and the search engine will also simulate human thinking, be right down to crazy accumulation of keywords title, while the word of Wang Tong’s perennial in the first row will have a good reason. read more

The site is K cause analysis and remedy

is K two reasons: the content is not updated


The ?

site is K is many webmaster friends are most afraid of things, I also fear, never afraid of being K, because most of the site is dependent on the search engine traffic, after all, we are not Taobao, Alibaba, Tencent and other large portal sites have been K, so, the author thinks that there are two key points is the most we need to get clearly, is "K real reason", "remedy" by K, the author’s own website, for example, to share my experiences. read more

The six step is to create the perfect site outside the chain system

, a chain of the platform data accumulation

, we must do is to the theme of the piece, such as a forum theme is "Shanghai dragon", we cannot publish website source such as posts. I have about two important skills, because we published a post sink soon, so we have to use two methods, one is a prop, is a tactical vest. Careful friends may find some use Discuz to build a forum in the item in a call "promotion card", can make our theme to upgrade to the front position, if possible, so we can use the "sticky card", put our temporary posts on top, this post we won’t be so easy to sink, it can be extended with links to the validity of our post extension. Let’s look at the tactical vest, vest tactics and props have different approaches but equally satisfactory results, but here we do need a few more account > read more

Webmaster empathy user needs to design the website

website design concept should be to customers as a standard, rather than blindly follow the preferences of the designer, the designer often proved according to the website, and can not be accepted by users, but can not be accepted by the search engine spiders, designers should not only consider the basic architecture, web page text layout, color matching, but also considering the elements of the site whether can give the users a comfortable experience.


use the CSS framework design to abandon website to the search engine friendly degrees higher, we will in the CSS page title tag with H tags to mark, now many designers of H tag importance is not enough, the control page important title can be tagged by H, very clear tell the main keywords spider web. The designer on page URL address design, the best is designed for static pages, dynamic pages will make the spider. read more

Three factors of the marketing website on their own should be revised

first of all, there are two companies, products and business news, since want in their own online marketing into the products, essential products and news, then say about this website defects, product information is not complete, all the products are a kind of description, believe that this It is often seen. in some enterprises website and what is more, all the products are enterprise introduction, this caused the majority of duplicate web content on the website, with the intention of customers is a kind of injury, there is a business news, business news on our website are not updated for a long time, hundreds of years ago, a look, nothing happened such sites, looked really boring, seemingly not changed for a long time, the company will not do, will undoubtedly allow customers to produce such a The idea that enterprise news reflects the enterprise culture, some companies in the dynamic update, in order to better maintain the company’s image, said above highlights also exist on our website. read more